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5 Ways to Fix It


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If your sunroof is stuck open, it can be a big problem, especially if you are expecting snow or rain. Let’s look at what you can do about it.

The sunroof is one of the best accessories in most car models. They are present on the car roof and allow extra light and air to enter the passenger cabin.

But if your sunroof is stuck open on a windy or rainy day, it will allow water, dust, and debris to enter the car cabin, which is quite annoying and frustrating.

There can be various reasons behind the problem. For instance, if there is an issue with the sunroof motor, you will face the problem. Additionally, if so much dust and dirt get collected on the track, then the sunroof will not close.

Sunroof Is Stuck Open

What Is A Sunroof?

The sunroof is located on the roof of the car. It features a transparent glass panel that opens and closes with a single button. It has mainly two purposes. The first is to allow fresh air into the car cabin, and the second is to enable the sunlight to get inside the car.

Versions Of Sunroof

#1. Pop Of Sunroof

Pop of sunroof is one of the easy options that the car manufacturer can add. It has no motor or any moving parts. There are simple locks that hold the sunroof glass panel in its position. You can tilt the glass to allow the fresh air inside the car cabin or simply detach it and keep it on the trunk.

#2. Spoiler Sunroof

The spoiler sunroof allows you to tilt like the pop of a sunroof. You can slide it and allow fresh air to enter inside the passenger seats. But the sunroof will open only 60 percent, which can be inconvenient for some people. Spoiler sunroofs are usually factory-fitted or fitted in most cars during manufacturing.

#3.Inbuilt Sunroof

The inbuilt sunroof is entirely different from the above two sunroofs. It opens entirely, which gives a nice view from inside and outside. You can even use the tilt button for popping the car’s rear sunroof. This type of sunroof is usually observed in large and expensive cars.

#4. Panoramic Sunroofs

You will find numerous glass panels in panoramic sunroofs. In some designs, there are only two glass panels, from which one is fixed, and the other is movable.

How To Fix A Sunroof That Is Stuck Open In Car?

The sunroofs in most vehicles are automatic, i.e., they open and close with the help of a sunroof switch. But it can get stuck open because of mechanical or electrical issues.

The mechanical issues include damaged motor or gears inside the motor. Sometimes a broken component prevents the sunroof from closing correctly. The electrical issues include problems with sunroof cables.

You can close your automatic sunroof manually by removing the center console. Take a screwdriver and rotate it on the hole present inside the sunroof motor. You will find that sunroof is easily closing.

But that is a temporary fix. In order to have a permanent fix, you need to find the exact cause which is hindering to close of the sunroof in the vehicle. Let’s discuss this below.

#1. Check The Fuse Of the Sunroof

Many fuses are inside your car to protect a circuit or wires whenever there is a short circuit. The fuse blows in such a case and doesn’t allow the excess current to flow through the circuit and electrical cables.

So, your first duty will be to locate the electrical fuse of the sunroof. Remember, if it has blown away, it is the reason for the stuck sunroof.


  • Park your car in a safe place.
  • Engage the parking or emergency brake.
  • Switch off your engine.
  • See your car manual to find the exact location of the sunroof fuse.
  • In most vehicles, you will usually find a sunroof fuse near the car battery.
  • Check the fuse with the help of a light.
  • If the filament is damaged, you must replace the sunroof fuse. Remember, if you find a small crack in the filament, then that also indicates a blowing fuse.
  • But if the fuse is functional, then check the sunroof motor.

#2. Check Sunroof Motor

Issues in the sunroof motor can be the reason for the sunroof to remain open in your car. So, if the fuse is in perfect condition, your next duty will be to check the motor. But for which you need to open the center console of your vehicle. It is usually located on the car roof and between the driver and passenger seats.

  • Remove the two screws with a T25 drill bit screwdriver and pull the center console by your hand.
  • You will find the three bolts holds which hold the sunroof motor.
  • You can use a T20 drill bit screwdriver or hex key to remove the motor.
  • Keep all the screws in a safe position to reinstall the motor properly.
  • Disconnect the wiring harness, and the motor will be removed.
  • In some car models, you will find the sunroof motor just by removing the center console, while in other models, the sunroof motor is present deep inside the roof liner. In such a case, you must lose the roof liner to find the sunroof motor.
  • Check the gears inside the motor. If they are damaged, then you need to replace them.
  • Simultaneously check the wires that are connected to the sunroof motor. There may be a short circuit that prevents the electricity from reaching the motor and stops the sunroof from closing effectively.
  • Take a multimeter and test the electric wires and switches.
  • If the multimeter shows no resistance, the electrical cables are in good condition, but if it shows high resistance, there are issues with the cables.
  • The computer inside the electric sunroof motor can also have issues with which the sunroom can remain open in the vehicle. In such cases, you need to change the electric motor.

