Industry digital marketingArticle postingHow Office Dogs Can Help Boost Businesses – P.L.A.Y.

How Office Dogs Can Help Boost Businesses – P.L.A.Y.


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By Indiana Lee on May 1, 2023

When most pet owners leave for work in the morning, they’re forced to say goodbye to their pup and drive to the office. Imagine if you could bring your dog with you and not only keep it by your side but also boost business at the same time. This is possible with the right strategy and expectations. Your furry friend will not only improve the morale around the office, but they could do their part to increase your revenue.

Today, we will talk about several reasons why business managers should allow employees to bring dogs to work, why they can be good for business, and the steps you can take to reward your pooch for a hard day’s work.

Decrease Employee Stress

The first step to boosting revenue and sales at any business is to have a motivated, happy, and stress-free team at work. There are several proven ways to reduce stress at work, such as  providing paid  time off,  great health insurance, and an occasional free lunch can all help to reduce anxiety. But business managers that are on the fence about implementing a dog-friendly policy should consider the benefits of bringing employee retention and relaxation to the next level.

For instance, one way management can help the team is by incorporating dogs into moments of relaxation. What better way to feel warm and fuzzy than to take your lunch or a 15-minute break and use that time to pet or play with your dog?

Another way to reduce stress at work is to stay active whenever we can get away from our desks. We often want to exercise more but may need an excuse to get up and move. Well, when your employee’s dog needs walks and potty breaks, they have no reason not to get outside and breathe some fresh air. Once they get outside, they can spend some time playing fetch with a ball or frisbee, and their stress will melt away. When they return to work, they’ll feel relaxed and motivated to take on the rest of the day.

While the benefits of having dogs in the office may make the idea seem like a no-brainer, it’s important to consider how you can make your office dog-friendly. Consider having a dedicated feeding area that can be easily cleaned up and is  away from heavy trafficked areas. Be sure to pet-proof your office so any visiting dogs cannot get into anything they shouldn’t. Make sure that you have policies around what types of training a dog must have in order to be present in the office. Finally, you also need to take your employees’ feelings and concerns into account. You may need to have areas in your office where no dogs are allowed, or limit the number of dogs allowed in the office at one time. Consulting with your employees’ beforehand will allow for your dog-friendly office to work best for everyone.

Increase Employee Happiness

In addition to reducing employee stress, allowing employees to bring their dogs in can also make them happier while on the job. Workers will be thrilled to bring their dogs to work because they can spend all day with their best friends. Plus, when the pet is there with them, and they don’t need to pay for pet sitters, dog walkers, and kennel costs, they will save money and be even more jovial.

When people are happy at work, they tend to perform better and have more pride in their jobs because they’re actually glad to be there. If you’re hiring and looking for qualified candidates, you could attract a wider applicant pool when you make it clear on the job postings that you allow dogs. Customers will be more willing to return to a company when its employees are happy and eager to assist.

Use Dogs In Your Marketing

While it can be easy to see the perks of having a dog in the office for morale, you may not realize that your pooch could actually become the face of your organization. It may seem strange initially, but you could use your dog as your mascot or a character that appears in your marketing materials on social media and at trade shows to bring in new customers.

Think about it. To create a well-constructed social media marketing strategy, you must have a way to make your commercials and ads appear authentic, and a dog can deliver that. When customers see that your organization is operated by people who have real lives and own pets, they may find you to be more relatable, and they could be more likely to spend money with your organization. People also seek an emotional connection, so play to that strength. Produce a behind-the-scenes video of your employees playing and engaging with their dogs. Customers who also have dogs or wish to have one someday will be drawn to that type of content. Your ad may pull on their heartstrings and encourage them to check out your company.

You can incorporate your dog into your social media and advertisements in several ways. It’s easier if you’re selling pet products specific to dogs, and you can show your puppy in the post. However, you can advertise just about any other product and have your dog either interact with the item or just be there to add character to the shot.

You can use your dog in many different social media posts, including the following ideas:

  • Share a picture of your dog with an inspirational or funny quote.
  • Share pet tips.
  • Share how-to posts.
  • Show pictures of dogs.
  • Share a funny video of a dog with your product.
  • Share a picture of a dog riding on your product.
  • Make your dog talk with text or voiceovers.

Let Them Entertain Your Guests

If your company includes the use of a showroom or there’s a lobby where customers come in to do their business, then you can try to use dogs to keep them entertained or put them in a better mood. Their presence could be enough to take the edge off of a business exchange.  

Even if the employees at your business do not own pets, it may be a smart idea to have a “pets allowed” policy where customers can bring their dogs in as they use your services. Many people take their dogs with them when they run their errands. If they have a choice between your company that allows pets and a competitor that doesn’t, then choosing you may be a no-brainer.

Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy At Work

In the case that you do incorporate dogs into your business model and allow employees to bring them to the office, be sure to reward the pups and repay them for their help. Even if you’re having a busy day at work, there are still ways to show your dog the love they deserve while they’re hanging around the office.

For starters, check their bowls and ensure they have enough food and water to keep them full and hydrated during long days. Also, even if you are in the middle of a major project, there’s really no excuse to ignore your pup. Make it a point to take a quick break to show your dog some affection with a hug or a rub under the chin or behind the ear.


In the end, there are many reasons why business owners should heavily consider the idea of letting dogs inside their companies, even if it’s on a part-time basis. While it won’t be for everyone, it’s a wise decision that could put your employees at ease and increase your sales numbers.

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