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CIENCE Wins SourceForge Winter 2023 Leader and Top Performer Awards


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Leading the way in innovation, CIENCE has achieved the Winter 2023 Leader and Top Performer awards by SourceForge, the world’s largest software and services review and comparison website. These awards recognize exceptional companies and products in the top percentile of user reviews on the SourceForge website. 

“We are thrilled to receive the SourceForge Leader and Top Performer Winter 2023 awards for our GO Data products. It is a testament to our commitment to providing the best customer experience and creating products that our users love and value.”
—Eric Quanstrom, CMO at CIENCE 

To receive the Winter 2023 Leader Award, winners need to place in the top 5% of all highly rated product user reviews; to receive the Top Performer Award, recipients must place in the top 10%.

Both CIENCE GO Data, our sales intelligence platform, and CIENCE GO Digital, our programmatic ad targeting platform, received the SourceForge Leader Award for the second year in a row. 

CIENCE GO Show, our website visitor tracking software, was recognized for the first time in the Top Performer category, selected from over 60,000 reviewed products on SourceForge. 

Discover CIENCE GO Data Products

CIENCE GO Data AwardCIENCE GO Data Wins SourceForge Winter 2023 Leader and Top Performer Awards

As a SourceForge Leader, the winning CIENCE GO Data platform offers over 300 million records of leads from all industries, validated by CIENCE experts to help you find the right business contacts to match your ideal customer profile (ICP).

GO Data regularly validates millions of records through outbound outreach with up-to-date demographic and technographic records, company information, accurate email addresses, phone numbers, trigger events, specialized data points, and many others. 

With access to highly accurate data, companies are able to create customized business lists to start conversations and grow sales faster.

Here are some top reviews from customers using our GO Data platform:

Powerful Platform

“The power of the platform is limitless. With all the data—sales, prospects, contracts, and account information side by side in one place—it means we can target a campaign and know exactly where to go with it, saving time and money.” —Theresa Y., MDS, 5-star review

Exceptional Data Provider

“The quality of the data, it’s necessary to invest some time at first to set everything up but having that part sorted out is lifesaving.”
—Leah M., Marketing Manager, 4-star review


CIENCE GO Digital Award

CIENCE  GO Digital Wins SourceForge Winter 2023 Leader and Top Performer AwardsAs SourceForge Leader, CIENCE GO Digital enables marketers to deliver messages to their target audience through programmatic displays, videos, or audio ads. 

GO Digital’s advanced technology combines bidder-as-a-service (BaaS) and demand-side platform (DSP) functionality to give marketers precise and programmatic ad targeting for custom audiences. 

Unique among DSPs, GO Digital offers a system that allows buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage both ad exchange and data exchange accounts. Bundled with GO Data and GO Show, businesses can greatly increase the effectiveness of their ad and marketing campaigns. 

Here’s what CIENCE customers are loving about GO Digital:

Such a Helpful Tool

“GO Digital has been instrumental in keeping my ad campaigns running smoothly. The programmatic binding is great and the data analytic tools are so easy to use that I saved myself a lot of time and headaches. GO Digital has really helped me go digital.” —Lux L., Marketing Advisor, 5-star review

Time Saver, Game Changer

“I honestly haven’t found a tool quite like this one before. They are one step ahead in what they do always.” —Navaz, A., Marketing Manager, 4-star review 

Try CIENCE GO Digital


CIENCE GO Show Award

CIENCE GO Show Wins SourceForge Winter 2023 Leader and Top Performer Awards

Awarded a SourceForge Top Performer, CIENCE GO Show is a visual ID system that identifies anonymous traffic to your website. The GO Show software recognizes companies, then departments, seniority levels, and even individual contact details of your web visitors.

With CIENCE GO Show, you can follow up appropriately with your unconverted, formerly anonymous website audience through retargeting, outbound outreach, or nurturing campaigns. You can deliver even higher results with GO Data and GO Digital integrations

These best customer reviews feature the benefits of GO Show:


“Love their products in general, we are also using some others and are absolutely content with the results. The team that has been taking care of our needs regarding this product, is amazing and they are always there to solve any doubt we have.” —Helena D., Marketing Specialist, 5-star review 

Helpful Metrics for a Fair Price

“We’ve been skeptical to ditch our long-time analytics software until we agreed to try GO Show for a period of time, in which we were proven wrong for good, as we get more website analytics and other helpful metrics.” —Nathaniel J., Marketing Specialist, 4-star review


With the recent launches of CIENCE GO Chat (agent-enabled chatbot), GO Flow (data streamer), and GO Schedule (advanced booking software), CIENCE remains committed to achieving the all-in-one best digital solution for B2B companies.

CIENCE GO App Features

“As our CIENCE GO Data products continue to evolve, we celebrate this achievement as a SourceForge Leader and look forward to future success. As this accolade signifies, we are determined to remain at the forefront of innovation and keep delivering the best products and services to our customers.” —Eric Quanstrom, CMO at CIENCE

About SourceForge

SourceForge.net is the world’s largest software comparison directory, serving nearly thirty million users every month and featuring user reviews, product comparisons, software guides, and more. SourceForge’s mission is to help businesses find the best software to fit their needs and their budget. 

CIENCE Achievements

CIENCE has also received similar accolades from SourceForge in 2022, including the Fall Leader Award for GO Data and GO Digital, and the Summer Top Performer for GO Data. 

Keeping on the fast track, CIENCE was recently recognized for two prestigious awards in 2022, including Fortune’s Best Workplaces in Technology and the Inc. 5000 America’s Fastest Growing Companies list for the fourth year in a row—and we’re just getting started.

Leverage CIENCE GO Data Solutions

CIENCE offers a unique blend of data, software, and managed services, delivering consistent results for over 2,500 companies across more than 250 B2B industries. Looking for lead generation and data-driven sales solutions? Contact us today!


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