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How to Write a Sales Pitch Email


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A carefully crafted and well-targeted sales pitch can help you win new clients, expand your company, and boost your revenue. Of course, cold emailing is crucial in any sales process, but using a sales pitch email template won’t improve your results.
The most effective sales presentations are individual, useful, and take emotions into account. Writing a sales pitch email combines psychology, art, science, and experience. Best part? We can assist you in learning how to do it thoroughly.
This comprehensive manual explains how to construct a sales pitch email using the most recent business knowledge. We offer seven sales pitch email examples to get you started, demonstrating a different sales funnel strategy and sales pitch email technique. Lastly, we demonstrate how you can use Flowrite’s sales pitch email template to boost your sales pitches.

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What exactly is a sales pitch?

A sales pitch email is a brief presentation of the key points of your service, product, or solution to a client. An effective sales pitch is short, sweet, professional, and personalized, providing readers with all the information they need to purchase or arrange a meeting.
One popular sales pitch definition is “elevator pitch by email,” which captures the essence of how but falls short of the sales pitch meaning.
The best sales emails solve a customer’s problem; an effective elevator pitch captures your market proposition.
This guide is not about creating an elevator or a sales pitch; you must do that on your own. We can, however, assist you in condensing your proposition into a clear and compelling email.

How to Create an Effective Sales Pitch

Given how many emails we delete daily, the best sales pitch is the one that is read.
Continuing on that theme, your sales pitch email is about connecting with a customer. You’re at the awareness and consideration stages of the sales funnel, so don’t push yourself too hard.
So, what constitutes a good sales pitch?
Simply put, you must capture their attention and pique their interest before launching into the hard sell and solution.
According to experts, a successful sales pitch consists of three components:
Begin with the problem: Begin with the problem rather than the solution. They may be unaware of the issue, so outline it first to pique their interest.
Adapt the pitch’s beginning to their vertical: A generic pitch serves no purpose. Make sure your pitch is tailored to the company you’re contacting. You’ll need to do some digging to find this information.
Make a bet: What if they do not solve the problem? What are the advantages of purchasing your product or service?

Sales pitch techniques

Sales pitch emails that are successful are used to attract customers and increase sales. They quickly connect with the reader by addressing a pain point, piquing their interest, or referencing previous conversations. The approach you take is determined by the sales funnel stage, with some techniques being more appropriate than others.
We have listed seven different sales pitch techniques. Here’s an explanation of what they are, how they work, and when to use them.
1. Refer to previous conversations – If you’ve previously spoken with the prospect, focus on the shared problem and how you can solve it.
2. Begin your elevator pitch by asking a question – Starting a sales pitch with a question piques our interest because we are all curious about the answer. It’s a gentle approach that works well for top-of-funnel strategies.
3. Keep it short – Another top-of-the-funnel lead generation strategy is to create a short pitch intended to start a conversation.
4. Highlight benefits rather than features – Instead of focusing on the practical aspects of the process; consider the outcomes customers will enjoy or the experience of working with you. Again, this applies to all levels of the funnel.
5. Anchor your pitch in data – Use statistics to tell a story and lead with numbers.
6. Tell a story – According to Donald Miller, using a story to sell your product can be highly effective. Create characters, a problem, and a hero (you) to solve the problem.
7. Maintain a conversational tone rather than a formal tone – Sales pitches can be informal and fun if you want them to be.

These approaches will be used in the following seven sales pitch email examples. But first, consider how to format a professional sales pitch email.

Types of email sales pitch types

All email sales pitches have one thing in common: they are designed to present a project. However, several types of email sales pitches can be classified based on a variety of factors:

Warm and cold sales pitches can be differentiated based on the previous relationship with the person to whom the email sales pitch is addressed.

The warm email sales pitch

Warm Email Sales Pitch Warm emails are sent to recipients who have already interacted with you, so this is not your first conversation with them.
The recipient of a warm email must know who you are, so it’s not a bad idea to use the first space of the email to introduce yourself and the place where you met.

The cold Email sales pitch

We will almost always send a cold sales pitch email because we have never had a first contact or presentation with our target.
In these types of pitches, gathering information about the target, such as their name, email address, company, and role within the company is critical.
Because they are unlikely to know who we are, you must establish trust in the email, which requires a good dose of personalization based on the target information that we have researched.
Aside from cold or warm emails, these sales pitches can be further classified based on the purpose of the email itself.

Lead generation

Yes, lead generation via email. This approach aims to inform your target about your project and company, establish a professional relationship, and discuss how your company can assist this target in the near or distant future.

Remember that this type of email pitch aims to generate interest in your company or product and gain a lead. You don’t want to make a quick sale.


