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Webinar Recap: Data-Driven, Customer-Centric Messaging


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Have you ever been with someone who appeared to check all the boxes on your perfect partner wish list yet never seemed to truly understand you? Someone whose charm, wit, and physical attraction simply wasn’t enough to make up for the fact you never felt heard? If the answer is yes, we’re guessing your relationship ended quickly, or was a non-starter altogether.

Perhaps surprisingly, the B2B buying process isn’t too dissimilar to finding a romantic partner.

Attempting to impress modern B2B buyers with your brand’s awards, accolades, or years of experience will only get you so far. What buyers are really looking for is a vendor who genuinely understands them, is aware of their personal pain points, and offers a way to solve them.

The key to becoming their vendor of choice? Customer-centric messaging.

To find out how to craft data-driven, customer-focused messaging, check out our on-demand webinar “Get Qualified Leads with Data-Driven, Customer-Led Messaging,” hosted by Adrianna Shukla, Senior Marketing Director at DemandScience, and Chris Rack, Chief Revenue Officer at DemandScience. They’re also joined by guest speaker Laura Ramos, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research.

You’ll learn how to use B2B data to inform customer-centric messaging that not only delights your buyers but generates high volumes of qualified leads and improves KPIs. With multiple insights from Forrester about what exactly today’s buyers are looking for in their vendors, it’s essential viewing for any B2B marketer.

A quick checklist for developing customer-centric content.
Follow this quick checklist for developing customer-centric content.

For a taste of what you can find in the full webinar, check out this quick checklist for developing customer-centric content:

Customer-Centric Content Checklist

1. Show You Understand Your Customer

Your content must demonstrate that you genuinely understand your customer and the challenges they’re facing. This includes awareness of their individual job function, as well as an understanding of their business in general. To achieve this, strive to speak to the “why” behind the “what.” Identify why a customer desires to seek out new products or services and focus your messaging on that. Maybe it’s cost saving, time saving, or a gap in their current tech stack—whatever it is, demonstrate how you can make it better!

2. Proof of ROI

When choosing which vendors to pursue, buyers want evidence of the return on investment they can expect. If you can’t demonstrate a clear case for ROI, you’re unlikely to be a contender for their business. Although often difficult to obtain, this is where case studies can be especially valuable, showing how you support your existing customers’ bottom line. Making this financial justification clear is even more important during tough economic climates.

The key to becoming their vendor of choice? Genuinely understand your customer and the challenges they’re facing.
The key to becoming their vendor of choice? Genuinely understand your customer and the challenges they’re facing.

3. Personalize, Personalize, Personalize!

Personalization is no longer nice to have—it’s necessary to survive. It’s a differentiator that helps you stand out from the field of competitors. Without personalization, you risk crafting messaging so generic it winds up appealing to no one. Instead, use data to craft individualized, relevant, and timely messaging for your customers. Intent data can help to identify the best moment to reach out to a prospect…for example, when they’re searching for solutions like yours. On the other hand, technographic data lets you know whether your product or service is already compatible with a prospect’s tech stack. Don’t underestimate how important this is—implementation can be a real sticking point for B2B companies, so reassure the customer from the outset that you’re already set up to offer this critical feature.

4. Make Content Accessible

In the webinar, Laura revealed Forrester’s research has identified that more than half of B2B buyer journeys are self-guided. To make these journeys as smooth as possible, and to steer prospects towards choosing you as a vendor, content is key. It must essentially take the place of a sales rep, providing answers to your prospects’ questions and helping to nudge them further down the funnel. Consider the common questions your sales reps receive when they speak to customers and bake these into your content.

Watch the Full Webinar On-Demand

This content checklist is just a small preview of the valuable insights shared in the webinar. Watch the full version on-demand for free and start levelling up your customer-centric strategy today to attract your perfect prospects and build lasting, revenue-generating relationships.

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