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14 Reasons You Should Adopt A Greyhound


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Greyhounds are known for their exceptional speed. Other than speed, they make good friends and obedient ones too. Unfortunately, not all Greyhounds have the opportunity to live in typical homes with great pet parents to take care of them. Some end up in foster homes waiting for families to adopt them and allow them to have a place to call home.

Fortunately, due to this breed’s nature of being friendly, loving, and compassionate, most people are more than willing to adopt them. So, if you’re looking forward to adopting a Greyhound, here are some reasons why you aren’t making a mistake:

1) They’re Good With For Small Spaces

While they have a reputation for their speed around the track, Greyhounds don’t necessarily require much space to be comfortable. They’re satisfied with just a tiny space for exercise. Greyhounds are happy with jogging but happier when relaxing on the couch. Hence, these pets are a perfect choice for individuals living in urban centres with limited room for high-energy dogs. Due to their slim nature, Greyhounds can perfectly fit in a tiny apartment too!

2) They Can Easily Blend In Your Active Lifestyle

A Greyhound can easily blend into your active life. They will gladly join you when going for adventures such as hiking and camping. They’re perfect for travelling, meeting new people, and exploring different environments. When adopting, be clear about your lifestyle to get an ideal match. You can quickly adopt a Greyhound with GAP NSW adoptions or other agencies and enjoy a great life together.

3) They Make Wonderful Family Pets

Greyhounds are among the gentlest dogs and make excellent pets for the entire family. These pets are clean, soft, loving, and intelligent, adapting quickly to home environments.

4) They Are Fond Of Sleeping

If you’re fond of pets that don’t move too much around the house, you might want to adopt a Greyhound. With a warm, comfortable space to lie on, a Greyhound can sleep for 16 to 18 hours a day. This aspect makes Greyhounds perfect pets for individuals who don’t like their pets moving from one corner of the house to another.

5) They Have A Great Relationship With Other Dogs

Greyhounds are well-mannered dogs, so that they can live harmoniously with fellow dogs. Though some ex-racers can be too much for tiny pets, Greyhounds are often friendly with pocket animals like Guinea pigs and cats. Greyhound rescue teams can tame temperaments to ensure this breed can live peacefully with other pets. If you own other animals and are afraid that adopting a big dog would be stressful for them, adoption centres can recommend a Greyhound that suits your lifestyle and gets along with your other pets.

6) They’re Good Mannered

Most Greyhounds are well-mannered. They are often quiet and reserved, even among guests. Also, ex-racing Greyhounds are already trained and obedient, so all you’ll have to do is adopt and develop the relationship. The hard work’s already been done for you.

7) They Don’t Require Much Grooming

Greyhounds are low-maintenance and don’t require excessive grooming.  At-home brushing and once in a while bathing are enough for them. Also, using a hand glove that features flexible rubber bristles can also keep their coat neat and clean.  Having said that, they also need warm gear for cold months since they’re linear, have short hair, and are more likely to be affected by cold weather.

8) They Make A Perfect Friend

Adopting a Greyhound equals finding a lifetime friend. These pets are known for developing strong bonds with their owners easily and quickly. After creating the bond, a Greyhound loves curling next to its owner whenever the chance arises. A Greyhound might be the perfect option if you’re interested in finding a companion.

9) You’ll Be Saving A Life

Like other rescued pets, adopting a Greyhound means providing a home for a homeless dog. Also, taking one dog from a rescue home creates room for another. You’ll be amazed to discover how adopting and rescuing a dog means to them. They’re always grateful and show it through affection.

10) They’re Healthy And Live Longer

Unlike other breeds of similar size, Greyhounds have a prolonged life expectancy of about 13 years. That said, once you adopt one, you’ll have them for a more extended period, eradicating chances of heartbreak and finding a new pet because of death. Greyhounds are also considered a healthy breed compared to others, so they’re less likely to get sick.

11) You’ll Become Part Of A Supportive Community

Pet parents who have adopted Greyhounds become part of a noble cause concerning the breed. Besides becoming a parent to a remarkable creature, you also become part of a community brought together by a single, similar quest: being there for dogs who require help. As a result, you get yourself a pet and lifetime friends who will always be there to help you with anything you might need to keep your pet happy and comfortable.

12) They’re Perfect For First Time Dog Owners

Being a first-time dog parent isn’t an easy task. There are things you need to do for its safety and health. You also need to groom and ensure it exercises enough. To make your first time as a dog parent easy, consider adopting a Greyhound. This breed is laid back and doesn’t require much to be comfortable. Therefore, they’ll make your experience good even as you prepare to have other pets in your home.

13) They’re Quiet And Composed

As stated, a Greyhound is the quietest and most composed dog breed. For this reason, it’s the perfect dog for condos and apartments. However, your Greyhound may adopt the behaviour if you already have a barking dog. To keep them well-behaved whenever you are going out, you may give them a dog toy which will keep them engaged and entertained as well.

14) They Are An Excellent Movie Companion

Are you a movie lover but frequently enjoy your favourite movies alone? If yes, you might want to adopt a Greyhound. A Greyhound will always be by your side as you enjoy watching what you love. As said earlier, this breed blends easily and quickly into lifestyles. If you’re a movie lover, your trustworthy friend will gladly enjoy watching with you. Plus, they won’t give out spoilers and talk over the film!


Greyhounds are a beautiful, composed, friendly, adaptive dog breed. If you’re considering having one, take a step further and look for an adoption centre that can help you find the perfect Greyhound to fit your lifestyle. With this breed, you’ll get yourself a pet, a friend, and a companion while making a difference in their life.

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