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2023 Super Bowl Commercial Is Sure To Leave Dog-Lovers Welling Up With Tears


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Let’s be honest, one of the main reasons so many of us watch the Super Bowl is to see the commercials. Sure, we may also be interested in the actual football game, but we’re not going to purposely walk away from or mute these high-dollar ads. Super Bowl commercials often aim to be fantastically funny or even explicitly ridiculous.

But one particular ad that will air during this year’s “big game” may melt many dog-lover’s hearts into a puddle.


Nothing can compare to the loving bond between us and our furry family members. They offer endless unconditional love and support, and refuse to leave our sides during the many ups and downs of our lives. This is exactly what the commercial will show.

The 60-second Farmer’s Dog commercial chronicles the life of Ava, and her faithful, furry companion “Bear,” as they reach many milestones together. 

“I’ll always take care of you,” Ava whispers to her tiny puppy.

Ava is shown feeding Bear fresh food over the course of his life, and despite both of them getting older and Ava’s life evolving and changing, the pair still stay the best of friends.


The Farmer’s Dog is a fresh dog food company that was formed after one of the co-founders started making his dog Bella’s food from scratch, and he found that they were able to skirt her long-time stomach issues. So the fresh food company delivers dog food made with unprocessed ingredients and offers peace of mind about what pet parents are feeding their furry family members.

“This spot is our love letter to dogs. It embodies our mission as a company. Everything we do is about helping people give their dogs a full, healthy life,” said CEO Jonathan Regev.

Dog-lovers can completely relate to wanting to take care of our furry family members as best as we possibly can. We want nothing more than for our canine companions to be by our sides for as many years as possible. Because no matter how much time we get to spend together before they inevitably cross the rainbow bridge, it never feels like enough. 

So it’s extremely likely that this commercial will make every dog-lover at least a little bit emotional.

If you don’t want to wait for the Super Bowl to see the sentimental segment, or you aren’t keen on crying in front of everyone at your game-day party, you can check-out the commercial, below. But, you were warned. This short commercial will likely leave you welling-up with tears. 

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