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Dog Training Education Month (2023)


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Dog Training Education Month is an annual event that recognizes the importance of teaching your pet proper behaviors. This month-long celebration is an opportunity to learn more about the basics of dog training and the benefits it has for our furry friends.

Dog Training Education Month recognizes the importance of teaching your dog proper behaviors.

When is Dog Training Education Month?

Dog Training Education Month is recognized every February. The focus during Dog Training Education Month is on teaching owners how to successfully communicate with their dogs in order for them both to benefit from a healthy relationship based on trust and respect.

Ways to Recognize Dog Training Education Month

dog graduating from training class

Dog Training Education Month is an important time to recognize the hard work and dedication of professional trainers. It’s a great chance to increase awareness about canine behavior and how best to help your dog maneuver the world.

First, take the time to learn more about dog training principles. Read books from respected authors, search online for articles or blogs, or attend lectures on canine psychology. Developing a deeper understanding of canine behavior can help you fine tune your training and set your dog up for success.

Next, consider taking a dog training class. All of our dogs have been taught using positive reinforcement training, proven as an effective way to teach dogs new behaviors while also strengthening their bond with owners.

The goal of positive reinforcement dog training is to help dogs learn how to respond appropriately in different situations. Trainers use rewards such as verbal praise, food treats, toys and petting to reward desired behaviors and encourage their repetition in the future.

Has your dog already been through manners classes? Take this opportunity to teach your dog a new trick or skill. Training is a lifelong activity to help you and your dog enjoy fun time together!

Dog Training Videos

You’ll also find some great training videos online; they make it easy to train on your own schedule (and to repeat a portion if you or your dog need some extra assistance on a skill). Here are two of my YouTube favorites that I turn to repeatedly for dog training videos, from basic puppy training skills to trick training:

Dog Training by Kikopup

Trainer Emily Larlham has many excellent videos on puppy training as well as all levels of trick training. She’s even in the Guinness World Records for most tricks performed by two dogs in one minute (28!)

Larlham’s YouTube channel features over 350 videos about creating happy relationships between humans and their canine companions. With her help, even first-time dog owners can easily understand the science behind training methods and quickly learn how to train their pup in the most effective way possible.

Emily’s greatest passion lies in teaching positive reinforcement-based training techniques that reward good behavior. Her methods encourage creativity while still maintaining structure and consistency in order to get the desired results from any given situation. As an advocate for humane treatment towards animals, she always encourages patience with your pup during their learning process.

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

You might recognize Zak George from TV shows like Superfetch and Who Let the Dogs Out? “Working with people and their pets is a true passion of mine, and I believe that animals are capable of learning anything we take the time to teach them,” said Zak George at the launch of Superfetch.

You’ll find some great video series on this channel including several for new puppy owners. (I’ve been working my way through them as we train Isla!)

More Pet Holidays You Might Like!

We have a full list of annual pet holidays for dogs and cats here on DogTipper filled with holidays and observances such as these:

National Train Your Dog Month

National Fetch Day

Celebrate Shelter Pets Day

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Dog Training Education Month

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