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2 Issues That You Should Check Out Immediately!


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Why is my car pulling both directions, and what can I do about it? If this is your biggest concern with your car right now, this article will tell you what to do about it.

At times, your car’s steering wheel may feel out of your control. The most common problem that arises from this is the car pulling in both directions when you are trying to steer it.

But what could be the reasons behind this happening? Is it something you can control, or do you have to let the car find its own grip after some time?

In today’s article, let us tell you the causes and solutions to your car’s steering pulling in both directions.

Car Pulling Both Directions

Understanding The Problem: Why Does The Car Steer Awkwardly, Pulling Both Sides?

When you are steering your car to the right or left, it should move in one particular direction.

Sometimes, it happens that the car seems to be moving in opposite directions simultaneously, despite the driver having full steering control.

In some cases, the car might also move to the right entirely and then start shifting to the left. This can be very dangerous if there is a flow of traffic coming from the left lane on a two-way road.

There are a few reasons this problem can occur, but the two main reasons that can be traced are problems with the steering wheel or the tires.

Occasionally, it could also be an electrical problem that is causing the car’s internal machinery to not coordinate with each other.

1. The Steering Wheel Issue

The steering wheel is the basic component of a car that helps to change the direction of a car.

When it comes to directing your car in a certain direction, you have to use the steering wheel, connected to the driving wheels of the car, to move it around.

But when there is an internal issue with the steering wheel, you may face a problem.

If there are suspension parts in the car that have worn out, the steering wheel may be the first one to get affected.

This impacts the steering wheel to move the wheels of your car.

You should also check for problems with the air pressure in tires and worn-out tires that can cause the steering to have more traction.

2. Tire Problem

When you have recently changed the tires in your car or switched to a different type of tire than the original ones, it can cause the car to malfunction.

When the tires are not aligned properly, or the replacement has gone wrong, it can mess up the direction of travel in the tires.

Your car might be facing a problem called Torque Steer, which is essentially the effect of the engine’s torque on the steering of front-wheel-drive vehicles.

The problem can arise for several reasons, from traction between the driving wheels to uneven air pressure in the tires.

If there is a torque steer in your car, the wheels tend to move away from a straight line and pull in both directions.

With the tire problem, you can hear a strange rubbing noise that makes the car change its course suddenly.

You might not be able to shift the car into neutral or move it from left to right.

Is The Problem Dangerous?

When the direction of a car is out of control, it can be a very dangerous situation for your vehicle and the people inside it.

If your steering is not working properly, you cannot swerve the car if there is an oncoming vehicle.

The car will also probably lose its steady speed, which means you will have to work extra hard to avoid any kind of traffic crash.

The problem can become severe when you have to drive on a one-way road, as you will not be able to take a U-turn when needed.

So overall, you will be facing a lot of issues if your car is pulling in both directions without your control.

What Can Be Done About It?

When it comes to the problem of the car going in different directions, there are a few things you can do to manage it:

  • Check out worn-out tires that can cause more friction between the wheels and the ground, affecting the car’s direction.
  • Check on the steering wheel and its associated parts, like the suspension and connection with the wheels.
  • Ensure that your tires have been replaced properly and go for a proper alignment when required.

These are the basic things you can do before you take your car to a professional and try to figure out what has actually happened.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my steering wheel keep yanking left and right?

One of the common causes of the steering wheel of a car shifting from left and right is the misalignment of the tires.
If the wheel and axle of the car are not aligned properly, the steering wheel will, in turn, go left and right.

2. Can a bad tire cause a car to pull?

If your car has a bad tire, your car might pull to one side because there will be more tread on either side.
It is the front of the vehicle that will be affected first, and as the tire’s grip loosens out, it can be difficult to steer the car.

3. What do I adjust if my car is pulling to the right?

A problem with a tire’s air pressure is one of the main reasons why the car tends to pull in a certain direction.
So when you are trying to pull your car to the right, check for the tire pressure first and try to see if it is even on both sides.
With a realignment of the tires, it should be able to move again.

4. Why is my car pulling when I press the gas?

If you are pressing on the gas and your car pulls to one side, it could be due to a blockage in the catalytic converter.
When the air-fuel mixture causes a part of the converter to be blocked, it has to be cleaned out properly to prevent the problem.

5. Why does it feel like my car is tugging?

The tugging feeling in your car could come from a wide range of reasons.
Some of the main causes are damaged fuel pumps, broken spark plugs, dirty fuel injectors, and a blocked catalytic converter.

6. Why is my car still pulling after an alignment?

If your car is still pulling on one side after the alignment, the basic problem could be the tires themselves.
Low tire pressure is one of the first things you must check after an alignment. You can also try to swap the tires to check the heights on either side.

Wrap Up

The tires and steering wheel not coordinating with each other can be an unnerving situation when you are on the road, especially if it is a two-lane highway.

But it is not a problem that cannot be sorted out with some caution.

Try to be on the lookout for signs of a steering problem and when your tires are wearing out over time, and you should be able to manage just fine.

Thank you for reading, and drive safe!

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