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Stop Your Dog From Barking In The RV While You’re Driving


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How do you stop your dog from barking while you’re driving your RV? This easy DIY hack might be just the solution for you.

Yorkie looking out RV window - DIY Hack for dog barking in RV


Dogs Who Bark In RVs

Some dogs just can’t help getting excited while when you take them for a ride. Our dog, Buster, was one of them.

From the day we found Buster as a stray, he barked in moving vehicles. And not just little woofs. I mean he barked…loudly.


It was usually only for a minute or so when we started out or stopped. But still, that boy had some pipes. At one point I actually wondered if we’d lose our hearing trying to take him places.

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Two dogs smiling in the back seat of a car.


Why Does Your Dog Bark?

Over time we figured out that one of Buster’s triggers was being able to see out the windshield or windows while we’re driving. To accommodate him in the car, we removed the back seats and laid his and Ty’s beds on the floor, lowering Buster’s line of vision.

We also trained him to lay down while we’re driving. Looking out the windows was just too tempting … even though it upset him.

Buster and Ty - GoPetFriendly.com - Dogs packing for a trip

A Solution To Keep Dogs From Barking Underway In The RV

Our creativity worked well in the car. But we also did a lot of traveling in our RV with the dogs.

The first motorhome we had came with a curtain that divided the driving compartment from the living area. Since Buster rode on the sofa in the back, we just hung that curtain and lowered the shades on the windows so he couldn’t see out while we were driving. It was a cinch!

Black German Shepherd in a red crash-tested car harness


But then we got a different motorhome. And Buster’s barking habit returned.

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New 2013 Itasca Meridian 36M

The new coach was laid out differently than the old one. And as soon as we hit the road we realized that, from his spot on the sofa, Buster was going to be able to see right out the windshield!

With no curtain separating the front and the back … the barking started. Loudly.

Finding a solution to help manage Buster’s reaction was suddenly our top priority. So Rod and I put our heads together and came up with a simple DIY hack to block Buster’s view.

Curtain in new Meridian to keep dog from barking in RV


In the photo above, both of the motorhome’s slides are extended, so it looks like there were gaps on either side of the curtain that Buster could have seen around. But, when we were driving, the slides were pulled in and the sofas shifted closer together, so the dogs were riding right behind the driver and passenger seats. And, with the curtain in place, Buster’s view of the windshield was completely blocked.

It was an easy and inexpensive fix! Read on to learn how we did it.

DIY Steps For a Bark Blocking Curtain

The most time consuming part of the project was reviewing our options. So hopefully you can learn from our experience and get your project done in no time!


Step 1: Measure Twice, Cut Once

We got really lucky because our RV had cabinets on opposite walls, just behind the driving compartment. And there was just enough space above the cabinets for a 3/4″ copper pipe.

Any piece of pipe would have worked, but I liked the way the copper color matched the woodwork in the RV. And we decided on the slightly more expensive 3/4″ pipe over the 1/2″ option because it was a little sturdier, giving us less flex over the span.

Copper Pipe - Curtain in Meridian

Attaching the pipe to the top of was easy with a strip of mounting tape on each end. The scissors where the only “tool” I needed to complete the project.

If you’re wondering why we didn’t simply buy a curtain rod, there are a couple of reasons. First, we didn’t want to have to screw anything into the face of our new cabinets. And most curtain rods of this length are telescoping, which means there is a seam in the middle where the curtain would have gotten snagged.

Curtain in Meridian


Step 2: Choosing The Right Curtain

The selections of curtains available is almost endless. So finding something that suits your style and matches your decor shouldn’t be a problem.

What mattered most to us was the length of the curtain – it needed to be long enough to block Buster’s view, but not so long that it would drag on the floor and provide cover for fur bunnies.

Our ceiling height was seven feet, and as we perused the curtains available at the local hardware store, it didn’t take us long to realize that everything they stocked was too short.

That’s when it hit us … a shower curtain would be just the right length! Not only that, but they’re washable. And they’re made to be used with decorative rings that would slide easily on the pipe.

Curtain in Meridian to stop dog from barking in RV


Putting it all together took about half an hour and cost about $50 for the pipe, mounting tape, curtain, and rings. It was a small investment to save our hearing … and sanity.

And when we were parked in the RV, the curtain easily slid to the side and out of the way.

Curtain in Meridian to keep dog from barking while driving the RV

Barking Problem Solved

With his view blocked, Buster was able to relax in the RV. And without all the barking, we were too!

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Buster in Sleepypod Harness


I hope this hack will help you stop your dog from barking while you’re driving your RV. Let us know if it worked for you in the comments.

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