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Why We Focus So Much on Client Services and Customer Experience


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Customer service is important. 

Depending on which side of the spectrum your business resides in, customer service can either lift you to new heights up or sink your business straight to the bottom of the sea. 

The statement, however, is also one of the biggest understatements in business.

No one wants to be bad at customer service on purpose. It’s simply that not every business makes a conscious commitment to their customers before they ever even meet them. 

Knowing that customer service can make or break you is one of many reasons NetLine has made customer support such a main pillar of our company’s identity and culture.

It’s because of this focus that’s allowed NetLine to be a G2 Leader in the Lead Capture category for the last five consecutive years—and we’d like to talk a bit about why it’s so important to us.

NetLine Named a G2 Fall Leader

Here are some of the results from G2’s Fall 2022 Report, specifically in the Lead Capture category: 

  • This is the 20th quarter in a row the company has been named a Leader in the Lead Capture cohort
    • The Lead Capture class consists of 35 demand-centric businesses
  • Overall, NetLine outperformed group averages in seven of G2 Grid® Report’s eight categories in the Lead Capture field
  • NetLine finished the Fall 2022 review period with a 98% rating in the Quality of Support category
    • This score bested the average score by 6%—and 11% higher than ZoomInfo
  • Thanks to our wonderful clients, NetLine’s scores in the Ease of Admin and Ease of Setup categories improved from the previous quarter

Even our Net Promoter Score rose! It’s terrific to see how consistent this industry recognition has been, but who are we kidding?

We know who the real stars are.

Thank You (Thank You, Very, Very Much)

We’ve said it numerous times, but it can never be said enough. We’re so grateful for our clients. 

It goes without saying, but without them, NetLine wouldn’t be here and any G2 Leader status would be a pipedream. 

For 28 years, we’ve made it a point to dedicate ourselves to the service of our clients and their goals. Regardless of how long they’ve worked with us, how much they choose to spend, or their level of understanding of the platform, we make it a point to deliver each and every time. 

Clearly, this has resonated with our customers, as they’ve consistently rated us as the top of G2’s Quality of Support category in our field for 20 straight quarters. 

To get a better idea of why service is part of the fabric of NetLine, we asked the brains behind the heart of the operation, Melissa Becht, our VP of client services.

“It’s always been a main philosophy”

When I asked our CEO, Robert Alvin, about how and why service came to be one of NetLine’s pillars, he was quick to point out he wasn’t the catalyst. “It was always Melissa,” he said.

Melissa Becht has seen a lot in her time at NetLine. Over the course of 17 years with the company, she’s held nearly every position within the Client Services team she now leads.

“Ensuring customer satisfaction has always been at the forefront of our core business initiatives,” Becht said. “It’s always been a main philosophy of mine and always at top of mind.”

We pay close attention to our G2 ratings and reviews. Whenever we get a new review, Melissa’s the first one the entire team hears it from. she said. “This is validated within our customer satisfaction rating.”

The way Melissa sees It, it’s vital to ensure the account management teams are monitoring and calibrating customer service quality as well as recommending campaign optimization ideas to clients on an ongoing basis. 

Having a commitment to quality across the Client Services organizations has been proven time and again by the dedication the team has to client needs and dynamic approach to problem-solving. “Without happy clients we wouldn’t have the campaigns and business we have today,” Melissa said.

A Commitment to Service

Client Services is forever focused on improving customer satisfaction and being a strategic partner to our clients. But it’s not just client services. It’s all of us.

NetLine as a whole is focused on supporting and growing relationships with clients.

As we move into 2023, we have a lot of exciting plans in the works. The entire company is eager to share all of it with you.

Until then, we’ll keep our heads down and keep working toward the same common goals we share with our clients: Doing good work that benefits everyone. 

Thank you for trusting NetLine. Here’s to another five straight years!

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