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5 Ways B2B Ecommerce Websites Save Money and Time


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There’s never been a more important time to be saving money and resources. The cost of living crisis is hitting businesses as well as consumers as soaring energy bills and rising inflation hits hard. Fast, efficient, integrated eCommerce is an important part of the b2b sales strategy and indispensable in minimising operational costs. Discover 5 ways you could make a big cost & time saving with an integrated b2b eCommerce website.

Say Goodbye to Manual Tasks

A market leading eCommerce platform like GOb2b will automate a substantial portion of your sales team tasks. Enjoy real time pricing and stock display, accounting software integration (with accounting software such as Sage & Pegasus) and more efficient order processing. Save time by reducing the number of phone enquiries regarding stock and pricing. Your sales teams will then be freed up to focus on generating new business, not keying in orders!

Reduce Human Error

Another plus side of the automation integral to a b2b eCommerce website is that it reduces error. When orders are handled manually, illegible handwriting, filing errors or problematic communication processes can lead to misplaced or incorrect orders as well as potentially a poor customer experience.

With a modern eCommerce platform like GOb2b, every purchase and customer interaction is stored digitally making orders easy to track and review.

No more Payment Delays

Not only will eCommerce make your business more efficient, it will also help you get paid more quickly! Traditional methods of b2b selling could lead to delays in payment, meaning time-consuming phonecalls, emails and delays in revenue reporting. With an eCommerce website, clients can pay instantaneously, meaning you get paid quickly and your customer gets their goods sooner. Your eCommerce platform will also integrate with accounting software such as Sage and Pegasus meaning the entire order process is automated.

Simplify Customer Management

Your staff might not work 24/7, but your b2b eCommerce platform will! With an eCommerce website, your customers can make purchases whenever it’s most convenient for them because your web store will always be open. This is particularly useful if you’re aiming at customers in varying time zones or with non-standard availability.

The flexibility of self service means your customers are more likely to buy since they are not limited to your opening hours or sales team availability.

Effective Customer Communications

A strong eCommerce platform, such as GOb2b, will allow you to quickly, easily and effectively manage your customer communications. It’s easy to interact with your customers about orders, shipping and product availability with up to date information at your fingertips. Good communication is key to a successful customer relationship and a world class b2b eCommerce platform will help make communications easy.

So if your b2b business wants to minimise operational costs and reduce manual input GOb2b can help. Find out how you can save up to £5,000 with Help to Grow Digital.

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