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4 Reasons to Add Genuine Alaska Pollock to Your Dog’s Diet


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Support your dog's health by adding Genuine Alaska Pollock to their diet

You don’t have to be an environmental activist to know that we need to start making more sustainable choices in our daily lives. Indeed, activism starts at home. Even the smallest of lifestyle changes play their role in ensuring a better tomorrow for the planet, people, and pets. One small change you can make? Add Genuine Alaska Pollock to the menu – both yours and Rover’s.

Why is Sustainability Important?

Sustainability is key to preserving our planet and the natural resources we rely on to live and breathe. Both now and for future generations. When we make responsible choices, with sustainability front of mind, we use fewer of those natural resources. This, in turn, reduces pollution, improves economics, and protects environmental, human, and animal health.

Why Genuine Alaska Pollock?

Alaska has, for a long time, been a leader on the sustainability front. Case in point: when Alaska first became a state in 1959, sustainability was written right into its state constitution. This created an environment in which sustainable fisheries could flourish.

One such fishery? Wild Alaska Pollock.

Aside from being a high-protein, delicious food choice, wild-caught, sustainably fished, genuine Alaska Pollock is one of the most abundant and sustainable species on the planet. Plus, if you choose Alaska Pollock supported by Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP), you are choosing the real deal.

What is GAPP?

GAPP is a non-profit industry association made up of companies that catch, process, and market wild Alaska Pollock, one of the most important seafood species in the world. GAPP and its members work to promote, support, and advocate for one of the world’s most sustainable and nutritious seafood products by:

  1. Promoting the fishery’s sustainability and the long-term health of the surrounding ecosystem;
  2. Recognizing that the Alaska Pollock fishery is an important economic driver for many coastal communities in Alaska; and
  3. Working to support the companies playing their role in keeping this economic powerhouse afloat.

Four reasons to add Alaska Naturals® Wild Alaska Pollock to your dog’s diet

1. Sustainable

Trident Seafoods, and its pet division Alaska Naturals®, are proud to partner with GAPP, working together to ensure the Alaska Pollock on your plate, and in your dog’s bowl, is a sustainable choice, supportive of both your health and that of the planet. When you choose Alaska Naturals® Wild Alaska Pollock Oil Food Toppers for dogs, you can rest assured that it has been responsibly harvested from a sustainable resource that puts the earth first.

2. Safe

Genuine Alaska Pollock from the wild waters of Alaska is a safe option for dogs, as it is recognized by the FDA as safe to consume without limits due to extremely low levels of mercury or other contaminants.

3. High quality

Alaska Naturals® uses genuine wild Alaska Pollock in its pet products, offering pet parents a fish oil food topper supplement that:

  • Contains no artificial colors or flavors
  • Is made with only two ingredients
  • Uses wild and sustainably caught Alaska Pollock
  • Is rich in protein and low in fat
  • Entices dogs with a fresh fish taste they can’t resist

Even better: adding a fish oil supplement to your dog’s diet is a smart way to incorporate more EPA + DHA Omega-3 fatty acids, which helps support your furry friend’s brain, skin and coat health.

4. Easily Digestible

As a lean fish low in fat, genuine Alaska Pollock is not only a wholesome, tasty addition to your dog’s diet, it is also easy for dogs to digest.

Add Alaska Naturals® genuine Wild Alaska Pollock Oil Food Toppers, from the wild, pristine Alaska waters, to your dog’s diet today. Their taste buds will thank you.

Add Alaska Naturals Wild Alaska Pollock Oil food topper to your dog's diet

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