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5 Tips for Celebrating Respect Your Cats Day


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While your cat deserves to be respected every day, 28th March is an extra special day when you can celebrate your feline. This particular day is reserved for honoring our feline friends and that means showing them extra love and affection. This day comes with a fascinating history and even more extraordinary ways to show that you respect and love your cat!

Read on to find more!

It is said that in 1384, on this particular day the then-king of England, King Richard II had issued an edict that made eating felines a punishable act. This stopped people to consume them and make friends with the cats. After this event cats became popular as pets; particularly for the rich.

Celebrating Respect Your Cat Day

Respecting your feline doesn’t only mean giving them treats and belly rubs. It also comes with all the difficult parts like understanding their non-verbal actions. Being feline parents we have to know about their basic instincts and respecting those will make your bond even better. It is not just about this day, but respecting your cat should be incorporated into your daily life. Let’s read more about how you can do that.

1. Knowing and understanding their language

Cats are very particular about what they like and so knowing how, when, and what is the best way to hold them is important. Some cats take time to adjust to new people and environments and so do not be discouraged when your cat runs away from you. Offer them treats, do not touch them when they are not interested, and let them approach you. Remember the more you give them space the more will they feel comfortable around you.

Since cats cannot speak human language, you will have to pay attention to their body language. Some common cues that your cat might use are:

  • Meowing to get your attention
    • Purring to show their contentment
    • Yowling or hissing to show displeasure
    • Rubbing their face or body on yours to tell you ‘I love you’

2. Safe space for them perch

Cats were predators but also prey for bigger animals. They find comfortable spaces which are higher than the ground and like to perch on it to feel at ease. Sometimes you might find your cat tearing apart the curtain to reach the top. So, to stop them from ruining the curtain and help them have a space in your home where they can perch and look at everything happening around them. A vertical cat tree would be a real help.

3. Grooming

Cats are one of the only animals that like to groom themselves, except humans of course. Though they do not need help, giving them a hand will just make your bond stronger and also keep your cat smelling nice. If your cat hates bathing make sure that they are comfortable and given plenty of treats before and after. The good news is that because of their self-grooming habits, they do not need to bathe that often.

4. Feed them a Quality diet

Your feline’s diet changes according to age, lifestyle, activity level, and metabolism. Choose a diet that is suitable for your cat and provide them with a high-quality option so they get all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

5. Keeping their Litter Box Clean

No one likes a dirty toilet and this includes our feline friends too! Cats are particularly very clean creatures and having to share their litter box or using a dirty one can make them upset easily. Keep a separate litter box for every cat you have in your household and clean it regularly to avoid upsetting your feline and prevent bad odors. Also, remember to put it in an easily accessible place so they are not stressed when excreting.

Bottom Line,

Respecting cats can also include giving them fresh water, playing with them, keeping them safe from outer world dangers, scheduling regular veterinary check-ups, and providing them with stimulating toys.

Respect can take different paths, but the real meaning behind your actions will hold value. Give your feline respect and they will vow their nine lives to you!

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