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Benefits of Snuggle Beds for Your Pet – P.L.A.Y.


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By Amy Richard on Nov 18, 2022

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Your pet is a part of your family. Therefore, it makes sense that you want only the best for them. Sometimes that means getting them their favorite treats, even though they’re more expensive. Other times, it means finding the perfect shampoo that makes their fur silky and smooth. And, of course, it means getting them a comfortable bed to sleep in. You don’t want them lying on the cold hard floor. Right? A soft, warm bed will keep your pet comfortable throughout the night (and probably for most of the day too). In the rest of this article, we’ll cover some of the benefits of snuggle beds for your pet. 

Prevents Joint Pain

Just like people, your pets also have difficulty sleeping on hard surfaces. Do you ever rise from the floor and experience pain throughout your body as you get up? Well, your dog can feel that too. Making dogs lie on a hard surface harms their joints and can cause real issues over time. Arthritis is a common health issue in older dogs, and sometimes a comfortable bed can make all the difference.

In addition to joint problems, dogs can also experience back difficulties when they don’t have a proper bed.

Keeps Them Warm

Fall is already here, and the cold weather is slowly approaching. Believe it or not, dogs can feel the cold in their bones just as humans do. And, the fantastic clothing you got for your canine companion won’t protect them from the harsh winter weather. Your dog needs a nice, cozy, snuggle bed to keep warm and toasty over long winter evenings. Otherwise, as a result of sleeping on the floor that exposes them to temperatures lower than what is healthy for them, your dog’s health can suffer. 

It Gives Them Their Own Space

Cats and dogs, who are both naturally territorial, prefer to unwind, nap, and sleep in the same room of your house every right. The right-sized dog bed or cat bed may increase their comfort while offering them their little spot in the house.

That is important for numerous reasons. The main reason is that this space will be their safe haven when you’re going through a drastic change, such as a relocation. It will be a safe place for them, away from the chaos, to sleep through the day while the movers come and go. Of course, when you’re moving, you can’t keep your pets locked away the entire day, but keeping them out of the way is essential as they don’t get overwhelmed.

Prevents Behavioral Issues

Although having your dog lie next to you can seem charming and cuddly, it is never a bright idea. You’ll eventually realize that your dog is in your bed because it believes it is the most comfortable place to relax, regardless of how sweet and kind you think they are. It won’t be long until they completely take over your bed. When they do, they can snarl at you every time you tell them to get down, especially if you have previously given them the impression that it is okay to remain there. Therefore, one of the main benefits of snuggle beds for your pet is that they prevent behavioral issues by giving dogs their comfortable bed.


Protects Your Furniture

A bed for your dog will prevent them from sleeping where you don’t want them to, typically on your sofa or bed. When dogs sleep in places like that, they damage your furniture or bring dirt onto your spotless carpets. If your dog likes to circle about before sleeping or indulge in a fit of kneading and digging, wouldn’t you rather this happened on a dog bed made for canines rather than your couch? When your dog sleeps in a bed that meets its needs, it won’t annoy you or cause furniture damage.

Is Easy To Clean

Low-quality dog mattresses gather fur and dust, which sticks to the bed’s fibers and makes cleaning a hassle. If your pet’s bed cover isn’t machine-washable, you’ll have to continually remove matted fur and grime from the bed, which adds to your efforts. 

However, lucky for you, snuggle beds are entirely machine-washable and dryer friendly. If you ever notice their mattress being a little too dirty, throw it in the washer for a couple of spins, and it will be good as new! Your pets won’t even notice it’s gone!

Preserves Your Floors

Dogs and other pets who have to sleep on the floor sometimes unintentionally damage the floors. Whether they scratch the wooden floors with their claws or shred the carpet, they can cause real damage that costs a lot to fix. On the other hand, by investing in a proper bed for your pet, you’ll minimize the risks of something like this. Think about it: would you rather spend money on a pet bed, or would you redo your hardwood flooring and change the carpeting in your home? Which seems more affordable?

Wrapping Up

Your pet probably spends the majority of their day sleeping. This sleep needs to be unbroken and high-quality, much like in people. Otherwise, your dog will be irritable, just like you would be if you had to sleep on the floor and wake up frequently at night. That’s why comfort and quality sleep are among the main benefits of snuggle beds for your pet. By getting a comfy bed for your pet, you’re providing them with a personal place they can use at any time of the day. The best part is that this still permits you to cuddle up with your furry friend in bed whenever you choose, as long as they have their bed.

About the Author:

Amy Richard is a content writer and full-time dog mom. She loves writing about animals and sharing advice with new owners. Amy rescued dozens of dogs and found each of them a loving home. She lives with her partner and their two dogs in California.

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