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Gifts for Your Dog or Cat That Keep on Giving


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Planning to buy your dog or cat a gift? Put your money where it counts!

Animals don’t understand when we say, “I love you”. So we have to show them! There are countless ways to do this — quality time, long walks and plenty of snuggles. And let’s not forget toys and treats! But what if the money you spend on your animal could go even further? Is there a way to extend your love beyond your dog and cat by buying them gifts that give back? The answer is yes!


Many pet companies are placing a higher importance on giving back, which offers pet parents the opportunity to do the same. Essentially dog and cat parents can donate to a cause and get a new goodie for their fur babe — a win-win for all!

“This elevated level of caring tends to reverberate across all areas of a business, from the people they employ, to the products they produce, to the causes they support,” says Adam Martodam, Marketing Director at NutriSource Pet Foods. “It shows an understanding that what they do is far more than what hits the bottom line of a financial statement but rather the impact they can have on the world around them.”


Sure, it’s easy to grab the first product you see at the pet store. But buying with intention is much more fulfilling! Aside from the “feel-good vibes”, investing in a pet company that gives back puts your hard-earned dollars toward something good — whether that means feeding homeless animals, supporting environmental efforts, or helping kids with cancer!

“You are immediately part of something bigger than just that isolated purchase of a product,” says Adam.


Whether you’re looking for cat treats, dog toys or anything in between, here are a few simple ways to find pet products and support brands that keep on giving:

1. Do some research

Use the internet to find some philanthropic pet companies, then peruse their websites and read Google reviews to see what others are saying. “Companies should be transparent about the ways they give and who they give to,” says Adam. “This can tell a customer a lot about the values of the company and validate it’s a company you want to support.”

2. Select a cause

Now it’s time to decide what cause you want to support. There really isn’t a wrong choice here, so pick something that aligns with your own values. Finally, make sure you read up on the charity the company partners with to ensure they’re legitimate and don’t have a hidden agenda.

3. Spread the word!

This is the easy part. Once you find a company you love that supports a cause you believe in — tell your friends!

Start here

NutriSource challenges itself every day to answer CEO Charlie Nelson’s question: “What good are we if we aren’t trying to make a difference?” Giving back has always been a priority for NutriSource and parent company KLN Family Brands, with more than $3 million committed and contributed since 2018. “We give because we’re grateful for our success,” says Adam. “We know we wouldn’t be successful without our customers, and we want to direct that into causes that help families, children and pets.”

100% of profits from NutriSource SuperStars™ Training Reward Treats go back to causes the company supports. Learn more and buy your dog a gift that keeps on giving at NutriSource SuperStars Giving Program.

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