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6 Steps For Installation & Maintenance Tips


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Are you looking for installation tips on how to cover rust with fender flares? This article has you covered!

Fenders on your vehicle can develop rust with time, and you will naturally want the rust areas to remove as soon as possible so that it will look new.

The undercarriage is the first area for developing loose rust. But the rust is usually neglected as most vehicle owners cannot see that area, and ultimately it keeps growing and damages the fender.

There are various ways to remove rust, like a rust converter or spray paint. But paint jobs involve both time and money.

However, there is a quick and easy way to hide rust. You can cover rust with fender flares to make your vehicle look fresh again.

In this article, we look at what fender flares are, their types, and how to use them to cover up rust on your vehicle.

Let’s get right to it, then!

Cover Rust With Fender Flares

What Are Fender Flares?

Fenders are usually over front wheels, and their main work is to prevent derbies,dist, or mud from throwing into the air or any person.

But unfortunately, rust develops on the fender with time as it continuously gets hit by road derbies. Well, you can cover it with fender flares.

They are accessories that can be attached to the fender or the wheel wall.

They are available in various styles and will give a fresh look to your vehicle. You can purchase fender flares according to the color of your car and attach them.

Fender flares are usually comprised of ABS plastic or metal sheet, which signifies that they are durable but will last for many years.

There are specific laws regarding the installation of fender flares.

The fender flares you will use should cover the tire tread entirely and, if possible, extend out of it.

Some states even require fender flares to cover the tire of vehicles like black trucks or SUVs.

So, we recommend you know all the rules and regulations regarding fender flares and install them in your car.

Tires usually pick derbies and small rocks while traveling on the road. The large tire can kick any stone, which can crack the windshield or hit anyone on the road.

That’s why laws are made regarding large, wider tires and fenders.

Benefits Of Fender Flares

The benefits of installing fender flares are as follows.

1. Quick Installation

Most of the fender flares available in the market can be easily installed. You just need a few tools like a ratchet, screwdriver, and socket for installation, and it will take 5-10 minutes to install fender flares.

2. Improves The Design Of Your Vehicle

Installing fender flares will make your vehicle look a bit wider, which is aesthetically pleasing.

3. Hides Rust

Fender flares help in hiding rust over the fenders.

4. Give Additional Protection

Installing fender flares help in protecting the paint of your vehicle and prevents the stones from hitting. Thus it reduces the risk of scratches or textured finishes on the car.

Types Of Fender Flares

1. OE Style

These are usually installed by truck drivers who want to hide a small portion of rust.

Dealers don’t design this fender flare but are designed in such a way that it will look as if a dealer makes it.

Some OE-style fender flares will need drilling during the time of installation.

2. Street Style

These flares usually have a low profile compared to OE-style flares but will give similar protection to the fenders.

3. Pocket Or Bold Style

This type of fender flare will give a rugged and bold look to the truck or SUV.

This style will give the appearance that a series of pockets are bolted on the fenders.

But in reality, it is not so. The pocket-style fender flares are not drilled or bolted anywhere.

But we recommend you read the instructions before purchasing any pocket or bold-style fender flares.

4. Extended Style

As the name suggests, these are a bit extended and will not give the car any bold or rugged look.

These fender flares offer all the possible protection and hide rust.

The best thing is that they are tough and will last many years.

Advantages When Covering Rust With Fender Flares

There are various advantages of covering rust with fender flares. We are discussing them below,

  • It hides rust on the wheel wall.
  • Add a new design or style to your vehicle.
  • Complies with the law if the vehicle owner has wide tires.
  • It protects the paint and windshield from scratches.

Installation Tips for Fender Flares

  1. Remove The Old Flares If you installed them earlier. You can remove it by unscrewing all the bolts. Most bolts are 10 mm; you can remove them using an Allen tool.
  2. You need to purchase fender flares which are designed for your vehicle. Additionally, buy one that can bear the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Ensure that the bottom flare aligns perfectly with the bottom of the fender.
  3. Attach Flare Trim
  4. Now your work is to install the bolts on the fender flares. You must hold the fender flares over the wheel wall and line up against the bolt holes. Your next duty is to insert the bolt on each hole.
  5. You can take the help of your friend to make the work easier. Your friend can hold the flare; in the meantime, you can install the bolts in their place.
  6. You need to follow the instruction recommended during purchasing. The instruction can differ from one fender flare to another.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

You can clean the fender flares by using soap and water. We will not recommend using any chemicals or wax to wash fender flares.

Well, you can use wax for painted flares, as it not only cleans but adds extra shine.

It’s best to clean fender flares at least once a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use fender flares to cover rust?

Yes, fender flares can be used to cover rust. This is a great temporary solution that can help improve the appearance of your vehicle while also protecting it from further damage.
The flares are made of durable materials, such as plastic or painted steel, and they fit tightly to the body of your vehicle.
They provide extra coverage in areas prone to rusting, such as around the wheel wells, so you can keep rust from spreading.

Is there a way to cover up rust?

Yes, it is possible to cover up rust using fender flares on cars. Fender flares mount over the existing metal fenders of a car and can provide an effective barrier against further rusting.
However, they cannot eliminate any existing rust and will not permanently protect the affected area, so regular care and maintenance will still be needed.
Additionally, fender flares may need to be removed periodically in order to access areas of the car affected by rust, such as underneath the wheel wells.

How do you cover rust around a wheel well?

To cover rust around a car wheel well, the first step would be to thoroughly clean the entire rust spot and the area around it with soap and water.
Next, you would need to sand the surface until it is smooth. Then you can use a rust converter to neutralize any traces of rust.
Alternatively, you could use high-grade paint over the area after sanding off any remaining rust and dirt.
A clear topcoat or primer may also be applied over the area for extra protection from new rust formation.
Finally, if you want an even more permanent solution, you can install a plastic flap or sheet of metal to cover the whole well for complete coverage of the rusted area.

Do fender flares protect the paint?

Yes, fender flares can protect the paint from minor nicks and scratches due to the additional clearance they provide above your vehicle’s paint job.
This protection also comes in handy when hitting debris on the road, as the flares will often deflect them away from the sides of your car.
Additionally, fender flares look great on many cars, providing a sporty and aggressive look while still protecting your vehicle.

Is it okay to cover rust with paint?

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to cover rust with paint because the rust will eventually spread underneath and compromise the integrity of the structure.
Additionally, simply painting over existing rust eliminates the chance of inspecting or repairing any damage that may have already occurred due to corrosion.
For this reason, it is best to remove all rust from a surface before repainting in order to protect any areas that have been weakened by rust.

What to put on rust to stop it from spreading?

Rust can spread quickly, so it is important to stop it as soon as possible. The best way to prevent rust from spreading is by coating the affected metal with a rust-inhibiting primer and topcoat paint.
To keep rust from forming in the future, metals should be thoroughly cleaned before painting and stored in dry, covered places away from moisture.
Rust-resistant coatings such as zinc or epoxies can also be applied over metal surfaces to help them resist corrosion.
Finally, regular maintenance should be performed to inspect any exposed metal surfaces for signs of rust and address any issues quickly before they have time to spread.

Wrap Up

Fender flares hide rust on the fender and give your vehicle a bold and rugged look. 

We have discussed the above fender flares, their benefits, and their different types of them.

You can purchase fender flares according to your vehicle design and install them to hide rust and prevent scratches anywhere in your vehicle.

They look elegant and protect your vehicle from ugly looking and rusted under parts.

Thank you for reading this article.

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