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6 Fast Tips to Clean Up Dog Hair – Dogster


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If you have a dog, you’ll have dog hair — everywhere! Dogs shed year-round with certain seasons being worse than others. Here are some fast and easy cleanup tips to win the hair war around the home, in your car and, of course, on you.

1. Run a brush, comb or grooming wipe over your dog regularly.

This takes just a few minutes and the best place to start controlling the dog hair situation is on the canine culprit.

“A dog’s fur varies in length, texture, thickness and hair-growth patterns,” explains certified master groomer Christina Pawlosky.

Aside from different hair types, dogs have different shedding patterns influenced by seasonal changes, daylight hours and temperature. Dogs that live in an air-conditioned environment can shed all year round.

So, even if your dog has a regular appointment with a groomer, having basic tools to help with shedding at home and using them weekly, even daily if necessary, can go a long way in controlling a hairy situation in your home and car.

Here are a few grooming tools to help control shedding:

2. Use a throw cover on the couch to keep dog hair off

Investing in throws that can be regularly grabbed and thrown in the washing machine keeps furniture fur-free and can be put away when you have company coming over. There are throws specifically made for dogs that are waterproof in case of accidents, like the PupProtector Waterproof Throw Blanket.

3. Keep carpet and floor free of dog hair by using throw rugs

Have hardwood floors? Cute and fashionable throw rugs are a must to not only brighten up the room but are a hair magnet that is easy to throw in the wash. You can use them on carpeted floors too. Have people coming over? Throw all the rugs in the wash, do a quick sweep and you are ready for company. Try the great indoor/outdoor rugs from Annie Selkie; pet stains clean up off them quickly.

4. Use a sticky sheet roller, lightweight vacuum cleaner or hand-held vacuum daily

Because removing dog hair from the couch and carpeted areas of a home is an endless task, it’s worth investing in a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner that is easy to grab and go, tackling crevices in the furniture and those fur bunnies that seems to gravitate under the couch. Using large sticky sheets also makes the task quick and easy. By doing it regularly, the dog hair doesn’t build up. Just take five minutes at the beginning or end of the day for this quick clean.

5. Use seat covers in your car

Similarly, investing in seat covers not only keeps the hair off the upholstery but also takes care of wet and muddy feet. Seat covers are available for both front and back seats as well as the cargo areas, and some include dog beds like PetSafe’s Happy Ride Car Dog Bed. Placing pooches in travel crates, such as the Sleepypod pet bed, keeps them safe, plus controls loose hair in a vehicle.

6. Use dryer sheets and dog hair gadgets to take out dog hair in the washer and tumble dryer

Of course, all those throws, seat covers and your fur-covered clothes all find their way into the washing machine and the tumble dryer. Dryer sheets can certainly capture loose hair, while a nifty gadget such as the Furzapper can remove hair from both the washing machine and the dryer. Simply place these spongy rings in each machine and let them get to work attracting loose hair. A simple wash and they are ready to be used again. Be sure to service your laundry machines from time to time too, hair can get in places you can’t reach to clean out.

Keeping lint rollers, such as the ZeLo handheld roller, handy around the home and in your car lets you go fur-free and are ideal for those last-minute touch ups on upholstery and on clothes when, as much as you love your pooch, you don’t want dog hair to be a fashion accessory.

Last but not least, your washing machine is your friend. Wash throws and rugs weekly to keep the hair down and your house smelling fresh and not eua de dog.

Looking for cleaning products to use for cleaning up a house with a dog in it? Check out our article on Cleaning Products You Need for Living with a Dog.

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