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3 Things To Do if Your Fuel Line Won’t Disconnect From Your Car


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Read this article if you are stuck and your fuel line wont disconnect despite trying all methods at your disposal.

Your vehicle engine shut down suddenly, and you observed that fuel could not enter the intake manifold.

You decided to change the fuel pump and tried to disconnect the fuel line for several hours. But won’t you know – the fuel line won’t disconnect!

Well, this incident can happen to most car owners.

It’s quite frustrating when you cannot disconnect the fuel lines. But there can be several reasons for it.

You need to use the correct size fuel line disconnect tool for the best results.

Additionally, if you are using the metal tool, you must push both lines simultaneously while pulling the tool.

Fuel Line Wont Disconnect

Why Can I Not Disconnect My Fuel Line?

The modern fuel injection system creates a need for high-pressure fuel lines in an automobile.

So you can disconnect the fuel lines only with the special tools, i.e., a fuel disconnect tool for easily disconnecting the fuel lines.

You must follow the steps below if it is hard to pop off the fuel line.

#1. Remove The Fuel Pump Fuse

You need to start the car engine and keep it in idle condition. Secondly, locate the fuel lines and fuel filters.

The fuel filter is usually present under the car hood. But sometimes, it can be on the vehicle’s rear, i.e., close to the gas tank as well.

The fuel filter is the white cylinder component, and the fuel lines will run into it.

Your next task is to release the pressure from the fuel system. You have to take out the fuel pump fuse so that the fuel pump will not operate.

Wait until the engine ceases due to a shortage of fuel. It helps in releasing pressure from the fuel line.

Allow the engine to cool, and then work on the fuel line you want to disconnect.

#2. Clean the Fuel Line Which You Wish to Disconnect

Locate the fuel line you want to disconnect and use an automobile spray cleaner to remove dust, dirt, grease, and rust.

Use eyeglasses for safety purposes while disconnecting the fuel line.

#3. Use the Fuel Line Disconnect Tool

You will observe there are two parts to the fuel line. The male part comprises a lip or ring, and the female part contains barbs with spring clips.

When the male part goes into the female, it forces the clips to open and allows the tube to get inside.

Once the tube goes inside, the spring clips hold the lip or ring and cannot come out.

You have to use the fuel line disconnect tool set for popping off the line. But always use the correct size diameter for best results.

There is an O ring that sits just near the spring clip. I recommend always using the disconnect tool straight on the connector and not by keeping it on a certain angle.

It is because it can damage the O seal ring, and you will be forced to replace it with a new one.

There are various disconnect tools in the market for scissor type or wrap-around type.

You have to buy one and take out the tool that is appropriate diameter according to the fuel line which you wish to disconnect.

Plastic Disconnect Tool with Slipper

If you use a plastic one (wrap around) with a slipper, slip it and push inward for best results.

You need other plastic disconnect tools just to connect and pull for popping off the fuel line.

Use Metal tool

You can use a metal X-type disconnecting tool for popping the fuel line.

But if you put the tool on the connector and press it hard, it may fail to disconnect because it pushes the barbs down.

You have to slightly move the female part of the fuel line, i.e., towards you. Now put the metal tool and push it inside.

But simultaneously, you need to pull the other part towards the car. You can easily disconnect the fuel line now.

Use Pliers

Use pliers if nothing works and the fuel line is severely corroded. Put the pliers on the fuel line, connect fittings and strike on the side with a hammer.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How do you release a fuel line connector?

You can release a fuel line connector by the following steps
Remove the retaining clip from the fuel line with the help of a screwdriver.
Now use a fuel line connector tool based on the size of the fuel line
Push the connection in one hand and twist the tool on the other hand.
The fuel line will disconnect now, and you must drain all the excess fuel.

#2. How do I disconnect quickly connect fuel lines?

Release pressure from the fuel line. If you don’t release pressure, then gasoline will start spreading everywhere.
Remove the retainer clip with the help of a screwdriver. Once you remove it, you will observe that the fuel line can move back and forth but cannot disconnect. It is because there are spring clips on the female part of the connector, which need to be open.
Take out the fuel line quick disconnect tool set from the market and remove one of the appropriate diameters according to the fuel line.
Slip the tool over the fuel line and press in an inward direction.
The fuel line will now automatically disconnect.

#3. How do I remove a rusted fuel line connector?

Use automotive spray cleaner on the fuel line connection to remove grease, rust, dust, and dirt.
Use pliers for pulling the disconnect tool. You cannot disconnect the fuel lines with a disconnector tool if the rust is too bad or severe.
Use pliers and keep its jaw on the quick connect fittings and hit the side of the pliers with the help of a hammer. But this method can permanently damage the fuel line. So, if nothing works, then you should try this method.

#4. What tool is used to disconnect fuel lines?

You can use a fuel line disconnect tool for disconnecting fuel lines. But before that, wear eyeglasses to protect and release fuel pressure.
Also, put some paper towels underneath the fuel line so that excess gasoline will drop on the paper towels.
Now connect the correct size plastic tool around the fuel line and pull it up. If you hear a clicking sound, then your job is done. Now your fuel line will most probably be disconnected.

#5. How do you remove a fuel line from a pinch clamp?

Drawing the fuel line with pinch pliers is relatively easy. If you want to disconnect a fuel line that does not have a shut-off valve or shut-off switch, then it’s best to use pinch pliers.
You have to insert the teeth portion of the pliers around the fuel line and squeeze it off to disconnect the fuel line.

#6. What must be done before loosening or disconnecting fuel lines?

Below are a few things you must do before loosening or disconnecting fuel lines.
Disconnect battery
Close all the ignition sources.
Drain out the fuel tank in a well-ventilated area.
If you disconnect the fuel line on a fuel injection vehicle, you need to depressurize the fuel system. You have to lose the fuel filler cap until you hear a hissing sound, which will help release pressure.
Wear eyeglasses and wrap some paper towels under the fuel line fitting.

#7. How do you release a fuel rail?

You need to release pressure from the straighter valve before connecting a pressure gauge. You must follow the steps below to release pressure from the fuel rail.
Wear eyeglasses for safety.
Put some old towels underneath the straighter valve.
Take a flat-head screwdriver and insert it into the center of the straighter valve.
It helps in releasing the fuel pressure from it.

#8. How do you release a quick disconnect?

The quick disconnect tools have a spring-loaded latching mechanism which can easily hold both halves of the fitting at a time when they are pulled.
The internal and external ends will quickly disengage when you release the sleeve.

Wrap Up

You may need to disconnect the fuel lines while replacing the fuel pump. Well, disconnecting is relatively easy if you use the appropriate size disconnecting tools.

You can follow the above procedure and easily pop off the fuel lines. If nothing works and you don’t have any tools, then take an aplastic hose.

Cut a slit in that hose and connect it to the fitting. Use force to disconnect the fuel lines. It is a relatively simple and easy trick that anyone can follow.

But suppose you don’t have any idea about the mechanical parts and don’t have technical knowledge.

In that case, I will recommend you take your vehicle to the nearby mechanic, and he will disconnect the fuel line and replace the fuel pump.

Thank you for reading!

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