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Simple Hacks to Celebrate Pet-Friendly Holi with Your Dog  


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Every year we are ecstatic to celebrate the festival of the year – Holi. Vibrant colors, music, water balloons and so much more. The whole atmosphere is filled with Holi celebrations and laughter. Family and friends have the best times during Holi. But what about our pets? Many people indulge their pets also with color, feeding them sweets on Holi but is it ok to use color on your pet?  

Let us discuss in detail all the crucial dos and don’ts we must keep in mind for our paw companions. We’ve elaborated in detail what all points and tips we can opt for to ensure the safety of our pets.  

Holi is a big ‘NO’ for animals 

As much as we enjoy playing with colors, these colors are not for dogs and cats. The hazardous compounds found in powdered pigments can cause skin reactions, rashes, and even blindness in dogs and cats. These colors include lead, which poses a considerable risk to them since it can accumulate and poison them. The most susceptible to this form of exposure are puppies, cats, and smaller animals. 

Are Holi colors safe for my pet? 

Protecting our pets from the holiday craziness (which could cause anxiety), artificial colors, and sugary food should be one of pet parents’ main considerations. Since dogs are the most prevalent furry animal without sweat glands, their bodies wind up absorbing all the chemicals from colors, including those that are advertised as organic and non-toxic. Pets and strays that go out for a walk or simply are outside get hit by balloons either by kids or people. This often irritates or even frightens pets.  

Why Holi can be fatal to your furry friends? 

Dogs and especially cats who are exposed to colors too frequently may develop skin allergies such as dermatitis, skin inflammation, hair loss, intense itching, nasal irritation, and respiratory discomfort. Dogs are also more likely to consume colors since they frequently lick themselves clean, endangering their digestive systems. Both diarrhea and intestinal erosion may result from it. 

How to make Holi pet-friendly? 

It’s great to include your pets in the celebrations during Holi because it’s a time for pleasure and celebration.  These are some pointers for enjoying Holi with your pets: 

  1. Make it comfortable for your pets 

Holi, when fireworks are set off and people throng the streets, can be a loud and hectic period. Keep your pet inside, where they feel safe and comfortable, to prevent them from getting lost or hurt. 

  1. Safeguard your pet’s skin and eyes  

Colors can have an impact on your pet’s skin just like they can on ours. Apply a thin coating of petroleum jelly to the fur surrounding their eyes, ears, and nose to protect their skin. This will also lessen the likelihood of any color irritating their eyes. 

  1. Walk your dog before the festivities start  

On the day of Holi, walk your dog first thing in the morning before the celebrations start. During the festivities, make sure your pets are kept indoors and secure, preferably with their favorite toy. Also, this will stop kids from waking them up or annoying them. Make that they have enough food and drink. 

  1. Children and pets  

Youngsters have a tendency to paint and hurl water balloons at anyone or anything nearby. Dog walkers should refrain from carrying their dogs to such locations and keep their canines away from young children. Also, scared dogs run the risk of hurting children or themselves. 

  1. Educate kids not to color animals 

Inform children about the importance of pet safety in your house and neighborhood, especially during holiday celebrations. Parents must instruct their children not to play Holi with animals because stray dogs are often the victims of poisonous colors during this holiday. No pet or stray animal should suffer harm during this lovely, joyful celebration. 

  1. Animals shouldn’t be colored since colored water or powder can hurt them.  

The majority of the colors we use for Holi are synthetic and include harmful elements that can cause allergic reactions on the skin and even blindness in both humans and animals. The dry powder contains lead, which acts as an accumulative toxin and is widely believed to be safe for usage on dogs. Inhaling it could irritate your nose and infect your lungs. Animals also have the propensity to lick their body, which allows them to swallow the dyes, which is frequently the main cause of poisoning. 

