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10 Hilarious Things Only a Doberman Owner Would Understand


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Greetings to all my fellow Doberman devotees! As a lifelong owner of these regal, yet comically endearing dogs, I can attest that life with a Doberman is a wonderful mix of laughter, loyalty, and the occasional face-licking. Dobermans, or Dobies as we affectionately call them, are a breed that can inject humor into even the most mundane day. So, let’s journey through ten hilarious scenarios that only a Doberman owner would understand.

1. The Lean-In Love

As a Doberman owner, you’re familiar with the ‘Doberman lean.’ Whether you’re standing, sitting, or lying down, your Dobie will lean against you, seemingly unaware of their size. The sight of your large dog leaning against you as if they’re a tiny lapdog never fails to amuse.

2. The Giant Lapdog Syndrome

Despite their size, Dobermans firmly believe they are lapdogs. Their attempts to fit their large selves onto your lap, with their limbs hanging off, is a sight that guarantees laughter.

3. The Velvet Hippo

Dobermans are known for their sleek, muscular bodies, but when they lay flat on their bellies, they remarkably resemble a velvet hippo. The contrast between their usual regal appearance and their ‘velvet hippo’ mode is comically endearing.

4. The Couch Potato Paradox

For such an active breed, Dobermans have an unexpected love for lounging. The sight of your Dobie sprawled on the couch, watching TV with you, is a hilarious contrast to their active, alert nature.

5. The Squirrel Chaser

Dobermans have a fascination with squirrels. The sight of your muscular Dobie darting off after a tiny squirrel, only to return looking baffled when it disappears up a tree, is a source of endless amusement.

6. The Singing Sessions

Many Dobermans love to ‘sing,’ which can sound like a mix of howling, yodeling, and whining. Their attempts to join in when music is playing or during a hearty conversation are both adorable and hilarious.

7. The Protector of All Things

Dobermans are protective, sometimes even of inanimate objects. Watching your Dobie guard a favorite toy or a random household item as if it’s a national treasure is as funny as it is touching.

8. The Tail Wagging Wipeout

Dobermans have powerful tails and they’re not afraid to use them. The sight of your Dobie’s tail clearing a coffee table in one happy swipe is a scene that never fails to elicit a chuckle.

9. The Bed Hogs

Despite the size of your bed, your Dobie will somehow manage to take up 90% of it. Waking up on the edge of the bed while your Dobie is sprawled out in the middle is a routine that is as funny as it is perplexing.

10. The Unconditional Love

The most touching and funny part of owning a Doberman is their unwavering love for their humans. They’ll follow you around, sneak into your bed for cuddles, and gaze at you with such adoration, it’s hard not to laugh at their earnestness.

Life with a Doberman is a journey filled with laughter, loyalty, and lots of protective love. Their quirks and loving nature make every day an entertaining adventure. So, here’s to the Doberman owners, living a life of love and hilarity that only we can truly understand.

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