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Top 5 Tech Trends for 2022


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Welcome to the funel.io blog to discuss The Future of Marketing is Virtual: Top 5 Tech Trends for 2022. The ongoing global pandemic has continued to push the adoption of digital and cloud technologies in every company function, including marketing, in 2022. Of course, marketers have always been avid early adopters of each new technology trend – from big data analytics to social media and artificial intelligence (AI). We’ve regularly seen them put to work and create results in marketing departments.

In this way, the following year will be no different. Marketers will continue to implement technical solutions to cater to our increasingly online and digital lifestyles. Brands and businesses will adapt to the problems of assessing and reacting to changes in customer behavior across an ever-increasing number of channels, with extended reality and metaverse, in particular, gaining traction. There will also be some unique obstacles: the end of cookies, which is scheduled for 2022. Thanks to increasingly advanced AI and analytics, marketers will have more tools than ever before to deal with this.

So, here’s my take on the most important 5 tech marketing trends in 2022, as I predicted.

Marketing with artificial intelligence

By 2023, IDC expects that 45 percent of Global 2000 B2B and B2C “enterprises will leverage smart personalization for context-based client engagement, employing artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and conversational computing,” according to IDC.

This necessitates AI being integrated into the entire marketing tech stack rather than being employed piecemeal by separate applications. That was the former strategy, which made things difficult for marketing teams on several levels.

According to IDC, brands should choose a platform with no/low code access so that marketers can simply adjust it for various use cases, such as evaluating the impact of many touchpoints and refining product content.

Customer Experiences That Are Immersive

In the year 2022, customers will no longer care why your product or service is superior to that of your competitors. The days of just listing features and benefits to persuade clients that they “need” your product are long gone. Customers are smarter, have a lot more options at their fingertips, and have a lot less tolerance in this new digital landscape.

Firms will have to work more to attract and convert customers. It’s no longer sufficient to do a fantastic job with SEO. Offer engaging, immersive, and amusing user experiences that establish brand loyalty and trust over time after attracting users to the website. The victors and losers in the coming year will be chosen by digging deeper into who your customer is and utilizing narrative to help them imagine themselves using your product or service.

Hyper-personalization and micro-moments are in 5 Tech Trends

Micro-moments are short-term sales opportunities that brands can now detect due to more advanced methods for analyzing and predicting client behavior.

Many marketers will prioritize developing the ability to recognize and respond to these situations with targeted marketing techniques in 2022. Consumers today want companies to recognize and respond to their needs as individuals, giving them with something unique to them at the exact moment and location they require it. Expedia or TripAdvisor, for example, may be able to detect when a potential consumer has arrived in a new place and make hotel or restaurant recommendations.

Technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, can be used to detect these moments at scale and create personalized approaches that direct customers to goods or services. Exit Bee’s machine learning technology, for example, employs behavioral recognition algorithms to detect when viewers are disengaging from content and are likely to be interested in getting customized advertisements.

Multi-format content will continue to be an effective way to boost engagement. Businesses should consider whether an interactive graphic or a brief video would be more engaging when producing web material. Entertaining, short-form videos are quickly becoming one of the most efficient methods to communicate with clients, because of the surge in popularity of video content via TikTok, Instagram reels, and Youtube. Using a range of content formats can allow you to improve your company’s user experience so that more people will understand and increase the shareability of your material.

A future without cookies

There have been numerous complaints about data collection privacy in the last two years. To address the problem, Google is leading the advertising technology industry with its cookie-free future, which is set to debut in 2023. Google will roll out new technology advertising the test cookie phase-down near the end of 2022. To succeed, cookie alternatives will need troves of excellent first-party data, as cookies rely on customer-provided information such as personal emails.

What impact does this have on businesses, advertisers, and marketers? As customer privacy concerns and legislation like the GDPR grow, prudent enterprises will want to take note of a near-future where cookies give way to cookie alternatives.

Incorporating Virtual Reality into Marketing Plans with 5 Tech Trends

Marketers are in a never-ending fight to capture more eyeballs and maintain a growing number of customers, and adopting Virtual Reality will provide them a competitive advantage. Virtual reality has already been tested by a large number of companies. A few apps that allow customers to see how an item will look in their home before purchasing it stands out as noteworthy examples of how to use technology to improve customer experience.

Because virtual reality (VR) provides an immersive 360-degree perspective, a virtual design of a product may easily be a delectable offering for buyers seeking an interactive experience, streamlining the buyer’s path.

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