Well, to replace the motor, you need to follow the below steps

  • Remove all the screws that are connected to the motor
  • Disconnect all the wires that are connected to the sunroof motor.
  • Now connect the cables to the newly purchased sunroof motor.
  • Install the screws on the new electric motor.
  • You can rest the sunroof by looking at your car manual and then checking the sunroof.

#3. Dirt Present In Sunroof Track

The sunroof slides on the sunroof tracks. But unfortunately, dust and dirt can get collected on the track with time because the sunroof track is always open to the outside atmosphere. In some car models, some sensors will detect if there is dust and dirt present on the sunroof tracks and prevents the sunroof from sliding.

You can clean the sunroof track by following the steps.

  • Park your car in a safe place and engage the parking brake.
  • Use a vacuum to clean the tracks of the sunroof.
  • Now hold the vacuum in one hand and the toothbrush in the other hand. You can use a vacuum all over the sunroof track to remove debris and dust and brush the track with the toothbrush. Don’t use a stiff, bristle brush for cleaning the sunroof track.
  • Now take an old clean cloth and put some degreaser on it. Wipe all over the sunroof track to make it clean.
  • Never use paper towels for cleaning sunroof tracks because the paper particle can get stuck inside the track, and later you need to remove them.
  • Now use rubber grease on the track to lubricate the sunroof track.
  • Open and close the sunroof so the grease will spread all over the track.
  • Don’t use a lot of grease; otherwise, the sunroof glass will get dirty.

#4. Investigate The Lift Arms

You need to look at the lift arms by removing the glass from the sunroof. Sometimes the guides can get remain stuck in the open position. If this is your case, take a screwdriver and move the guide slightly so the lift arms can move properly. Now put the sunroof glass back in its position.

#5. Check The Sunroof Cables

Sometimes the sunroof cables can block the lift arm and guides, and thus the lift arm cannot move properly.

If this is the case, you must remove the J plate and align the cables properly so that it will no longer block the lift arms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you manually close a power sunroof?

You can manually close the power sunroof in the following ways.
You need to remove the center console, as a sunroof motor will be inside it.
Take a screwdriver and rotate it on the hole present in the motor.
You will find that sunroof will close easily.

Why is my sunroof stuck open?

Your sunroof can get stuck open for mainly two reasons, i.e., lack of power and dirt accumulated on the sunroof tracks.
Most of the vehicles are equipped with an automatic sunroof. When the cables get worn out, or the electric motor gets damaged, the sunroof cannot receive power and hence can be stuck open. You need to inspect the motor and cables and, if required, replace them.
You must also clean the sunroof track first with the vacuum and then with a degreaser. You have to then use rubber grease for lubricating the sunroof track.

How do I reset my sunroof?

You need to reset the sunroof when you have just replaced the sunroof fuse or sunroof motor. Additionally, if the 12-volt battery in your car is discharged or the auto sunroof switch button is not functioning correctly, you have to reset the sunroof.
To reset the sunroof, you need to follow the methods below.
Try to perform the reset procedure when your car’s ignition key is switched on.
The sunroof glass should be closed in your vehicle. Try to push the switch forward if it is not closed and release it when it is completely closed.
You need to push the sunroof switch forward and allow the sunroof to move slightly and then release, which may take almost 10 seconds.
You have to push the switch again, and within three seconds and within it, the sunroof will slide, move and close. You can then release the sunroof button.
Repeat the procedure if you cannot do it within this time period.

Why is my panoramic sunroof not closing?

There can be a few possible reasons if your panoramic sunroof is not closing. We are listing them below.
Dirt accumulation on the sunroof tracks
Broken motor
Dirt accumulates on the gears.
Damaged sunroof cables
Blown sunroof fuse

Wrap Up

The sunroof is one of the modern and cool accessories present in cars. But if it is stuck open, then you will face significant problems.

We have discussed some possible reasons for the sunroof to stay open. But if you don’t have technical skills or are unaware of vehicle parts, you should take your vehicle to the nearest mechanic. He will detect the root cause and try to resolve the problem.

Thank you for reading this article. You may also like to read about what to do if your sun visor does not stay up!

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