Apart from informing your target about your project, the main goal of this type of email pitch is to establish some collaboration to carry out joint actions.
This type of email pitch is typically quite lengthy because it must include information about your project and how the collaboration would benefit theirs and key information about the collaboration itself and leave it prepared to close it.

Closing the Sale

This email sales pitch’s goal is to close a sale. You’re ready to sell, and all that remains is for both parties to agree.
Unlike the previous emails, this one must include a strong Call To Action (CTA), such as a phone number, link, or a meeting to close the sale.

How to Write an Email Sales Pitch

Here are some pointers to help you write an effective email pitch:

The subject line

Your email’s subject line is a brief statement of intent. It is the first impression that your message makes, and it can influence whether or not a recipient opens and reads your email when it arrives in their inbox.
Your subject line should be a brief, honest statement that piques the reader’s interest and fosters trust. Consider using a short question that prompts a response or a short sentence that summarises the purpose of your email. Use language that demonstrates immediate value to the recipient to optimize your subject line.

How to Write a Sales Pitch Subject

Before we write our Email Sales Pitch, we must research our target’s name, contact information, events attended, job role, and company.
From there, we can start developing the first contact, focusing on the subject line before the body text.
When our email sales pitch reaches our target’s inbox, he will be the one to decide whether or not our subject line provides enough value to open the email and get more information.
Working on an optimized sales pitch email subject line will improve the open rate exponentially and should be the first thing to work on when creating any email.
The following are the keys to writing an effective email sales pitch subject line:

Specific and concise

If we want to maximize our open rate in email sales pitches across all devices (PC, mobile, and tablets), we cannot use subject lines longer than 41 characters, which is the equivalent of 7 words in many cases.


It is not sufficient to be succinct and precise; if your subject line is succinct but too general and says nothing pertinent, your email will be marked as spam in the inbox of your target.
Not only should the body text of your email sales pitch be personalized, but so should the subject line if you want the target to open and read it.
Ask specific questions regarding your target, their line of work, or a recent event you know they attended.

Statement of purpose

The opening statement expresses the email’s intent directly. Therefore, when a recipient opens your email, it should immediately inform them of the reason for your contact. This is the first chance for a recipient to decide whether or not they want to continue reading to learn more about what you offer.
Immediately state the specific purpose of your message. Many opening sentences start with a personal connection and are frequently in the first person. Other instances of an emotional connection include mentioning the person who recommended them to you or a recent success they had.
Introducing yourself at the beginning of your sales message is unnecessary because the email will include your name above the subject line.

Body paragraphs

Like any other business email, the body of your message should contain all pertinent information and an explanation of your offer and how it will help the recipient. You can convince the reader to reflect on your initial suggestion in this section of a sales email before responding to request more information.
The body of your sales email should detail your product or service, demonstrate its value to the customer, and include research to back up your claims. An effective body section should be simple and to the point, focusing only on the most important information to pique the recipient’s interest and persuade them.


You can directly invite the user to respond to your email or arrange a phone call or meeting to discuss your offer in more detail in the closing paragraph of a sales email. It’s critical to provide a clear call to action, so customers know exactly what to do next. Include a statement or question encouraging them to contact you.


The signature includes your contact information, preferences, and availability. It is critical to include all necessary information so that the recipient has multiple ways to contact you. You can also link to your company’s website or your online profiles on social media.

Seven approaches to writing the best sales email

You probably create a lot of content as a marketer or startup owner. However, knowing what to say and how to entice your recipients to click through can be difficult. Here are seven effective techniques for writing better cold emails and increasing your email click-through rate.

Before – After – Bridge (BAB) email templates

Before– denotes a problem; “After” denotes a solution.
After – represents a perfect world without that problem;
Bridge– you must explain how to get there.
For example:
It takes time to maintain your monitor’s conformance to medical imaging standards.” Consider doing it in just a few clicks.

Email templates with features, advantages, and benefits (FAB).

Feature – What you or your service or product can do;
Advantage – Is this product or service beneficial?
Benefits – Why should someone value the advantage?
As an example:
“This vehicle is outfitted with ultrasonic sensors that allow you to park in tight spaces without risk of damage.”

Email templates for Attention – Interest – Desire – Action (AIDA).

Attraction – Draw the reader’s attention.
Interest – Once you have their attention, try to keep it. Use catchy subheadings and illustrations to present exciting and new information.
Desire – Convince them that they require your product. To generate desire, you must demonstrate that your product/service/idea can do what you claim and make prospects’ lives easier. Action- Request a response, visit your website, etc.

