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7 Toys to Keep Your Cat Busy & Entertained- Petsworld


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Cat Toys

Cats are extremely playful creatures who like to keep themselves invested in fun activities. If they are made to sit in one place, they can quickly get bored. They may indulge in destructive behaviours like chewing on bedsheets, scratching on furniture, repetitive licking, chasing or fighting household pets etc. Besides, good physical and mental stimulation plays a vital role in keeping excellent overall wellness in cats.

In this blog, you will see 7 best cat toys that will keep your furry friend riveted and entertained for a long time. These toys will also prove highly helpful for cat owners who are not around with their cats for a certain duration in the day.

So here it goes, 

1) Plush Toys

Plush toys are toys that mainly come in the shape of animals, which arouses the interest of your cats. These toys are usually made from thick, soft cloth, which is highly pleasurable for the cats to chew. Also, a plush toy is highly beneficial, especially for kittens, as they find a cuddling friend to sleep along. 

While choosing a plush toy for your cats, opt for a soft, cuddly and big one as it will not choke your cats. The toy should also withstand wear and tear, especially if your cat is an excessive chewer.

2) Catnip Toys

Catnip toys are now the buzzing trend in the pet toys industry. Their popularity is increasing among cat owners because it creates a wider range of feelings in cats, which includes happiness, playfulness, activity etc. These features of these toys effectively keep your cats entertained as well as busy. The secret ingredient behind Catnip toys is a “herb” called Catnip, which is responsible for creating this varied range of emotions in cats.

With catnip toys, you can keep your cats well-behaved and boost your overall bond. 

3) Interactive Toys

Interactive toys are those toys that provide both mental stimulation and exercise to cats. They are one of the best toys for those cat owners who have been away from their house for some time. Some examples of Interactive toys are Wand Toys, Dispenser Toys, Laser Toys, Dispenser Toys etc., which provide endless entertainment for your lovely felines. The biggest benefit of Interactive toys is that you can also store some delicious treats inside it to reward your cats for good behaviour. 

4) Teaser Cat Toys

Teaser toys are those toys which fully satisfy the hunting needs of your cats. These toys consist of a long stick or a wand with a dangling object at the end, which usually comprises a feather, ball, fabric etc. When you wave the wand, it mimics the movement of a prey that stimulates your cat’s hunting skills, making them chase, jump and pounce on it. 

With Teaser Toys, you can soothe destructive behaviour in your dogs which often occurs when they are bored. These toys essentially act as a good outlet for channelling the pent up energy in your cats. 

5) Chew Toys

These toys are designed to fulfil cats’ excessive chewing and gnawing behaviour. Some of the biggest benefits of chewing toys are that they strengthen your cat’s teeth, keep the cat’s gums healthy, and boost your overall bond with your cat. Chew toys for your cats come in various types, which include Dental chews, Rawhide chews, Catnip toys, Ropet toys etc.

While choosing a chew toy for your cat, consider your cat’s age, preference, and chewing behaviour to go for the best chew toy. 

6) Cat Ball Toys

Cat ball toys are small toys designed for cats to play with. These toys come in the shape of balls and are generally made of lightweight materials like plastic, rubber etc to make it entertaining for the cats. Cat ball toys provide fun and stimulation to your felines, as they can chase, jump and pounce on them, especially while playing a game of fetch. These toys are also beneficial to burn the extra calories in your cats and also to prevent the problem of obesity in them.

7) Motorised Cat Toy

A motorised cat toy is a highly stimulating toy that mimics the actual movement of a prey, making it exciting for your cats to play with. These toys are battery operated and provide non-stop entertainment and exercise for all breeds of cats. A string is often attached to the motor’s base, making your cats chase and pounce on it.

Moreover, some motorised cat toys have adjustable speed which makes it highly convenient for cat owners to set it up as per the cat’s activity level. If you want to hone the hunting skill of your cats to perfection, look no further than a motorised cat toy.

In Brief,

You have seen 7 highly interesting toys for cats which keeps them engaged, entertained and also helping in maintaining an ideal body weight in them. Cat owners can fully utilise these toys to eliminate behaviour problems like chewing, destructive scratching, excessive meowing, yowling as well. Once you keep your cats happy, you will see how tremendously they give their love to you.

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