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Does Your Dog’s Diet Need A Spring Cleaning?


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As we head into the warmer months, spring cleaning may be on
your mind. Not only is this a great time to freshen up your living space, but
it’s also the right time to freshen up your pet’s diet as well! If you’re
considering making the switch to a clean dog food diet this spring, read on.

How the change of
season affects your dog’s diet

Dogs may have been domesticated for tens of thousands of years,
but the change of the season still instinctually impacts their diet. Believe it
or not, outdoor temperatures and daylight hours can cause metabolic and
hormonal changes in your pup.

  • Spring and
    When the days are longer during the spring and summer, their
    brain sends signals that encourage dogs to have a smaller appetite because
    there is more time to eat throughout the day and less need to metabolize body
    fat to stay warm.
  • Fall and
    During the darker, colder months your dog’s brain signals for
    them to increase their food intake so that they are better able to metabolize
    fat to maintain their body temperature.

In fact, during the winter months, dogs need approximately 7.5%
more calories for every 10-degree drop in temperature to ensure they have
sufficient body fat. When spring comes around, your dog will need to slowly
reduce their calorie intake back to their normal levels.

Why you should start a
clean dog food diet in the spring

As your dog’s calorie intake and appetite start to naturally
decrease in the spring, this season makes for a great time to reassess their
entire diet.

Diet plays a big role in your pup’s overall health, which is why
you want to ensure that they’re being offered a clean dog food diet. If this is
your goal, unfortunately, kibble doesn’t quite hit the mark:

  • Kibble is cooked at high temperatures that
    remove naturally occurring nutrients, which must be replaced
  • Kibble uses powdered meat and artificial colors
  • Kibble uses hard-to-pronounce preservatives so
    it can stay on the store shelf for way too long

Instead, you should look for a diet that emphasizes quality
ingredients, such as 100% natural farm-raised proteins, fiber-packed garden
veggies, and antioxidant-rich fruits. You’ll also want to take into
consideration how these ingredients are cooked. Ideally, you choose one that
uses gentle cooking processes that maintains the quality and digestibility of
essential amino acids from protein. This method ensures our pets get more of
the natural benefits from high-quality ingredients.

The good news is that if you’re committed to finding a clean dog food diet, Freshpet is a great choice. By making the switch to a clean dog food diet consisting of Freshpet recipes, your dog will benefit from:

  • Maintenance of high energy levels well into
    their golden years

To learn more about the benefits of making the switch to fresh food, take a look at this blog.

Take advantage of
seasonal veggies

A fun way to mix up a clean dog food diet is by adding fresh,
seasonal veggies to their regular meals. Fresh veggies are rich in vitamins,
minerals, fiber and antioxidants and the majority are completely pet safe! If
you want to add some veggies to your dog’s clean diet, consider these spring

  • Spinach: This leafy
    green is rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E and magnesium
  • Green beans: These crunchy
    veggies are high in vitamin K and calcium.
  • Carrots: These bright
    orange veggies are a good source of vitamin A, vitamin K1, fiber, potassium,
    and antioxidants.
  • Broccoli: Broccoli is
    one of the most beneficial veggies to eat raw as they are rich in vitamins like
    A, C, and E, as well as dietary fiber and, surprisingly, protein.
  • Artichokes: All parts of
    an artichoke are safe for dogs to eat, which is great because it is high in
    potassium, magnesium, fiber, vitamin C and folate, which is a B vitamin that
    has been shown to reduce the inflammation that causes allergies and asthma.

For a full list of human food your dog can enjoy, take a look at this article.

Don’t forget the water

Dogs will likely be more active during the spring – the improved
weather and longer days make it more appealing to go on walks, hikes, or play
sessions at the dog park! But with this increased activity comes increased
water intake requirements. Dogs should be drinking more water after times of
robust activity like going for a walk or playtime. Your dog should also
instinctively drink more water as we transition into the warmer seasons.

Switching to a clean dog food diet that includes refrigerated food,
like Freshpet, will also increase their overall water intake. This is because
fresh recipes are high in animal protein, which has high moisture levels. You
can expect each recipe to have the same moisture content as fresh, human-grade
meats which is between 70-75% moisture. This water intake can be increased
further by adding water-rich veggies to their meals!

We hope you now have all the information you need to make the
switch to a clean dog food diet this spring!

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