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“They Have My Heart” | Beth’s Blog

You often hear me say, “If you can, please open your heart and home to a homeless pet.” While I know that opening your home isn’t always possible, I believe there are other ways to open your heart and save a life, including through opportunities like North Shore Animal League America’s Pet Sponsor Program.

As the National Spokesperson for NSALA, I’m always happy to promote fantastic programs like this, which enables supporters to “adopt” special-needs cats or dogs via a monthly donation, even after the pets are adopted. Three very sweet cats have recently been enrolled in this program. I am honored to introduce Dempsey, Max, and Snowie.

DempseyDempsey was abandoned at our Adoption Center as a kitten in 2011. He was quickly adopted but readmitted 11 years later, in March 2022, because the owners were moving and Dempsey was having medical issues. While under our care, Dempsey was diagnosed with hyperthyroid disease and asthma and underwent two surgeries for his entropion eyelids, which turn at the edges causing his lashes to rub against the eye surface. He quickly became our favorite large lap cat and was adopted again in October. But two months later his adopter reached out to us because her mother had become extremely ill and home life was full of stressors. We decided it would be in Dempsey’s best interests to come back to the safety of our Adoption Center. Now, as I write, Dempsey is about to undergo treatment for his thyroid condition at the renowned Animal Medical Center in Manhattan. I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that a new adopter is waiting in the wings to take him home as soon as he’s recovered!

MaxA medical crisis found senior Max’s life turned inside out recently when his lifetime owner became too ill to care for his special needs. Time spent with our vets has put Max on a path to wellness and he’s ready to get the golden retirement he deserves. This lovable senior has never lived with other pets and would prefer to be the only pet. While losing his home was difficult, he’s now relishing new friendships with the kind humans who care for him. You may find him rolling around in catnip piles or busily hunting wand toys, but he always stops to give his visitors a friendly rub, welcoming them to his room.

SnowieSnowie was originally admitted and adopted in 2015 as a kitten. Then, seven years later, she was readmitted when her owners were moving and couldn’t take her with them. We noticed her making multiple trips to the litter box, and she eventually underwent successful cystotomy surgery. She recovered and was adopted by an older woman. Unfortunately, Snowie returned once again to our Adoption Center because she was afraid of the walker that the adopter occasionally used for mobility. Since then, darling Snowie has been living in the manager’s office at Bianca’s Furry Friends Adoption Center while we look for her new home.

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