Problem – Agitate – Solve email templates

The idea is straightforward:
Problem -Identify your reader’s point of pain;
Agitate – Season the wound. What might happen if the problem is not resolved?
Solve – Provide a solution.
For example: “Are you losing visitors?” You are not alone; every website experiences visitor loss. However, for every customer who leaves, you lose money. [Present your product] if you want to track customer activity on your website and optimize it for better user experiences.”

Email templates for common objections

People will quickly find reasons not to read your cold email. The most common are as follows:

  • They do not have enough time;
  • They don’t have money;
  • They will not accept your offer;
  • They are not convinced;
  • They don’t require it.

Wonderful if you can overcome all of these objections. If you can solve at least one, that’s fantastic.

Email templates with a star, a chain, and a hook

Star-Introduce your product/service/idea

Chain – Provide a series of benefits, facts, testimonials, and reasons in a chain format;
Hook-Hook those with a compelling call to action.
For example:
“Use Word Press to build your website.” Then, choose the software that powers 27% of the Internet.”

Email templates for Awareness – Comprehension – Conviction – Action (ACCA).

Awareness– inform your readers about the situation or problem.
Comprehension– Assist them in comprehending how it affects them. Explain that you know how to fix the problem;
Conviction – Make your readers want to use your product or service.
Action: Request that your readers take a specific action.
For example: Strangely, follow-ups frequently do not occur because you forget. You will lose 80% of your sales if you do not follow up. It will help if you put an end to it. [Showcase your solution and request action].”

How to Begin an Email Sales Pitch

In a typical professional email, you’d start with “Dear” and either the person’s name (if you know it) or a generic greeting. On the other hand, modern sales pitch emails frequently forego traditional email greetings in favor of more casual ways to engage the reader.
The sales pitch email style determines the decision on how to begin an email.
You could use the following lines to match a simple “Hi” or “Hi< person’s name>”:
Previous conversation sales pitch– “I’m just following up with some more information on our product/service…”
Question-based sales pitch “Are you getting the best deal possible from your current service provider?”
Short sales pitch email example: “Please read this email because it will save you money.”
Data-driven sales pitch – Discover why 50% of businesses choose to work with us…”
Story-based sales pitch – Discover how other companies like yours are saving money…”
Conversational sales pitch – Sales pitch emails are right? Wrong!” pointless,

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How to End an Email Sales Pitch

A sales pitch email aims to establish a connection, so you should end it with an invitation. For instance, you might ask them to schedule a meeting, make a phone call, or send an email as a follow-up.
The seven sales pitch techniques mentioned above are used in several successful sales pitch email closing techniques. So let’s look at some examples of sales pitch closings to see how that might work.
Previous sales pitch – “I know you’re looking for a solution; let’s set up a meeting and find one for you.”
Sales pitch based on questions – “Are you still looking for an answer? You’ve discovered it. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away.”
Short sales pitch email.- Let’s arrange a call today,
Advantage-based sales pitch email  – “Let me explain why our product is the market leader during a phone call. When are you available?”
Database pitch: The data shows how much we can save you,”
Storytelling sales pitch – “The moral of the story is that we help you save money. So make a call, and we’ll turn you into a hero.”
Conversational sales pitch  – “You’ve made it this far, so you must be interested. Let’s set up a phone call to discuss it further.

Example 1 of a Sales Pitch Email:

Hello, (First Name)
It’s (Your Name); we met at (Where we met) and talked about (Prospect’s pain point).
Could you spare 10 minutes this week to discuss your company’s requirements?

Example 2 of a Sales Pitch Email:

Hi (First Name)
I’m glad we met (where you met)as I think (your company) can assist you in your efforts to achieve the (prospect’s goal).
Our software will save your sales representatives over 3 hours per week in data entry.
Do you have 10 minutes this week to discuss what these advantages mean for your company?

Example 3 of a Sales Pitch Email:

For those who have opened
These prospects were drawn to your subject line. So a follow-up attempt to learn more about their interest is worthwhile. Consider using the following template:
Hello, (First Name),
I noticed you received my message; is there any additional information I can provide? Here is a link to a case study about (benefits in your pitch email)
Check it out here: yourcompany.com/case-study-1

Example 4 of a Sales Pitch Email:

I always follow up with the same email pitch I originally sent. I added the following line to my introductory sentence.
Hello, (First Name),
I’m following up on my previous email because I want to ensure you’re aware of the (benefits your company can offer).
(Text from the original pitch)


Every sales representative should be able to write a good sales pitch. We’ve provided the foundation for learning how to write a sales pitch email in this guide.
Remember that practice makes perfect. The best sales pitch emails are created through research, trial, and error. So, as you progress, we recommend that you develop several sales pitch techniques and strategies and try them out to see what works best with your target audience.

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