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The Healing Touch of a Wagging Tail- How Dogs Heal Humans Unknowingly – Pet Blog


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Dogs are always considered man’s best friends. Ever wonder why? The answer to this question is very evident as they offer unconditional love and support which helps in reducing our stress levels, anxiety, and depression. Having a dog is already a blessing to one since they teach you to live a meaningful life.  Studies have also proven that owning a dog can enhance your social skills and overall well-being. 

So here are 6 ways dogs help you in healing and well-being.

1) Keeps You Away From Anxiety

Having a dog can indeed help in reducing stress as they help in lowering blood pressure and heart rate. Dogs make you feel wanted and loved by always wanting to be around their owners no matter where the place is. They are always there for you especially in your hard times just by sitting next to you so you won’t feel unloved. Their presence is alone enough to make you feel loved. 

2) Enhances Your Lifestyle

Owning a dog can make you feel more connected to the world, as dogs are social animals and love spending quality time with their human companions. Also, dogs offer excellent physical benefits to their owners as well.  This is because they need regular exercise which gives strength to their owners to be more active as well. It also helps you in building a routine and proper structure in your life. Dogs also require regular feeding, exercise, and grooming, which can help you to have a daily routine. 

3) A Remedy For Your Wound

Dogs can be highly effective for mental wounds such as trauma, anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders. If you are considering having a pet to help you with your mental issues, do adopt one.  Other ways dogs can help with mental health is through their nonjudgmental and unconditional love. It’s significant to do your research and select a breed that fits your needs and lifestyle, and also ensure that they are being trained properly to have positive relationships with them. 

4) Encourages People To Socialize:- 

Dogs can be great friends and help people socialize in numerous ways. One of the main ways that dogs help people to socialize is by providing a conversion starter. When someone is walking a dog in a public place, it’s not rare for other people to stop and ask about the dog, which can lead to a conversation and possible connection with a stranger. 

In addition, dog parks also give a chance for people to socialize with other dog owners. For instance, when dogs are playing in the park, their owners end up chatting with each other which often leads to a start of a connection

5) Gives You A Purpose To Live A Meaningful Life:-

Dogs can give a sense of purpose and meaning in a person’s life in many ways. For beginners, taking care of the dog requires regular exercise, feeding, grooming, and veterinary care which gives routine in a person’s life. Also, having a proper and daily routine decreases stress and anxiety, which offers a sense of pride and happiness from within. 

Similarly, dogs help people by making them important and loved. When someone owns a dog, he/she takes responsibility for providing the basic needs and keeping them safe and healthy, which provides a sense of responsibility as well.

6) Improves Heart Rate

Dogs improve heart health by decreasing the blood pressure of their owners. Also, studies have shown that people who are dog owners have better survival rates than non-dog owners because the former are somehow physically more fit compared to the latter. Dogs are known to have a soothing effect on humans, which can help lower their heart rate and blood pressure as well.

Moreover, petting a dog releases hormones such as oxytocin, which helps reduce stress and offers tremendous relaxation. Similarly, taking a dog for a walk or playing with them can help in improving a person’s heart rate. Regular exercise is important for overall health, and having a dog will make it fun for you to do some exercise. 

To Conclude

Dogs have different ways to understand human emotions and respond accordingly, which builds a bond between you and your dog. They love their owners unconditionally regardless of their moods, appearance, or circumstances and they are extremely loyal to their owners. Their love is crystal clear in the way they lick their owners and wag their tails.

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