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Behavioral Problems? There’s a Mushroom for That!


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Reishi mushrooms and Lion’s Mane for dogs and cats have many benefits, and you can even use them to help address behavioral problems!

Some dogs and cats struggle with stress, anxiety, and behavioral problems that can make training more difficult. Did you know you can use functional mushrooms with behavioral training to improve your animal companion’s well-being? Many pet parents use functional mushroom extracts to support their dog’s or cat’s physical health, but some mushrooms have a calming effect that can help with behavioral problems too!

Addressing Behavioral Problems with a Combination of Tools

Canine and feline behavioral problems are complex and can be difficult to manage. There’s no magic bullet. One of the most effective approaches is to use a combination of supplements and training. A calming mushroom supplement will relax your dog or cat and help them focus, which will make the behavioral training more effective.

The physical health benefits of mushrooms are well known. This includes their ability to improve immune system function. But mushrooms contain many compounds, some of which can have a mental or emotional effect on our four-legged friends.

Reishi Mushrooms for Dogs and Cats

Historically, Zen Masters have used the Reishi mushroom as a meditation aid because it is centering and grounding. It can also help with cognition. Reishi mushrooms contain the highest percentage of triterpenes of any mushroom studied. Triterpenes are chemicals made by plants and fungi. Some of these chemicals can activate certain brain receptors and may reduce feelings of anxiety and depression while enhancing focus.

Lion’s Mane for Cats and Dogs

Another mushroom that can benefit behavior and anxiety is the Lion’s Mane mushroom. This highly prized edible mushroom has been studied for its own unique triterpenes. These fungi also contain a similar molecule called a diterpene in the mycelium, or root structure. Like Reishi, this mushroom can also help to calm the mind.

Further, Lion’s Mane for cats can help with undesirable behaviors, such as fighting (in multi-cat homes), household soiling, or destructive scratching. Just remember to combine the Lion’s Mane with some simple tricks that discourage unwanted behavior.

Lion’s Mane for Dogs with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Lion’s Mane is currently the most popular mushroom in North America for its ability to improve memory and address mild dementia, thanks to the triterpenes and diterpenes.

Older dogs can develop Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, which has similar symptoms to Alzheimer’s. Some of these dogs get so severe that they can’t even find their dog door or food bowl. Pet parents use Lion’s Mane to help sharpen the minds of these dogs. Although there aren’t any published studies, there are anecdotal reports that Lion’s Mane for dogs can help them be more alert and more present, though some dogs fare better than others.

When you’re having behavioral problems with your dog or cat, consider using high-quality mushroom extracts from Real Mushrooms combined with behavioral work.

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