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Protect Your Pet: Break the Flea and Tick Cycle


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Protect Your Pet: Break the Flea and Tick Cycle

For every paw-rent fleas and ticks are the biggest threat! Keeping their furry babies safe from the blood-sucking parasites seems to be everyone’s priority. They bite pets and suck their blood; through the bite, they also transmit many dangerous diseases. Many animals get an allergic reaction to flea bite and this alone can cause distress to the pets. 

Today in this blog, we will discuss the flea and tick life cycle and how to break it to keep your pet safe.

Important Differences Between Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are resilient and can easily trick you into thinking that you don’t have to worry anymore about the infestations. The most effective approach to keep them completely away from your pet is to keep using the preventive treatments and measures mentioned below. 

Step#1 Treatments 

1. Topical or Spot-on Treatments

This includes applying the treatment on pet’s skin. Usually, the drops are administered along the pets’ back- starting from their shoulder blades to the base of the tail. Popular topical treatments that are available with us include Frontline Top Spot & Frontline Plus, Bravecto Topical & Bravecto Plus, Revolution Plus, and Advantage Multi. Most of these contain insecticide which acts on fleas and ticks quickly and prevents future infestations.

2. Collars 

There are special collars which contain compounds that release slowly and give your pet long-lasting protection from fleas and ticks. The Seresto Collar and Scalibor Collar contain an efficient formula that repels and kills the parasites as soon as they come in contact with your pet. Thus, it doesn’t allow the transmission of flea or tick-borne diseases. 

3. Chewable 

The chewable preventives are popular in households with kids who can come in contact with the chemical residues of collars or spot-on treatments. These kill parasites by entering their body when they bite the animal. The effective treatments are- Bravecto Chewable, Simparica TRIO, and Credelio.

4. Sprays and Shampoos 

The sprays and shampoos contain ingredients which help to reduce the infestation on your pet. Some can be regularly used during your pet’s grooming along with another form of preventive treatment. Sprays are ideal to use for quick action against fleas. Frontline Spray and Effipro Spray is effective anti-flea and tick sprays for dogs and cats.  

5. Powders 

Many flea powders work efficiently to eliminate all life stages of the parasite. These are usually talc-based and are excellent even for cleaning the house. The active ingredient in Ultrum Flea & Tick Powder is toxic to blood-sucking parasites but completely safe to use for dogs and cats. 

Step #2 Maintain Hygiene 

Another way to keep your pet free from fleas and ticks and to prevent any future infestations, follow the below tips: 

  • Vacuum every few days to remove eggs or larvae lying under the sofas or carpets 
  • Wash all pet bedding regularly, with hot soapy water every 2-3 weeks 
  • Use a flea comb during your pet’s grooming to remove adult fleas and ticks 
  • Keep your house clean and well-ventilated to avoid making the environment hot and humid
  • Be regular with your pet’s preventive treatments 

Avoid the Common Mistakes 

  1. Pets can take a break from treatments during winters 
  2. It’s okay to miss a dose or two 
  3. Mixing two or more treatments means better protection
  4. I can give my cat the same treatment as my dog 
  5. My indoor pet doesn’t require preventive treatment 

Bottom Line, 

With enough care and precaution, it is very easy to break flea and tick life cycle and even prevent further infestations. Treat your pet with preventives and groom them periodically to tackle this problem efficiently. The best way to keep your pet healthy and parasites free is to prevent them. In any doubt, talk to your veterinarian and always read the packaging instructions before starting with any preventive treatment on your pet. 

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