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B2B Trade Shows – tips on how to measure trade show ROI

According to Display Wizard, a staggering 50% of trade show exhibitors don’t measure their ROI. Trade shows are expensive; exhibiting with a small, low-key, stand will cost you approximately £15k in total. If you’re not measuring your return on investment, how will you know if that’s money well spent?

If done properly, exhibiting at B2B trade shows is treated like any other marketing exercise. Objectives are clearly identified, the execution is planned and the outcomes are tracked and measured; meaning your ROI is a known fact.

Goals like ‘brand awareness’ and ‘relationship management’ are unquantifiable. If you can’t track and measure your results, it’s impossible to know your ROI. This is a scenario likely to have most management accountants crying over their spreadsheets.

Although there’s little doubt the immeasurable has worth, relying on unquantifiable objectives could leave you flagging behind your competitors, who may well be in the 50% who are measuring their trade show ROI.

So, how can you ensure your trade show exhibits are worth the money?

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