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7 Amazing Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog


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Adopt a Senior Dog

They say that age is just a number. Well, this can’t be any more true when it comes to animals like dogs. While puppies are often the first choice of first-time dog owners, the senior ones are just as deserving of a new home. In fact, a senior dog has several amazing benefits you may not have considered before.

In this blog, you will see 7 amazing reasons why adopting an aged dog can be a life-enriching experience. From their affectionate behaviour to a calming presence, a senior dog has tons of things to offer you.

So let us get started,

1) Older Dogs Need a House the Most

Did you know that most senior dogs never make it out of the shelter homes? This is mainly because most first time dog owners look to adopt puppies and tend to overlook the aged ones. Most think senior dogs won’t offer them the love which puppies do, which is not true at all. In fact, the senior ones offer the most amount of love as they are desperately looking for a forever home and a family to spend time with.

When you adopt a senior dog, you are literally giving him a new life. Most likely, these dogs were abandoned by their previous owners and might have faced a lot of bad experiences. Why not give an innocent pet a new forever home, which he is desperately in search of.

2) They Learn New Tricks Quickly

Now comes the most beautiful part of adopting a senior dog. Contrary to popular belief, mature dogs are way too smarter and learn tricks more quickly than one can ever think. There are various reasons for this. Firstly, there is a high chance of a senior dog being trained in his puppyhood, which sets the foundation for the new owners to train him easily.

Secondly, they are more aware with tones and gestures which makes it easier for them to follow your commands. Above all, senior dogs are more patient than puppies and show greater focus while doing commands.

3) Senior Dogs are the Most Calm

Another great reason why senior dogs are the ideal dogs to adopt is because they are way calmer than other dogs. They won’t make you run around the house like puppies do and will prefer sitting at a place. This is primarily due to the sedentary lifestyle these dogs lead mainly due to their low-energy level.

Also, senior dogs have gone beyond their puppyhood phase and exhibit a “sense of independence”, which makes them ideal dogs for people with busy lifestyles. You can give them their favourite dog toys and go outside for some time as well.

4) No Unnecessary Chewing and Nipping

You might have seen how first time dog owners complain about their puppy’s excessive chewing problems. From furniture to clothes in the wardrobe, puppies tend to chew each and everything. Well, it’s not the puppy’s fault at all as it is a process which naturally happens in their teething phase. However with senior dogs, you won’t be facing a single problem like these at all.

Firstly, senior dogs are likely to be trained and know what unhealthy chewing behaviour is. Secondly, they have reduced energy levels which makes them the least destructive of all dogs. No matter what you throw at them, they are likely to keep it intact.

5) Less Maintenance Overall

Arguably the biggest benefit of adopting a senior dog, they are extremely easy to maintain even for the first time dog owners. This is so because these dogs have lowered energy levels and don’t require much exercise, thereby saving a lot of time for their parents. Also, they would have received enough training in their puppyhood which means one doesn’t have to spend their time teaching them obedience.

Also since they rarely go out of the house, their grooming requirements are the least and only a monthly bathing or brushing may be required.

6) Senior Dogs Make Excellent Therapy Dogs

Senior dogs make excellent therapy dogs because they tend to have the maximum experience of interacting with human beings, making them more kind and compassionate. Also, they are way more comfortable being petted than younger dogs, and tend to sit along with their humans for the maximum time. Likewise, they are calm and gentle, and suits the best for people who are nervous and anxious.

7) They will be Grateful For Your Love

The fact that you brought your senior dogs from shelter only means that they might have been through a lot in the past. Also, you gave a forever home to them when they were probably looking for it for the longest time. These things make senior dogs more appreciative and grateful when they are in their new home. Besides, they are more mellower than younger dogs and their laid back behaviour makes them open to the love and affection you offer to them.

In Short,

The decision to adopt a senior dog can be one of the most rewarding choices you’ll ever make in life. Not only will you be giving a forever home to a lovely animal, but will also have an affectionate companion to join your family. Even though these dogs may not be flashy and energetic like puppies, the love and peace they offer to you will be second to none.

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