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How To Create Content For Instagram To Drive B2B Sales


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Do you know it’s possible to drive B2B sales through Instagram? It is, indeed. All you need is the right strategy to get started. This blog can assist you if you have been attempting to accomplish this without success. I will walk you through how Instagram can drive sales for your B2B business with appropriate examples.
In 2022, Instagram will be one of the most effective social media marketing platforms. Many businesses use the platform for B2C transactions involving lifestyle and meme content.
However, marketers are overlooking an important point here. In 2018, Instagram’s community had one billion active users (paywall). Because of Instagram’s popularity, B2B companies can reach their target audience and generate engagement. The decision maker you’re selling to is probably on Instagram, which has a billion users.
Will, however, traditional B2B content work on Instagram? In my experience, the answer is no. This is one of the most common reasons why marketers fail. As a result, they may come to the incorrect conclusion that Instagram is not the best platform for marketing their products and services
. As a business development consultant for various B2B companies, I have always recommended Instagram for digital marketing. It produced excellent results for us.

Why should B2B companies be on Instagram?

Before making strategy changes, most marketers want to see data. Fortunately, a wealth of research backs up the effectiveness of B2B Instagram marketing. Here are three measurable reasons to promote your brand on Instagram:
It’s where your customers hang out.
Consumers’ use of social media is at an all-time high. More than two-thirds of consumers across generations (71%) use social media more than ever.
This time spent on social media isn’t just for catching up with friends and influencers. People also use social media to connect with brands. More than half of consumers follow brands on Instagram, making it the second most popular network for business followers.
Whether you’re working with a single buyer or a team of ten, you’re almost certainly dealing with an Instagram user. From the awareness stage to contract signing, a strong network presence can keep you at the top of their minds.

Every stage of the purchasing process is supported by visual content.

Marketers consider video and images the most valuable content formats for achieving their objectives. Short, digestible content is the key to effectively communicating your value propositions.
According to a recent Forrester study, short-form video plays a significant role in B2B buying. It can even assist brands in obtaining a spot on a coveted vendor shortlist. Through video posts, Reels, and live-streaming, Instagram can support every stage of a B2B buyer’s journey.

Instagram ads are game changers for brand awareness.

Brand awareness accounts for half of all B2B marketing content. Marketers can reach new audiences by using eye-catching content in Instagram advertising.
Instagram ad campaigns generate twice as much recall as Nielsen standards for online advertising. Therefore, a consistent Instagram ad strategy can ensure that prospects remember your brand when it matters the most.

How Instagram can be useful for B2B companies

B2 B companies often avoid visual platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Isn’t it just for pictures of people’s breakfasts and craft ideas? Wrong. B2B companies can benefit from Instagram and Pinterest just as much as they can from Facebook or LinkedIn. Many social network users prefer instant gratification from a simple picture post. A picture, after all, is worth a thousand words.
Furthermore, visual platforms have a large, untapped audience for you to investigate. For example, Instagram has 200 million monthly active users, 75 million daily users, and 55 million photos shared every day. So how can using a visual platform like Instagram benefit your B2B company?

Accept your company’s history.

Use your company’s history to help you tell your story. Please explain how your company got to where it is today. Look through your company’s archives for photos of any milestones or awards you’ve received. This type of interaction can aid in establishing an emotional connection between your brand and your customers, which will aid in achieving brand loyalty.

Take a look behind the scenes.

Photographs can be used to demonstrate your company’s culture.
These images may depict your employees volunteering, attending events, or working at the office.
It gives your company a more human face and encourages customer engagement.

Employees should be highlighted.

This item complements the previous behind-the-scenes tip. First, highlight specific employees weekly and explain what they do to everyone. Then, include a quote from that employee about what they like about their job, their skills, and why they like working for your company. This will demonstrate expertise while also allowing customers to form a bond with you.

Use hashtags.

Hashtags are an excellent way to get people to notice you, especially on platforms where visuals outnumber text. Put important events on your calendar and figure out how to incorporate your input into that event. For example, suppose it’s Christmas, display office events related to the holiday season, and include the appropriate hashtags. People who have never heard of your company may search those popular hashtags and come across your company’s account.

Case Study in Pictures

Case studies are typically given an entire webpage to explain the process fully. This is still important, but visual platforms allow you to take it a step further. For example, send a photographer to a client’s office to photograph that client using your product (s). Again, this emphasizes your clientele and the utility of your products in real-world situations.

Get bitten by the travel bug.

Instagram users are big fans of travel photography. Your B2B company can easily get involved in something similar. If an employee frequently travels to see clients or to promote and sell products, have them photograph landmarks in the cities or countries they visit. This highlights the geographical areas you serve and allows you to promote why you are there. Also, if you have multiple offices in various locations, compare them to one another. What services does each location offer to customers?
Using hashtags and geotagging again comes in handy. First, use the hashtag format for the visited location and the keyword “travel.” This is yet another excellent method for reaching a larger audience. Next, use the geotagging option to add your location. Geotagging allows you to get people in that specific location and inform them that you are available to do business with them in their area.