  1. Use gentle shampoos to remove colors 

Mild shampoos can be used to remove colors from your pet’s body if they have been applied. Never attempt to remove colored or hard paint from your dog’s coat using kerosene or spirit. Go to the doctor right away if the dog has been hit in the eye with a water balloon or if colors have gotten into the eyes or have been consumed. 

  1. Be out for a warning 

Excessive salivation, vomiting, loose movements, and behavioral changes like hostility or stupor are all signs of poisoning. Send your pet right away to the vet if you see any of these symptoms. It would be easier for the vet to administer the proper treatment if they carried the probable source of poisoning (color). 

  1. Inform and educate your neighborhood:  

Sensitize your neighborhood by requesting the community secretary and building managers to post notices encouraging residents to keep dogs inside during festivities and to refrain from throwing water or paint at strays. 

  1. No sweets for pets 

Be sure that no guests or young children give your pet any sweets because the majority of pets have allergies to sugar and sweets. Foods that are fried or heavy in calories also upset their digestive systems. 

Though we understand that it is hard to avoid those eyes! Dogs have the ability to persuade us and trick us to treat them. So, we suggest pet parents, prepare pet-friendly meals for your dog. You can enjoy Holi with your dog too, while you have your sweets and savory your pet can enjoy their treat.  

  1. Look out for strays   

Give strays your consideration and kindness. As strays may not have access to the same level of comprehensive human care and medical treatment as our pets, we may want to exercise extra caution while interacting with them. In between all the chaotic rush during Holi, stray dogs become either scared or irritated. Do not through colors at them and try to make them feel safe. 

Prepare for a pet-friendly Holi 

If you’re a new pet parent or you want to ensure a pet-safe Holi for your pets or even strays – the best way is “know what to do and how”. From the comfort of your home, you can book an online appointment with a veterinarian and get a consultation. Consult with a vet will help you understand and clear out all your possible doubts and queries.  

Every pet has different needs and behavioral patterns; a vet can help you understand how to approach your pet during Holi. Loud music or too many people can make your pet anxious. It can be quite confusing for an animal (especially a young baby) to deal with Holi festivities.  

Consult a vet  

Holi colors can impact your pet in many ways. The strong chemicals are toxic for animals, if your pet accidentally comes in contact with colors and there are notable symptoms hampering your pet’s health (behavioral changes/ sneezes/ itching etc.) You should immediately consult a vet; you can book Petofy’s VET ON CALL service for online consultation. Your pet might become fussy due to colors making it challenging to take them to the vet. With the help of an online consultation, you can get your pet checked at home.  


You can keep your pet’s skin healthy and protected throughout Holi by taking these easy actions. We should constantly try to prevent problems before they arise when it comes to our furry friends. 

Last but not least, pets should not be hit with water balloons, which are frequently used during Holi, especially by children. If a water balloon is hurled at a pet’s face, it could cause corneal ulcers or blindness. 

Frequently asked questions:  

Q. Can I use regular Holi colors on my pets? 

No, you should not use regular Holi colors on your pets. Regular Holi colors may contain harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritation, allergies, or even poisoning in pets. Instead, use natural and pet-friendly colors made from vegetables, flowers, or herbs. 

Q. What should I do if my pet accidentally ingests Holi colors? 

If you suspect that your pet has ingested Holi colors, immediately call your veterinarian. Ingesting colors can cause gastrointestinal problems and even poisoning. 

Q: How can I keep my pet safe during Holi? 

There are several ways you can keep your pet safe during Holi, including keeping them indoors, avoiding the use of toxic colors or water on them, keeping them away from loud noises and large crowds, and ensuring they have proper identification in case they get lost. 

Q: What are the potential hazards for pets during Holi? 

Pets can be at risk during Holi due to the use of toxic colors, loud noises from firecrackers, and exposure to a lot of unfamiliar people. 

Q. What if someone applies color to my pet? 

If your pet has come in contact with Holi colors, wash or clean them off as quickly as you can. Also, keep an eye out for any behavioral changes, excessive drooling, or other symptoms of poisoning. Take them right away to the vet. 

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