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Why Cats Love Mouse Toys


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Ever wondered what it is about mice toys that excites cats so much? It’s all quite simple really, it comes down to their primordial instincts to hunt and kill.

All cats are born with a hunting and chasing instinct but that doesn’t mean they’re born hunters that kill for food -killing and eating prey are generally learned behaviors. Kittens are programmed from birth to chase and they develop the coordination and timing needed to capture their prey. Play gives kittens a chance to learn to make judgments by experience.  

Indoor cats can sometimes be perceived as living in a sterile environment since they have no prey to hunt, even though the instinct is still a part of their being. This is why mice toys work perfectly to burn their pent up hunting desires, otherwise the result may be your cat thinking your legs, feet or even hands are its prey.


So what’s the easiest way to help your cat and his or her hunting instincts? Find enticing toys that give your cat the opportunity to hunt, pounce and “kill”. There are loads of toys perfect for just this in all pet stores and can be found right here on PetBucket. These toys and games are supposed to simulate moving prey and stimulate your cat’s predatory nature. 

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