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Fine-tune your ABM programme for success


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By now, any B2B marketer worth their salt understands the ins and outs of Account Based Marketing. But creating an outstanding ABM programme, one that exceeds every expectation and delivers exceptional results, is a challenge that many have yet to master. Outstanding ABM programmes go far beyond the typical frameworks of a marketing campaign, blending sales and marketing, rigorous research, and highly creative and targeted messaging to inspire, engage and wow each prospect.

How can you optimise your ABM for success? Here’s our top 3 recommendations to help you ensure your ABM campaign hits the mark.


The devil is in the detail 


You wouldn’t start a road trip with an empty fuel tank so why do so many B2B marketers undertake their ABM campaign without first undertaking the right research into their audience? These insights lay the foundation for your campaign and have the power to make or break it.

It’s important to understand exactly what is happening in your prospects’ hearts, minds, and markets right now. This means utilising forensic levels of research and analysing intent data to determine your prospects’ challenges, goals, personality profiles, preferred channels, topical interests, and any other information which will support your messaging and approach – so you can select the perfect key accounts for your campaign. 

Top tip: Don’t get tunnel vision with your research. Learn as the campaign goes along and adapt your messaging and approach accordingly.


Don’t go it alone 


Whilst ‘marketing’ might be right there in the title, ABM is not just a marketing venture. Your sales teams have so much to give if you let them. Involving sales in the research process will prove invaluable in helping to gather the insights you need to identify which prospects are worth your time, energy and resources.

Your sales teams have extensive experience speaking directly to prospects, which means they have a deep understanding of their goals, challenges, common objections, and the messages that will resonate with them the most. Ensure sales and marketing are in alignment so you can harness all of these insights, and use them to inform your strategy.

Top tip: Read this tip-sheet to discover how you can generate campaign excitement with your sales team.


You can never get too personal


In the world of B2C, the rise of retargeted advertising based on online behaviour doesn’t sit right with a lot of people. In B2B, getting up close and personal with your prospects is what will make you stand out from your competitors.

Your research should provide you with a wealth of insights into your prospects’ needs, desires and challenges – so, make sure you use them! This means addressing your prospects boldly and directly, such as stating “I know you are looking for a new payroll software solution” or “I noticed you watched a webinar on reducing cybersecurity risks last week”. The key is to be candid about what you know, how you can help and why.

Top tip: Utilise intent data to develop a comprehensive understanding of your prospects’ interests, and don’t be afraid to use this information to your advantage.


Supercharge your ABM strategies 

At Really B2B, we’re experts in ABM, picking up Best use of ABM and Best use of Customer Insight at last year’s B2B Marketing Awards. From forensic levels of research, through to meticulous planning, and on to accurate ROI calculations, our team of specialists combine their knowledge and expertise to ensure the best outcomes for your business.


To discover how we can help your business to fine-tune your ABM programme for success, speak to one of our experts today on 0207 970 4123.


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