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Kitchen Essentials You Can’t Live Without| Expobazaar


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When there were no food processors, how long did it take to chop nuts or whisk a homemade cake by hand? It doesn’t matter how amazing you are as a baker if you need the right tools. Despite this, getting all those kitchen tools can be expensive, and with so many different gadgets like kitchen cupboards or the kitchen trolley out there, it can be hard to determine which kitchen essentials are the most vital.

You spend so much time in the kitchen day in and out that it’s no wonder you’ve developed some preferences regarding the essential kitchen tools and equipment.

Chef’s Knife

chefs knife

It is a must have knife for any kitchen as it is the perfect equipment for chopping and dicing lots of vegetables at once. In addition to chopping vegetables and slicing meat, the wedge-shaped blade can be used for various tasks. Make sure you invest in a good chef’s knife and take care of it by washing it by hand and regularly honing and sharpening it.

Dishwasher-Safe Wood Cutting Board

wooden cutting board

It’s impossible to find a better cutting board than these. These boards work similarly like common wooden boards, but they can be washed   unlike wooden boards, they can be washed in the dishwasher. The kitchen will be filled with their favourite things once you buy a couple.


It doesn’t matter if you go with cast iron or non-stick, but you need a skillet in your kitchen. Most recipes require a skillet for browning meat, sautéing, or pan-frying, so you can make everything from breakfast to dinner with one. Cast iron can also be used for baking if you choose to use it.

Vegetable Peeler

Vegetable peelers come in all shapes and sizes, and we could hardly ignore them. Why were they so popular? In fine dining restaurants as well as in home kitchens, every chef and cook uses them as it makes everything easier and more efficient.

Mixing bow

mixing bowl

Mixing bowls play an important role in nearly every recipe, whether mixing cookie dough or tossing a salad. Having a variety of sizes in your cupboard is helpful since some recipes may require multiple bowls.


strainers to add in your kitchen

Strainers are a must-have for any kitchen. Great for rinsing rice, washing small quantities of herbs or vegetables, sifting flour or powdered sugar, and straining sauces. Although strainers are simple, they are very useful while cooking.

Can openers

There are many ingredients that come in cans (think canned tomatoes, beans, and soups), and you should be caught with one. It is possible to open cans without this tool, but many hacks are messy and dangerous. Keep one of these kitchen gadgets on hand rather than risk a mess or an accidental cut. Besides performing its essential function, the new-age can opener also serves as a knife sharpener, tool holder, etc.

Garlic press

garlic press

When there are multiple people to serve, no one has time to chop garlic cloves. For an easy and quick way to add more of the one-ingredient recipes, always omit; simply press and roll. Using a garlic press, cloves can also be broken down finely and evenly, ensuring a better distribution of garlic flavor throughout any dish. A similar grid of blunt pins is also commonly found on garlic presses to clean out the holes.

Sheet Pans

sheet pans

If you’re trying to make dinner on a weeknight (not to mention baking cookies), sheet pans can be a lifesaver. Such a large pan makes it easy to fit both the main and side dishes inside. These are ideal for roasting vegetables, especially when you want them to bake and crisp more than steam.

Measuring cups and spoons

measuring cups and spoon

Measuring cups and spoons are one of the most important tools you need in your kitchen. It is impossible to bake without measuring cups—both liquid and dry—and measuring spoons. Ensure you are using them all correctly (for example, do not use dry measuring cups for liquid ingredients, and vice versa).

We hope this blog will help you choose necessary tools when stocking your kitchen depending on how and what you cook most frequently. 

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