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3 ways to rethink content’s role in your B2B GTM strategy


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ChatGPT and generative AI’s increasing capabilities are putting a spotlight on content. Such attention benefits your go-to-market strategy across sales, marketing, brand, digital, product and more. 

We can use this moment to improve the value of content while it is top of mind for all stakeholders. It’s also a great time to demonstrate how our audience’s content consumption evolves. Here are three ways marketing leaders can leverage the AI-generated content craze to bolster content marketing’s impact.

1. Double down on content exclusively for your audience and buyers

This may sound obvious, but often our content efforts are focused on the traditional definition of our ideal customer profile. At a time when B2B pros are bombarded with so much noise, our content must be more personalized and creative than ever.  

Devin Reed, founder of The Reeder, advocates knowing and embodying these 10 questions to “insanely know your audience better than anybody else” before scoping and crafting content. 

• What motivates them more than money?
• What do they fear?
• What makes them angry more than getting cut off on the freeway?
• What beliefs do they hold that don’t make sense to anyone else? (The weirder the better)
• What seasonal changes affect their business?
• What’s a successful day look like
• What current trends are affecting their business and/or livelihood?
• How have they been burned in the past?
• Who do they aspire to be?
• What’s the exact language they use to describe all the above?

2. Deliver multi-media content that gives your audience the control and context they crave

Develop, tailor and deliver content in the format and the channels our audiences rely on. This includes creating experiences that surprise and delight them. Think of:

  • Video content that allows people to experience the topic or solution.
  • Interactive tools that allow pros to explore on their own terms.
  • Self-guided learning via audio and visual educational content. 

Go beyond one-dimensional content such as standard blogs, canned webinars and white papers, which tend to clog our sales and nurture process instead of inspiring buyers along their journey.

Giving control and context also means we summarize and deliver upfront what our audience can expect when they invest their time in our content and brand. This respectful touch in your content marketing effort should include such trust-building tactics as: 

  • What’s inside the content: Easy on the exaggeration!
  • What they’ll learn: Be real.
  • How much time they’ll need to invest to get value from the content: This keeps the creators and the audience in sync.
  • Offers for deeper reading or additional assets: Curate for them. 

This is what creating “experiences” and “connections” for our audience and buyers means, whether your content is machine-driven or human-generated.

3. Curate other people’s content in your GTM

Much like the AI mindset generating specific content for your GTM, you can use content that is valuable to your audience and already exists in your market. To be clear, I’m not saying to steal or plagiarize content or copy. Instead, you should:

  • Ask permission.
  • Properly give credit and source.
  • Link to it as a resource.
  • Put a summary on the front end.
  • Record a short video highlighting takeaways or commentary, adding your take and perspective on the topic. 

You get the idea. The first generation of AI-created content shows us that you don’t always have to create fresh, brand-new content. If excellent content exists, ask to use it, source it, and link to it. Even if it’s your competitors, call it out and then layer on your value, what’s missing and what to do with it (using Reed’s thoughtful advice noted above).

This is efficiency and effectiveness. Improving on existing content says everything about your brand and company — that you value their time, you are part of the community and you are confident in your solution.  

Take advantage of this unique moment to up your content marketing game

Welcome to the AI content revolution. For the curious, confident and brave, this is a time to up our game and contributions to the business with content. 

As you experiment with AI tools to produce content, you can identify where, when and how to deliver both AI-driven informational content and the creative, move-the-needle content required to set your company and solutions apart.

Ride the AI wave to level up your content marketing strategy. Show your execs and team how to create real value and meaningful experiences. 

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Opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily MarTech. Staff authors are listed here.

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