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Frustrated Parrot Uses Human Commands To Silence Barking Dogs


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Listening to a dog’s relentless barking can be annoying, especially if you’ve tried everything to train them and redirect their behaviors. However, loud dogs don’t just bother humans, they may also irritate other animals. Most pets cannot voice their discomfort with loud dogs, but one parrot found a way to communicate his frustration.

In a hilarious video, the parrot demands that his canine brothers stop barking. The way he speaks is very human-like, so he seems to think he’s better than animals who can’t talk, like his dog siblings.

Barking puppy

Parrot is Sick of Barking Dogs

In the YouTube video, an African Grey Parrot named Otis is sitting on a perch while his two dog siblings, Dugan and Murphy, bark in the background. Otis stops to process what is happening, but right away, he seems annoyed. The dogs keep barking as if something insane happened (such as a dog walking by!), so Otis knows it’s time to speak up.

Otis is about three years old, and his owner, Brenda Griffiths from Ontario, said he’s always a chatty bird. So, when he hears Dugan and Murphy barking, he often vocally tells them to “stop it!”

“Our dogs are always barking when there is a squirrel in the yard or activity at the front door,” Griffiths said.

Parrot scolding dogs

In the video, Otis repeatedly tells the dogs to “stop” or “stop it.” The more times he has to say it, the more frustrated he sounds.

Dogs Refuse to Listen to Their Feathered Friend

No matter how many times Otis tells the dogs to stop barking, nothing changes. They keep barking as if they don’t even hear him. Eventually, Otis whistles to get the dogs’ attention before telling them to stop, but they still don’t obey.

Finally, in the last seconds of the video, the barking stops. So, Otis says “good boy” to reward the dogs for listening. The silly parrot seems to think he’s in control of the dogs, unaware that he’s a pet just like them.

Parrot talking to dogs

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Parrots learn to talk by copying what they hear from their humans. African Grey Parrots are believed to be as smart as a 5-year-old human while dogs are closer to a 2.5-year-old. Thus, Otis likely heard his mom telling the dogs to stop barking, and then saying “good boy” when they stop. That means Otis probably isn’t actually annoyed by his furry friends, but instead, he’s just learning from his human’s actions.

Watch the Amusing Video Here:

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