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Content Hubs: What They Are, How They’re Structured & Why You Should Use Them

A content hub is a central location where you organize content the way your buyers search for it: by topic, theme, industry, challenge, job role or even date (although in most cases, your readers care less about chronology). When you categorize your content this way, your key audiences won’t have to dig to find the best, most relevant content for them. Instead, they’ll race to your self-serve hub the next time they have a question.

Content hubs can even serve as assets themselves, gathering carefully curated content around one topic or solution. They don’t need to be comprehensive libraries.

Whatever your strategy, welcome them to your hub with an experience that’s visually attractive, expertly organized and carefully executed with the content they most want to read or experience.

The best content hubs deliver content so effortlessly that many visitors will choose to consume multiple assets, Netflix-style, in a content binge that helps move them further along the buyer’s journey.

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