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National Holistic Pet Day 2023: What It Is & When It’s Celebrated


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cat with holistic treatments

If you’re part of any pet-related communities, you’ve probably heard of National Holistic Pet Day and wondered what it was. It may seem like any other celebratory day for pets, but there’s more to this annual occasion.

Celebrated each year on August 30th, National Holistic Pet Day is a day dedicated to promoting holistic pet care practices and raising awareness about the benefits of taking a more natural approach to pet health. It’s an excellent opportunity for pet owners to learn more about holistic pet care and celebrate the importance of whole-body health for their furry friends.

Whether you are new to holistic pet care or a seasoned practitioner, this article will provide valuable tips on how to provide the best holistic care for your pets. Keep reading to learn all about the history and meaning behind National Holistic Pet Day.


When Is National Holistic Pet Day?

National Holistic Pet Day is celebrated on August 30th every year, but it does not have any specific set of celebrations to commemorate the occasion. However, pet owners may use it as an annual opportunity to practice holistic care and support holistic pet food companies.

What Is National Holistic Pet Day?

National Holistic Pet Day is a special day that promotes holistic pet care. It raises awareness about the upsides of choosing holistic approaches while caring for your pet’s health and well-being.

Holistic pet care is a comprehensive approach to pet health that considers more than just the pet’s medical treatment. It also considers the pet’s environment, diet, and lifestyle. This all-encompassing approach allows pet owners to improve their pet’s nutrition, increase energy levels, and prevent or cure possible health conditions.

This day also encourages pet owners to consider their pet’s health in its entirety, from its diet to its daily routine. This allows them to explore new ways to improve their pet’s well-being. Pet owners can also take this opportunity to raise awareness about the value of responsible pet ownership.

Plus, holistic pet care allows pet owners to build a stronger bond with their furry friends through engaging activities. That may include playtime, exercise, and grooming.

Finally, National Holistic Pet Day is a great reminder to reconsider the treats you may give your pets. You must ensure they are free from unhealthy additives and ingredients that may harm your pets’ health.

cane corso owner checking his pet
Image Credit: Jaromir Chalabala, Shuttetrstock

History of National Holistic Pet Day

Coleen Paige created National Holistic Pet Day to encourage pet owners to check all factors impacting their pet’s health. Paige is an animal advocate and the founder of the Animal Miracle Foundation (AMF).

AMF is a non-profit organization that rescues and cares for animals in need. Paige also established various other national animal-related holidays. That includes National Cat Day and National Dog Day.

Currently, Paige is working to promote animal welfare through her company. She is also raising awareness about the value of responsible pet ownership, care, and adoption. Her work has helped improve countless animals’ lives and inspired others to partake in animal advocacy efforts.

How to Celebrate National Holistic Pet Day

National Holistic Pet Day is all about focusing on your pet’s well-being in its entirety. That includes its environment, routine, exercise, and diet. A holistic approach to pet care will allow you to improve your pet’s overall health in the simplest possible way.

Here are some ways to celebrate National Holistic Pet Day:

1. Research Holistic Care

happy young caucasian woman with her cat using laptop at home
Image Credit: Fusso_pics, Shutterstock

If you’re new to the concept of holistic pet care and have yet to experiment with it, understanding its benefits may be tricky. National Holistic Pet Day is the perfect opportunity for you to read up on the topic and how it can change your pet’s life for the better. Before you know it, you’ll be strongly advocating for holistic pet care.

2. Visit a Holistic Vet

If you never have, August 30th is the perfect day to schedule a visit with a holistic veterinarian in your area. Vets who specialize in holistic pet care will use more natural approaches while treating your pet for possible health issues. That may include better nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy, or aromatherapy.

3. Try a New Activity

Dog hiking with a woman
Image Credit: Jana, Pixabay

Your pet may enjoy its daily walks, but National Holistic Pet Day is the perfect time to try out a new activity. You may explore engaging activities such as swimming, hiking, or taking a trip to the park with your furry friend. Not only are these activities stimulating for your pet’s mind and body, but they’re also a great way to bond with your loyal companion.

4. Provide Healthy Treats

Since they’re only given on special occasions, you may not have considered the additives and ingredients in your pet’s treats. Most store-bought pet treats are probably not the best option for an ideal pet diet, so you may use this opportunity to invest in healthier treats.

It’s always best to ensure your pet’s treats are organic, healthy, and free of unnecessary preservatives. You can even make a tasty homemade treat with simple and wholesome ingredients like sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and peanut butter.

5. Reconsider Their Diet

cat eating wet cat food indoor
Image Credit: Rutina, Shutterstock

Standard dry food may be more affordable, but your pet’s health and well-being are priceless. National Holistic Pet Day is a great day to evaluate your pet’s diet and determine whether it’s truly good for your pet.

If not, it’s best to switch to a holistic pet food that’s free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Holistic Select is an excellent example of a holistic pet food company that uses wholesome ingredients to provide optimal nutrition for your pet.

6. Groom Your Pet

Finally, you can end National Holistic Pet Day with a simple grooming session for your pet. We recommend taking your time to groom all vital areas, such as brushing their fur, trimming their nails, and cleaning their ears. If your pet enjoys baths, this can be a great bonding moment for you and your furry companion.



National Holistic Pet Day is an important day for pet owners to learn about and celebrate holistic pet care practices. Taking a natural and comprehensive approach to your pet’s health and well-being will help improve its quality of life. More importantly, you can prevent many health problems down the road.

There are endless ways to incorporate holistic pet care into your daily routine. That includes choosing high-quality pet food, regular exercising, and scheduling routine vet checkups. You must also try natural remedies and practice dental hygiene.

Featured Image Credit: TunedIn by Westend61, Shutterstock

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