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15 Surprising Munchkin Cat Facts You May Not Know


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Munchkin Cat Outdoor

The Munchkin cat is a unique and adorable breed that is becoming more popular by the day. Their short legs and playful personalities can make them a wonderful addition to the family. However, there’s more to these cats than meets the eye. Keep reading as we list several surprising facts that you might not know about these entertaining cats.


The 15 Munchkin Cat Facts

1. Munchkin Cats Are New

The Munchkin cat is a relatively new breed that was unavailable before 1991. Breeders found the parent cat in Louisiana; they had a naturally occurring genetic mutation that resulted in short legs. Breeders began working with this mutation to create a new cat breed that we now know as a Munchkin.

Big Eye Munchkin Cat
Image Credit: Dasha Parfenova, Shutterstock

2. Munchkin Cats Come in Many Colors and Patterns

Munchkin cats come in various colors and patterns. The most common ones include white, grey, black, orange, and cream. The tabby pattern is quite common, though you can also find cats with tortoiseshell and calico patterns.

3. Munchkin Cats Are Controversial

Unfortunately, the Munchkin cat’s short legs cause a great deal of controversy with animal welfare organizations that worry that the breed is unethical. Munchkin breeders argue that the breed is healthy and that the short legs do not cause significant health problems.

Munchkin Cat
Image Credit: MDavidova, Shutterstock

4. Munchkin Cats Are Playful and Social

Any owner will tell you that their Munchkin cats are playful and social. They enjoy interacting with their owners and other pets and often follow people around the house to get more attention.

5. Munchkin Cats Have a Unique Way of Running

Munchkin cats tend to hop and skip rather than run in a traditional sense due to their short legs, and many people describe their gait as similar to that of a rabbit.

Munchkin Bengal Cat
Image Credit: Sviatoslav_Shevchenko, Shutterstock

6. Munchkin Cats Are Athletic

Despite their short legs, Munchkin cats can climb stairs and jump on furniture like any other cat. That said, preventing them from jumping from high surfaces is important to avoid back problems later in life.

7. Munchkin Cats Are Intelligent

Cats are quick learners, and you can train them to do various tricks like coming when called or walking on a leash.

Twin Munchkin Cat
Image Credit: Phannasit, Shutterstock

8. Munchkin Cats Are Great With Children and Other Pets

Despite their small size, Munchkin cats are not afraid to be social with children and other pets. These cats enjoy playing and cuddling and will even climb into bed with the dog to get a good nap.

9. Munchkin Cats Have a Long Lifespan

Despite many organizations worrying about how their short legs affect their health, many Munchkin cats can live up to 15 years or longer with proper care, which is as long as many other cat breeds.

young cute munchkin cat sitting on the table
Image Credit: This road is mine, Shutterstock

10. Munchkin Cats Are Popular

Due to their attractive appearance and playful personalities, they have a large and devoted fanbase that continues to grow despite the controversy surrounding them. There are often long waiting lists to obtain one from a breeder.

11. Munchkin Cats Have a Unique Standing Habit

Munchkin cats tend to perch like ferrets or prairie dogs on their hind legs when standing still, an adorable behavior that helps them stand out among other cats (pun intended).

gray and white cat munchkin sitting
Image Credit: Sviatoslav_Shevchenko, Shutterstock

12. Munchkin Cats Can Have Different Leg Lengths

Munchkin cat legs can be different sizes, including normal, super short, and rug hugger, which are the shortest.

13. Munchkin Cats Like to Hoard

Munchkin cats like to hoard shiny objects and often hide them under the carpet or furniture to pull them out and play with later. When an owner finds their cat’s hiding spot, it will usually have many objects stuffed inside.

munchkin cat stalking its prey
Image Credit: Four_Bee, Shutterstock

14. You Cannot Mate Two Munchkin Cats

The short legs of the Munchkin cat are the result of a dominant gene that many breeders call the lethal gene. Mating two cats with this gene usually results in a litter that does not survive.

15. The Munchkin Is the Parent of Several Other Mixed Breeds

Breeders have mixed the Munchkin breed with many other breeds to create unusual mixes. For instance, a Munchkin crossed with the Scottish Fold creates the Scottish Kilt, while a Munchkin crossed with a LaPerm makes a Skookum. New combinations are always coming out.



The Munchkin cat is a unique and fascinating breed that is rapidly becoming more popular. While their short legs have sparked controversy, Munchkins are known for their playful personalities, intelligence, and affectionate nature toward their human family members and other pets, making them a great addition to any family. They also tend to have long lifespans that rival those of other cat breeds.

Featured Image Credit: otsphoto, Shutterstock

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