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How Much Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Bark? The Surprising Answer!


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bernese mountain dog barking

Bernese Mountain Dogs make great family pets, but like any dog, before bringing them home, you should know how much they typically bark, to ensure that you won’t bother the neighbors. Fortunately, this breed doesn’t bark that much, and experts classify them as medium barkers. Keep reading as we explain what that means and discuss a few things that can affect how much your pet barks so you can keep it to a minimum.


Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Bark Excessively?

How much your Bernese Mountain Dog barks can vary significantly from one dog to the next. However, most Bernese Mountain Dogs are calm, laidback, and easy-going, so they don’t bark as much as many other dogs that like to bark at cars and pedestrians passing by. The Bernese tend to prefer to sit and relax, so most people don’t consider them nuisance barkers. However, when they want to tell you something, they will bark like any other dog and are quite loud.

Why Is My Bernese Mountain Dog Barking?

To Communicate

The ancestors of the Bernese Mountain Dog were farm dogs that worked and protected the property. It’s their instinct to bark to notify their owners that their task is complete or that a stranger is on the property, among other things. They are not afraid to bark to get your attention when they need to tell you something and will continue until you pay attention.

To Greet

It’s common for the Bernese Mountain Dog to bark excitedly when greeting you. Fortunately, this barking won’t last long and usually stops once you say hello and acknowledge them.

bernese mountain dog with his tongue out
Image Credit: Enrique Arnaiz Lafuente, Shutterstock

In Fear

If your dog gets scared or alarmed by a loud noise, they can bark loudly. Fireworks, cars backfiring, and even people yelling can cause your pet to start barking. If you think that your pet is frightened, bringing them into the house can help calm them and stop the barking.

To Protect

If your Bernese Mountain Dog perceives something as a threat or danger to you, they will immediately jump into action and start barking to warn you and scare off the threat. It could be a stranger walking onto your property or an animal on the trail during your morning walk that causes your pet to bark. They will continue until the threat is gone or you convince them that there is no threat.

Out of Boredom

The Bernese Mountain Dog forms a strong bond with their owners and doesn’t like being alone for too long. They can get bored quickly and will often bark to get your attention. Training and providing them with their favorite toys can help them deal with spending time alone. If you need to leave, taking your dog for a walk first can help them burn off excess energy, so they won’t get bored so quickly and start barking.

bernese mountain dog playing with his dog
Image Credit: Kristesoro, Shutterstock

Other Interesting Facts About Bernese Mountain Dogs

  • A nickname for the Bernese Mountain Dog is Berner.
  • The Bernese Mountain Dog can do many farm jobs, including drafting, droving, herding, and acting as a guard dog.
  • These dogs enjoy cold, snowy weather, and you will have trouble keeping them inside even during harsh weather.
  • The Bernese Mountain Dog has a double coat and is a heavy shedder. They require frequent brushing and trimming and will likely set off allergies in anyone sensitive to pet dander.
  • The Bernese Mountain Dog likes to be with their owners and will start to suffer from separation anxiety just a few hours after being left alone.



The Bernese Mountain Dog is a medium barker that usually only barks excessively when they have something to say. They are a calm and easy-going dog that is happy to sit quietly until they hear a loud noise or a stranger walking by the yard. They can also start barking to say hello when you get home from work or to greet an old friend and will often start barking if you leave them alone too long. Training can help reduce your dog’s barking, and playing or walking your pet before you leave can help burn off excess energy, so your dog doesn’t get bored as quickly.

Featured Image Credit: Marefoto, Shutterstock

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