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Why do cats sleep in strange places?


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Every cat owner has come home to find his favorite feline sleeping in shoeboxes, dresser drawers, or behind the sofa. It’s common knowledge that cats love to sleep in strange spaces, but few know why their pet prefers staking out the flowerpot to naps on the couch. Cats are always on high alert — even while sleeping — making these odd places prime spots for a snooze.
Part of why cats prefer sleeping in small spaces is that they are less likely to be pestered there. In the wild, these spots provide a safe retreat f away from predators. So, by nestling between neatly folded sweaters or inside a paper bag, kitty is ensuring he has the safest spot to sleep. Cats also love napping in slightly-too-small shoeboxes because these tiny spaces help keep them warm. Any owner who’s seen his cat sleeping in sunny spots or burrowing under blankets knows that cats enjoy the heat, and cardboard boxes provide an extra bit of insulation during an afternoon nap. Similarly, you may find your cat napping in the bathtub or sink when he needs to cool down. There may be other reasons your feline friend sleeps in peculiar places, though. Cats are curious by nature and this inquisitiveness can drive your pet to explore new nooks and crannies, such as opened dresser drawers. Pregnant females may look for a spot to nest and end up in strange areas, such as behind the sofa, when a litter is born. Cats searching for some fun may choose unconventional hiding spots, such as under a piece of furniture, as a prime spot to attack unsuspecting feet as they pass.
Though hiding is generally considered normal behavior, there are some cases when it can be a cause for concern. Hiding may be a sign of stress or illness, for example, and some cats become more antisocial as they age, which can be a sign of dementia or brain tumors. However, if you’ve ruled out any sickness or recent upset to your cat’s routine, then lurking in odd spots is likely just part of his nature. Remember, cats are creatures of habit, so your primary concern should be whether your cat has undergone any major behavioral changes. Most cats that hide do so habitually, and will often return to the same spots. So, if kitty has always been keen to sit under the couch instead of on the cushions, this is likely just part of his shy personality and nothing to worry about.

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