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5 Undeniable Signs Your Shih Tzu Loves You


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Shih Tzus, with their adorable faces, luxurious coats, and delightful personalities, are known as loveable companions worldwide. These “little lion dogs” carry an enormous amount of love for their humans in their compact frames. But how can you tell that your Shih Tzu shares the same affection you have for them? Here are five heartwarming signs your Shih Tzu loves you.

1. The Cuddle Factor

Shih Tzus are known as a “lap dog” breed for a good reason. They love to curl up in your lap, enjoying your warmth and the rhythm of your heartbeat. If your Shih Tzu insists on being by your side or cuddling close at every opportunity, it’s a sure sign they consider you their favorite human and that they love you dearly. Their cuddle sessions aren’t just for their comfort; they are a token of their deep affection for you.

2. Those Adoring Gazes

Shih Tzus have expressive, large, round eyes that are often described as being full of warmth and affection. If your Shih Tzu looks into your eyes with a soft, relaxed gaze, it’s a clear indication that they trust you and feel safe around you. Those lingering, loving looks are their way of saying, “I love you.”

3. Eager for Playtime

Shih Tzus, though not as energetic as some breeds, still loves a good play session, especially when it involves their favorite human. If your Shih Tzu frequently initiates play or eagerly participates in games you start, it’s their way of bonding with you. Playtime is more than fun; it’s a declaration of their love and trust in you.

4. The Happy Dance

One unique characteristic of the Shih Tzu is their delightful ‘happy dance,’ usually seen when you arrive home. This dance is more than a joyful welcome; it’s an expression of their love and the value they place on your relationship. They might spin, wag their tail, or bounce around on their back legs, all to show you how much they missed you and how delighted they are at your return.

5. Sensitivity to Your Emotions

Shih Tzus are highly attuned to their human emotions. If you’ve had a bad day, your Shih Tzu might respond by staying closer to you, offering you their toy, or even gently pawing you as if to offer reassurance. This keen sensitivity and empathy aren’t found in all breeds, and it’s one of the traits that makes Shih Tzus such beloved companions. Their ability to respond to your emotional state with comfort and companionship is a heartfelt expression of their love for you.

These signs help show how your Shih Tzu expresses their love. Each Shih Tzu is unique, but their affectionate nature and deep attachment to their humans is a common thread, making them wonderful, loving companions. As you recognize these signs of love, you’ll see how much your Shih Tzu cherishes your relationship. In their eyes, you are their world, and their love for you is as undeniable as it is boundless.

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