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Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Have 2B Boring


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Boredom is an inevitable part of life. Filing a tax return, sitting in traffic, being on hold with an insurance company…

Some things just aren’t meant to be fun.

But one thing that doesn’t fall into this category is B2B social media. And yet, it’s often perceived as boring, especially when compared to its B2C counterpart.

If this is your current view, you’re likely missing out on the many benefits B2B social media has to offer. Given your social channels are often one of the first interactions new prospects have with your brand, it’s critical to make them as engaging as possible. 

To unshackle your social strategy from the “B2B is boring” myth, check out our on-demand webinar, “Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Have 2B Boring,” hosted by DemandScience in-house experts, Shauna Staveley, Abbi Tanton, and Alana Fares.

You’ll learn point blank why B2B social media does not—and should not—be a mind-numbing endeavor, especially in the world of B2B sales. Businesses can’t afford to be boring, especially if their goal is to generate meaningful ROI.

Essentially, it’s a must-view for any B2B marketer looking to level up their social media game, and it includes everything you need to know about developing a robust, results-driven social media strategy.

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Join Alana, Shauna, and Abbi for expert advice on how to run B2B social media channels.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the key topics we discuss:

Key Webinar Takeaways

1. B2B Marketers Struggle to Reap the Rewards of B2B Social

If you’ve read any B2B marketing blog, chances are you’ve seen doomsayer headlines about the chaotic landscape of B2B social media: “It’s too noisy.” “It’s too competitive.” “Customers don’t rely on social platforms for business.”

Truth is, B2B social media isn’t broken at all; it’s actually an invaluable marketing tool that can really move the needle for B2B sales. However, because it’s such a recent addition to the B2B repertoire, marketers still struggle to find their social media sweet spots. Case in point: despite the majority of B2B marketers using social media in some capacity, 73% of them find their results to be only “somewhat effective.”

2. Your Content Must Entertain, Educate, or Inspire

To avoid boring target audiences, B2B marketers should focus on the three pillars of social value: (1) entertainment, (2) education, and (3) inspiration. Developing content that fulfils at least one of these needs in a unique, creative fashion is a sure-fire way to attract prospects on social media. Keep in mind, you only have seconds—even less than—to capture the attention of people mid-scroll, so the more entertaining, educational, or inspiring you can be, the better. Often, the reason people perceive B2B social as boring is because it fails to provide that scroll-stopping wow factor.

3. A Successful B2B Social Media Strategy Is Audience-Centric

Your content might be incredible, but if it doesn’t resonate with your target audience, you’ve wasted a bunch of your already limited time. Your audience must be the foundation of your social media strategy, and you have to be savvy to the platforms they use the most, including their expectations of each channel. With this information in hand, it’s possible to craft social content that not only delivers the right message, but also delivers it to the right place at the right time.

4. Professional and Boring Are Not Synonymous

Unlike B2C marketing that targets the everyday consumer, B2B marketing targets business professionals. But being professional and being boring are not one and the same. This is especially true on social media. Social platforms actively deprioritize boring content that fails to drive interactions (i.e., comments, likes, and shares), which lessens chances of getting your content to the screens of ideal customers. Plus, social media users move rapidly between social posts—if you don’t capture their attention immediately, you’re unlikely to ever feature on their radar.

5. With B2B Social Channels, Less Is More

It may seem logical to think the more channels you’re on, the more people will notice you. However, the opposite is true. As a B2B company, it’s unlikely you’ll have the budget or resources to cover all channels properly. It’s even more unlikely you have a better way to do it than your competitors. And while a common workaround is to cross-promote the same creative content across all platforms at once, this won’t cut it either. By being everywhere, you effectively end up nowhere, unable to capture your audience’s attention. That’s because you fail to deliver those specific experiences that target audiences anticipate from each channel. Instead, show up where your audiences are and focus your attention there.


If you think these insights are useful, then you’ll love our webinar. Take advantage of all the advice we have to offer and watch the on-demand version for free!

Prefer to read? We’ve got you. Download our eBook, “Social Media Marketing in a B2B World” for an in-depth take on how to excel at B2B social media marketing.

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