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Top 5 Giant Dog Breeds – Dogster


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There’s a whole lot to love about giant dog breeds, from their commanding presence to their gentle personalities. Their unique appearances and characteristics attract “oohs” and “ahhs” no matter where they go. If you’re looking for a big dog with an even bigger heart and wondering what is the largest dog breed, the following dogs are as gargantuan as they get.

Here are the top 5 giant dog breeds:

Great Dane

Despite originally being bred to hunt boars, the Great Dane is the embodiment of “gentle giant.” Great Danes can stand 28 to 32 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 110 to 175 pounds. With that, it comes as no surprise that the world’s tallest dog is, in fact, a Great Dane!

“An absolutely enormous beast, they are, however, also known for their very calm and often dopey nature. Not at all what you’d think!” says Dr. Patrik Holmboe, Head Veterinarian for Cooper Pet Care. “A Great Dane can make a great family dog.”

Interested in a Great Dane? Contact the Great Dane Club of America to get more information. You can also ask questions at the Great Dane Owners Support Group on Facebook.

two great danes
George, an 11 month old Great Dane, loves his cuddle time with his best buddy Lucas. © Heather Galasso

English Mastiff

English Mastiffs, or simply Mastiffs, are an ancient dog breed beloved for their loyalty and courage. The massive Mastiff can weigh 120 to 230 pounds and stand 27 to 30 inches tall.

Because Mastiffs don’t reach full physical and mental maturity until they’re 3 years old, Dr. Patrik says, “A Mastiff absolutely requires much more training and dedication to make sure that you have a well-adjusted and social dog.”

Interested in an English Mastiff? Contact The Mastiff Club of America to get more information. Or check out the English Mastiff Owners Facebook Group to ask questions.

English Mastiff Dog Sitting
This ancient dog breed requires some super-sized dog food bins and needs a daily walk. An English Mastiff named Zorba was the heaviest dog reported by Guinness Book of World Records, weighing 343 pounds. Records©adogslifephoto/Getty Images

Saint Bernard

The instantly recognizable Saint Bernard is believed to have originated between 1660 and 1670, hailing from the Western Alps between Italy and Switzerland, or the “Great St. Bernard Pass.” This sweet, colossal breed can weigh up to 180 pounds and stand 25 to 27 inches tall.

Dr. Patrik says they “are known for their massive size, which often appears bigger due to their huge coat, and their role in rescue work.”

Interested in a Saint Bernard? Contact the Saint Bernard Club of America to get more information. You can also join several Facebook groups about the Saint Bernard, such as the Saint Bernard Forum, the Saint Bernard Lovers group or the Saint Bernard Owners group.

The much-beloved Saint Bernard is featured in books (like Peter Pan) and movies like Beethoven. ©Catherine Ledner/Getty Images


Newfoundlands are a big-boned breed known to be “exceedingly calm and friendly,” Dr. Patrik says. These mellow sweethearts can weigh up to 150 pounds and stand 26 to 28 inches tall. In addition to being gigantic in size, Newfoundlands have thick, long coats that come in handy for their favorite pastime — swimming!

Interested in a Newfoundland? Contact the Newfoundland Club of America for more information. There are also several Facebook groups about the Newfoundland, such as The Newfoundland Dog Owners & Lovers group, the Newfoundland Dog Owners Forum and the Newfoundland Dog Lovers for Non-Snobbish Owners.

Newfoundland Dog Sitting Against White Background
This is a big breed with the largest Newfoundland on record weighing in at 260 pounds and measuring 6 feet from nose to tail. ©Heidi Harting/EyeEm/Getty Images

Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is a large, lovable breed with a distinct appearance: a strong build, wiry coat and long face. These laid-back and intelligent dogs can stand 32 to 34 inches tall — around 7 feet when on their hind legs! — and weigh up to 180 pounds. The AKC recognizes the Irish Wolfhound is known as the tallest dog breed (although the Guinness World Record is held by Zeus, the Great Dane right now).

If you want a giant cuddle buddy and have ample space to fully accommodate their living needs, these are the best giant dog breeds for you. An extra-large dog will require lots of food, enormous beds, sturdy toys and perhaps even countless drool bibs! Learn more about each breed’s temperament and care to find your perfect match.

Interested in an Irish Wolfhound? Contact the Irish Wolfhound Club of America for more information. You can also join the Irish Wolfhound Friends & Addicts group on Facebook.

Irish Wolfhound sit on a green grass
Irish Wolfhound: You know what else is large about the Irish Wolfhound? The tail. Keon the Irish Wolfhound has the record for longest tail at 30.2 inches. ©Ashva/Getty Images

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