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More Is More: 7 Reasons to Outsource Content to a B2B Marketing Agency

Marketing isn’t a cost, it’s an investment. You must focus on getting a return on that investment. The alternative to outsourcing to an agency is to fill the position in-house—and that still comes with a price tag. When you do the math on the price of an in-house writer, don’t forget to include all the hiring costs—including health insurance, training, equipment costs and vacation tind it me.

That typically puts agency invoices in a different light.

But flexibility is about more than budget. Investing in an agency rather than a writer gives you access to a broader range of talents. You might use a writer experienced with DevOps to reach your solution’s users and another writer altogether to change hearts and minds in the C-suite.

It’s not just about the writing, either. The dollars you allocate to writing in the spring can shift to design in the summer and strategic planning in the fall—or nowhere in months when you don’t need the support. You may find well yourself spending fewer dollars for greater results.

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