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No Power To Some Fuses In Fuse Box: 7 Reasons With Solutions


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Why is there no power to some fuses in fuse box of my car? This is one we have heard quite often, so we decided to take a look into it. Here’s our take.

If you take a moment to locate all the fuses in your car and every purpose they serve in the machine, you will probably be left tired and confused. 

It can happen that sometimes all the fuses in your car’s fuse box are not getting power due to an internal issue. Why does this happen, and how do you solve it?

Today, let us tell you about what are some of the issues your car might face with fuses and what you can do about it. 

No Power To Some Fuses In Fuse Box

Why Is There No Power To Certain Fuses?

Every car has a fuse panel, just like a house’s electric panel, that contains all the fuses in one place and draws power from the car’s battery. 

All the fuses are connected with separate power wires that keep them in working order. 

Since there are individual fuses for every appliance, sometimes, the smallest disturbances can cause a fuse to lose power. 

Here are some of the major reasons that all the fuses are not getting power:

  • Damage to the starter relay
  • A malfunctioning fuse box
  • Any kind of electrical issue
  • Dead battery
  • Wiring issues within and outside of the fuse block
  • A damaged accessory fuse
  • Faulty ignition fuse
  • Problem with the circuit breaker

Now that you know what the possible causes of certain fuses losing power are, you may be thinking it is a dumb question to ask the reason behind any of them. 

But it is not! 

The electrical system of a car may be confusing, and every vehicle owner should know the basics of how the system works so that they can work on the repairs accordingly. 

Some Fuses Losing Power – Reasons

There are a number of reasons which can cause some of the fuses in your car’s fuse box to lose power. 

Knowing the exact one may be difficult, but it will make sure that you go forward with the right repair method. 

Here are the principal reasons that you should know about:

Starter relay issue

If there is one component that affects the power going to fuses, it is the starter relay. 

If the starter relay is malfunctioning in your car, the first sign is usually some of the fuses not getting enough power. This problem can also be seen affecting the start fuse directly.

A malfunctioning fuse box

There are times when the fuse box is a problem in itself. When the fuse block is getting damaged in some way, it will obviously affect the power supply to all the fuses. 

It might happen that some of the fuses will not receive any power at all. The fuse box could be damaged accidentally or due to an internal electrical issue. 

Any kind of electrical issue

The most basic thing that you need to check when it comes to fuses and fuse box is any internal electrical issues. 

Faulty wiring, wiring issues between fuses, a problem in the external wiring, or wiring with the battery – all of these can be the basic reasons for fuses not receiving power. 

Checking for electrical problems can help you pinpoint the issue with the fuse. 

Dead battery

The battery is the main source of power for all the fuses in a car. 

If there is an issue with the battery or the battery terminals are disconnected in some way, a few fuses may start malfunctioning. 

The positive terminals of the battery are directly connected to the fuse with a single wire, and a loose wire could cause the fuse to have no power. 

Wiring Issues

One of the most common troubles for power fuses is the wiring of all the fuses.

There is a metal sheet that has all the wires interconnected, and if one is disrupted in some way, the others can get affected easily. 

If any fuse contacts are broken, they will stop receiving power from the battery. 

A damaged accessory fuse

If there is a bad accessory fuse or accessory power relay, the other fuses of your car might start getting affected. 

There are often wiring issues caused by a faulty accessory fuse which results in the fuse not receiving enough power. 

You should also check the circuit breaker for any kind of additional damage. 

Faulty ignition fuse

The ignition fuse of the car is the first fuse that draws power from the battery to get the car started. 

In most cases, if the battery and wiring do not seem to cause trouble, it is the ignition fuse that has the main issue. 

You can check whether the fuse is blown or not to see if it is causing the problem in the fuse box.

How To Fix The Problem?

When there is a major electrical issue in the car, the first step is to head straight to the mechanic. 

Qualified professionals will know exactly what to do and how the fuse power issue needs to be dealt with. But if you want to take a chance at fixing the problem, here is what you can do.

Battery problems:

If you have checked the voltage and terminals of your car’s battery, you should be able to determine whether the fuse problem is because of this. 

Check for a dead battery or problems with voltage. This will tell you whether you have to get the battery replaced or simply reconnect the fuse wire. 

Wiring problems

If you have found a problem with the wiring of the fuses, find the red wire that mainly connects the fuses to the battery. 

Replacing or reconnecting this wire can solve the wiring problem of the fuses. 

Problems with the ignition fuse

If you have found a problem with the ignition fuse, it is likely because of a blown fuse. All you have to do is replace the fuse to get it working again. 

Fixing the bad fuse will make sure that all other fuses are getting enough power to get them working again. Turn the ignition switch on to see whether the new fuse is working. 

Issues with the starter relay

One of the basic problems of fuse power, you can test the starter relay and check whether there is an audible clicking sound. 

Try replacing the relay to sort out the basic problem with the fuse by connecting the pins of the relay to a new component. 

Problems with fuse box

If you find a problem with the main fuse box, try to pull out the box from underneath the dashboard and check for damage. 

If you see there is an individual problem, focus on those fuses. You could also change the entire fusebox, which will likely be a better and more economical idea. 

Accessory power relay

Replacing the accessory power relay in the car can be an easy idea to solve the problem with this component. 

The new relay will allow the power to travel to all other fuses and keep the system in order. 

Electrical problems

Make sure to check for all the electric and wiring connections when it comes to checking the fuse situation.

 This will help you understand where your fuse is actually going wrong and if there is any way to solve it by yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some of my fuses not getting power?

There are a number of issues why your fuses are not getting enough power. 
Some of these include faulty wiring, a damaged fuse box, individual bad fuses, or faulty starter relay. 
The problem has to be specified if you are trying to get it repaired. 

What gives power to the fuse box?

The fuse box in a car is directly powered by the car’s battery. It is connected to the positive terminal of the battery, which enables all the switches to be powered. 
All the fuse wires are further connected to the appliances in the car that need protection from any kind of electrical damage.

Can a fuse fail without blowing?

Yes, in cases of automobile fuses, they may go bad without blowing. This can happen due to the fuses corroding in certain places and will not be able to receive power properly. 
While it is rare, you can tell by checking the fuse and its ability to draw power from the battery that it is failing and should be replaced. 

How do you know if fuses are bad?

You can check a bad fuse by removing it from the fuse holder. Check the fuse wire, whether they are a gap in the wire or if it is intact. 
If there is a gap or smear in the fuse, you should know that the fuse is broken and needs to be replaced. 


The fuse box in your car is extremely important to keep all the parts in working order. So there should be no roubles with the fuses receiving power and staying in the correct order. 

It is important that you keep an eye out for any issues and solve the problems as soon as they arise in your fuse box. 

Thank you for reading!

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