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How To Increase B2B Online Sales

There may be people in your business that never got on board with your ecommerce strategy. For one reason or another, they never really liked the website. As a result, it was just left to trundle along at its own speed. It can be really challenging when people in your business don’t see the value of your website or speak ill of it. If you work hard to push past that, it can really turn things around.

A functioning trade website should really be your best performing sales person. So, give her a personality and treat her with the respect she deserves. Keep her updated. Look after her, train, review and promote her. All the things you would do for your employees.

In return she’ll work 24/7. Promote your business, manage your customers, prospect for new business, and be your best shop-front window. She’ll also rarely answer you back.

Personifying your technology can be a very effective way to bring everyone together to work towards a common goal.

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