Publicize your content

Adding hyperlinks to your Instagram posts is impossible, but it can be done in another way. First, upload a photo related to the content you want to promote, such as a blog post or an ebook. Then, in the text below, mention that the link to that content is in the bio. Once you’re certain the audience you’re looking for has been reached, change your bio to what it was or to another link you’d like to promote. Content promotion can be difficult, but anyone can do it.

Subtly sell your products.

Of course, you’re probably wondering how your products and services fit into the picture. After all, you’re doing this to promote your B2B company. Promoting new products on Instagram must be done subtly. Most people dislike companies that flood their feed with picture after picture of their products. So take a different approach and aim to show a product only once a week.
If you’re serious about promoting your product, include it in your other images. Are you photographing your employees at work? Ensure that the product you want to promote is on one of their desks. Are you going on a business trip? Incorporate it into your travel photography. Show yourself using it while driving if possible. Product promotion does not have to be limited to a single product shot. Consider designing graphics for upcoming promotions or displaying a photograph of someone preparing to ship a new product for the first time.

Why Should You Promote Your B2B Company on Instagram?

At first glance, Instagram isn’t the best social media platform for B2B promotion because it focuses on visual content, which B2B companies struggle to create.
However, here are the top three reasons why you should try to promote your B2B business on Instagram:
In other words, Instagram has enormous B2B business potential. Now that you know Instagram is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies let’s get some inspiration from other B2B companies.
Here are the top eight best practices for promoting your business on Instagram:

Create a Strong Instagram Brand Image

Because 65 percent of people learn visually, great visual content is essential. So it’s no surprise that when learning about new products or services, people pay close attention to images on Instagram.
Creating a strong brand image on Instagram is essential for B2B companies. It not only helps to capture your audience’s attention, but it also helps you stand out from the crowd.
A brand image consists of visual content, branding, brand hashtags, and other elements. However, a consistent creative style is the most important aspect of a visual brand image on Instagram.

Give Your Brand a Human Face

Authenticity is essential to B2B buyers. People choose brands they trust in the B2B buying process, so putting a human face on your brand is critical. And Instagram is the ideal platform for your B2B company to demonstrate its authenticity.

Here are a few ideas for humanizing your B2B Instagram profile:

  • Show your employees
  • Teacher interviews with CEO
  • Tell me about the company’s culture
  • Describe your typical workday with videos
  • Go live

Create merchandising and distribute branded items like T-shirts or mugs to advance your business and make your staff brand ambassadors. Because it fosters a sense of community, it aids in brand awareness and authenticity, and your employees are likely to post pictures of these items on social media.
Since B2B prospects also demand personalization, one of the best ways to offer personalized B2B marketing, set yourself apart from rivals, and engage followers is by humanizing your brand on Instagram.

Display Your Area of Expertise for B2B Sales

Customers today prefer brands that understand their problems from start to finish and can provide them with actionable solutions. This means that B2B customers value companies with deep expertise in their industry.
Because most customers use Instagram during the discovery phase, it can be an ideal place to demonstrate your niche expertise. Here are some Instagram post ideas to demonstrate your expertise on the platform:

  • Ebooks for education (use FlippingBook to create ebooks with ease)
  • Annual market reports
  • Tutorial IGTV videos

However, if you want to take your business to the next level, you should create your website to post all reports and educational blog posts so your customers can access such content whenever they want. It simplifies the customer process while increasing website traffic and keeping your Instagram feed consistent.

Invest in Influencer Endorsements

Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly popular. Companies use influencers to tell their brand stories because modern customers trust influencer endorsements just as much as their real-world friends.
However, only 11% of B2B marketers use influencer marketing campaigns. So place a bet on influencer endorsements to stay ahead of your competitors and reach a larger audience. Here’s how one company makes use of the influencer endorsement power:
Relevant Software reaches out to happy customers with a solid social media following who can share their experience with others and thus authentically promote the company to provide social proof to customers. In addition, it serves as a model for other customers to share their opinions about the company and obtain more testimonials. Win-win!

Describe How to Use Your Product

The buying process is not linear in the B2B world. Because so many people are involved in the process, obtaining approval and making the purchase decision takes time and effort. However, all B2B buyers prioritize companies that can solve their problems. As a result, it is critical to explain how to use your product and thus encourage potential customers to try it.
With the popularity of video content, it’s a good idea to create Instagram videos that tell more about your products, especially since 72 percent of customers watch videos to learn about products or services. In addition, product demos, product reviews, and how-to tutorials post ideas that explain how to use your product engagingly and dynamically.

Share Exclusive Coupons and Discounts

Almost every customer wants to get a good deal. Customers love discounts, and providing them with an exclusive deal is one of the best ways to increase conversions.
The B2B purchasing process is complicated, but offering a discount or a coupon can encourage potential customers to make a purchase decision sooner. Furthermore, these offers aren’t limited to percentage discounts: you can also provide free demos or trials to help potential customers test your products before making a purchase decision.

