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How to Combine Technographics with Intent Data


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Modern B2B marketers have endless data at their disposal, all of which can be used to craft highly targeted, data-driven marketing campaigns.

But with such vast quantities of data up for grabs, it’s tricky to tell what information is going to help gauge the most accurate view of a prospect’s purchase intentions.

And the difficulties don’t stop there. Once you’ve defined your data sources, it can still prove challenging to interpret actionable insights, thanks to disparate data points that don’t clearly relate to one another.

That’s why it’s essential to combine the right data sources. Think of it like setting up two single friends—you’d only encourage them to date if their personalities seem to complement one another.

So, to kickstart your data matchmaking abilities, we’re showcasing an example of two data types that work in harmony: technographics and intent data.

Read on to discover how this perfect pairing boosts strategic development of targeted marketing campaigns and drives B2B sales efforts in the right direction.

What Is Technographic Data?

Technographic data, otherwise known as “technographics,” is the portmanteau of both “technology” and “demographics,” and it refers to any and all information related to target audiences’ tech stacks.

Here are some of the more commonly tracked metrics that fall under the purview of technographic data:

  • Types of content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, etc.)
  • Programming languages (PHP, Javascript, Python, etc.)
  • Plugins and extensions
  • Adoption rates (including how long businesses have been using specific technologies and when they transitioned to a new one)
  • Hardware usage (devices, browsers, etc.)

By analyzing technographic data alongside companies that match their ideal customer profile, B2B marketers can get a much clearer understanding of the technology needs of prospective buyers.

Purchasing technographic data from a third-party vendor is the quickest, easiest way to acquire it.
Purchasing technographic data from a third-party vendor is the quickest, easiest way to acquire it.

What Is Intent Data? 

Intent data is a type of sales intelligence that signals whether prospective buyers are, in fact, invested in purchasing a company’s product or service. More specifically, intent data tracks all the behavioral actions and content consumption habits of target prospects across a company’s internal and external communication channels, allowing marketing teams to identify prospects who appear close to making a purchase decision. Intent data also allows marketers to pinpoint the best pathway toward conversion.

There are two main types of intent data: (1) first-party intent data and (2) third-party intent data.

Here’s how they compare:

First-Party Intent Data

  • Tracked within a company’s own digital ecosystem
  • Gives visibility into customer behaviors within an organization’s own digital network.
  • Companies can leverage internal resources to collect first-party intent data.
  • Resources include company-owned marketing automation tools, email tracking systems, and social listening tools, among others

Third-Party Intent Data

  • Tracked outside a company’s in-house network
  • Gives visibility into customer behavior outside the organization’s digital ecosystem.
  • Companies can leverage external data providers to collect third-party intent data.
  • Data providers can use website cookies, public IP addresses, ad network data, and media exchange sites, among others, to source purchase intent.

So, what kind of customer behavior does intent data track? Here are a few examples:

  • Activity on company website
  • Visits to specific landing pages
  • Newsletter sign-ups
  • Content downloads
  • Webinar signups and attendance
  • Blog views
  • Case study views
  • Email engagement
  • Ad engagement
  • Requests to speak with sales rep
  • Responsiveness to sales outreach
  • Keyword research

More importantly, B2B marketers can analyze these behavioral signals alongside contextual data to get a more nuanced understanding of what existing customers want and what prospective buyers need.

Combining Technographic and Intent Data to Boost Sales

By blending behavioral data with relevant contextualized information, like technographics, B2B marketers can develop a well-rounded view of prospects’ intentions, which then allows for marketing teams to plan a more strategic approach to prospect outreach.

Using technographic data alone, B2B organizations can see where there’s opportunity for a specific product or service to complement a customer’s existing tech stack, either as an additional solution or a replacement for another product.

When intent data is added to the mix, however, marketers can get a much clearer picture of whether a prospect is truly interested in buying that specific product or service.

But that’s not all. Here are some other key benefits of leveraging these combined data sets:

  • Easier Prospect Prioritization: Marketers can better prioritize prospects based on tech stack compatibility and how likely they are to buy.
  • More Effective Audience Targeting: Teams can use these additional data points to inform audience segments, which enables more targeted campaigns to increase chances of conversion.
  • Natural Conversation Starters for Sales: B2B teams can enable sales reps with relevant information related to a prospect’s tech stack. This way, reps can tailor conversations to boost chances of conversion.

Using Technographics and Intent Data to Plan a Targeted Marketing Campaign

So, how can B2B marketers use these combined data insights to increase sales opportunities among in-market buyers?

One sure-fire way is to create a personalized marketing campaign, as 76% of prospects say that receiving customized communications helps drive consideration of a brand or product.

To start, segment prospects based on tech stack compatibility. Then apply intent data to segmented groups to see where prospects fall along the course of the customer journey. Some may be further along in the funnel, indicating a high-level of purchase intent, while others may be in the initial stages of the journey. Either way, marketers can create tailored communications that speak directly to prospects’ unique positions in the sales funnel.

Additionally, marketers can create content referencing prospects’ specific pain points and the many ways in which their product can help alleviate them. This not only builds brand trust among target customers; it also enhances chances for conversion.

Intent data perfectly complements technographic data to craft highly-targeted sales and marketing strategies.
Intent data perfectly complements technographic data to craft highly-targeted sales and marketing strategies.


B2B marketers can supercharge their campaigns by fueling them with insights gained from both technographics and intent data. Technographics enable you to determine whether your product will work within a prospect’s existing tech stack, whereas intent data will tell you if a prospect is actually interested in what you have to offer. Combining this knowledge enables you to focus on in-market, purchase-ready prospects who are most likely to progress further through the sales funnel.


Want to learn more about the benefits of combining complementary data sets? DemandScience has the information you need. Get in touch with us today!

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