Run Lead Ad Campaigns on Instagram for B2B Sales

You can interact with people who do not follow your business profile when using Instagram for B2B promotion. Running Instagram lead ad campaigns that help cut through the noise and find potential customers outside your following is a good idea.
Instagram advertising gives advertisers advanced options for reaching the right audience and converting viewers into customers. As a B2B marketer, you understand how difficult the buying process is, so using ads to generate more leads can be a great idea.

Six expert B2B Sales Instagram Tips for 2022

Use real-time, authentic user-generated content.

Forget about stock photography and staged promotional images; it’s time to go live. Prospects and leads on Instagram want authentic content that provides a personal glimpse into your company’s culture and product offerings.
For example, live video/live streaming is unfiltered and completely you. It adds a much-needed human element to B2B businesses and allows you to connect with your audience and potential customers on a more personal level. Extremely professional-looking content can often come across as cold and dispassionate; your customers want to know that real people with real stories support the branding.

Move quickly and with variety.

Instagram makes it incredibly simple to post photos or videos directly from your phone using its app. Launch the app, press the add button, and select the photo or video to upload — it’s that simple.
This benefit is that you don’t have to waste time creating content. Without much planning or editing, you can upload various content whenever and wherever you want. Different types of content will attract and appeal to different audience members and reveal other aspects of your company. No one wants to spend their entire day on Instagram just looking at images or quotes, do they?

Participate in your field.

Stop staring through the window at what’s happening inside. Come to the party. Like any other social media channel, it’s critical to post content to your feed and participate in the larger conversation. Don’t just post images and videos; respond to your community members when they leave a comment. Take the time to browse other Instagram profiles, like some content, and leave a friendly comment here and there.
If you take the time to engage with others, they will be more likely to engage with you.

Make the most of your bio link.

While Instagram does not allow you to link to websites in post captions, you can include one in your bio. You can include up to 150 characters in your Instagram bio, including a link. Your bio is ideal for real estate for a link to your most recent blog post or offers. You can also use tools like Linktree to create a custom link that includes a page with additional links, allowing you to share up to five links while making the most of your bio link!
On the other hand, Instagram Stories are a great way to include links with your content. However, stories only last 24 hours; this is a limitation, but it is also an excellent tool for you to provide real-time offers and value.

Tell a story with every post.

Businesses with the most exciting stories on Instagram have the most followers. You need consistent visual storytelling that cuts through the noise on Instagram if you want to attract people to your business and get them to engage with you.
Don’t confine your attention to your general photo and video feed. Instagram’s Stories feature allows you to create a slideshow or video montage. Tell a story and give your audience a more personal experience when strung together.

Keep vanity metrics to a minimum b2b sales.

Vanity metrics do not provide the entire picture. For example, while increasing clicks and likes is beneficial, it does not tell you whether the right people are interested in your content. Instead, look for signs of genuine engagement, such as comments on your posts and new followers in your niche. These two metrics provide a more accurate picture of how well you are performing and how much exposure your company is receiving.

How To Create Content For Instagram To Drive B2B Sales

Make posts that attract attention and generate buzz (share cool things).

You can create Instagram posts that pique your audience’s interest and share thousands of captivating images. Many B2B marketers spend hours brainstorming what they should post on Instagram to make their posts stand out. The key, however, is to share exciting things.
For example, MarketerPress’s social media team shares straightforward content that their audience will find valuable.

Allow your client to speak for you b2b sales

People enjoy hearing stories and easily connect with the emotions that accompany them; that is marketing 101
Instagram stories are an effective way to drive B2B sales on this platform. Because Instagram stories appear at the top of the home page, they can easily capture users’ attention. As a result, you should not be afraid to post captivating stories regularly to increase your visibility. Allow your story to be suspenseful.
For instance, you could ask, “Are you interested in knowing what our team has been up to?” then insert a right arrow. Then, in the following story, you can reveal your new product.
For example, the people in charge of Shopify’s social media regularly share videos of Shopify users’ stories.

Give your resources away to generate leads for B2B Sales

Printables, ebooks, white papers, and infographics are examples of freebies used by most B2B companies to generate leads. You can use any content to generate leads and sales on Instagram.
Consider the InvisionApp Instagram page as an example. It proudly displays resources such as handbooks.

Use video to show off your products in a unique way.

Another way to market your product or service on Instagram is to use videos to showcase your brand or product entertainingly. B2B marketers frequently believe that their product videos should be professional and concise; however, this is not always the case. So instead, share something that will keep your audience coming back for more by uploading a creative, fun-filled video.
When driving B2B sales on Instagram, posting images with information and data can also help. You can use statistics and specific cases to present your product’s value to prospective buyers. Intercom Brand Studio, for example, gets creative with its “or you could use Intercom” videos.

Display your company’s culture.

Let me repeat: people connect and engage with stories and emotions more than any promotional post. Display behind-the-scenes images of your brand or product. When you do this, people can connect with your company one-on-one, leading to many referral sales.

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Conclusion of B2B Sales

Instagram is a social media platform that necessitates creativity, effectiveness, and tactical thinking. It would help if you used the right tactics to attract your followers’ attention and persuade them that they have something in common with you.
Remember that listening, engaging, and building relationships will ultimately drive your sales. These are the five best ways to create content for Instagram that will help you generate B2B sales.

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