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AI Content Marketing: How To Maximize Your ROI From Content


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In today’s competitive digital landscape, businesses are constantly striving for efficient and effective ways to engage and convert their target audience.

AI content marketing has emerged as a game-changing solution, enabling businesses to create and distribute tailored, high-quality content at scale.

In this article, we’ll explore the powerful tools and techniques AI offers, and how you can leverage them to revolutionize your content marketing strategies, enhance audience engagement, and ultimately drive business growth.

What is AI Content Marketing

AI Content marketing refers to the use of artificial intelligence technologies and AI-powered tools to create, optimize, and distribute as well as automate tasks to reach and engage your target audience.

It helps you to streamline and automate content marketing processes, improve productivity, save time, and improve quality, resulting in better outcomes with fewer resources.

The AI content marketing approach improves your content marketing strategies and tactics by utilizing AI-powered algorithms, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning to analyze data, automate tasks, personalize content, and provide relevant content suggestions to your needs and target audience.

5 Biggest AI Content Marketing Benefits

AI Content Marketing is a powerful approach to improve and streamline your content marketing processes, scale your content production and business, and improve the quality of your content and it provides many more benefits.

AI will soon become the very standard of using it for content production and in most cases, content marketers are already using some AI technologies to improve the quality of content.

However, there are many more benefits of AI being used for content marketing and while it’s impossible to share all of them, here are the biggest AI content marketing benefits I think will have the biggest impact on how we do content marketing:

Benefit #1: Improved Efficiency and Productivity

One of the best things about using AI in content marketing is the ability how to boost your efficiency and productivity.

Content production on its own is a very tedious and time-consuming task and AI can help you save a lot of your time and resources by helping you streamline some of the content marketing tasks.

For example, AI content marketing tools can help you with keyword research, topic discovery, creating content briefs, repurposing your content, getting through writer’s block, and improving content generation and curation.

using AI content marketing improves efficiency and productivity

AI in content marketing will help you shorten the time you spend when you are producing, optimizing, and distributing your content to achieve better results with less.

Additionally, AI tools are excellent for producing and optimizing content for search engines, helping you create SEO-friendly content to rank higher and get more search visibility.

AI tools are also excellent in analyzing your data and provide you quickly with valuable insights to improve your content marketing.

And there are many more ways how AI can improve your efficiency and productivity and by embracing AI content marketing, you can work smarter, not harder. It allows you to focus on what you do best – creating engaging content.

Benefit #2: Enhanced Creativity and Content Generation

Another AI content marketing benefit is that it helps you to improve your creativity and rapidly boost your content generation effort.

With AI advanced algorithms and NLP, it can better understand language patterns, analyze a vast amount of content from different sources such as websites, forums, videos, social media, and others, and provide creative and unique content ideas.

AI content marketing tools can also help you produce outlines, write or suggest content ideas for different platforms, and even write parts or the entire article based on your input and preferences.

Additionally, AI can help you with producing content for different formats like images, videos, interactive elements, articles, and more to level up your content marketing production.

AI content marketing enhances your creativity and content production

Of course, depending only on AI to create your content will not result in desired results instead it should be used as a content assistant.

All this can further improve the quality of your content and provide the extra information to differentiate yourself from the competitors.

Benefit #3: Improved Personalization and Audience Targeting

Another excellent AI content marketing benefit is that it allows you to improve your personalization and audience targeting and get it to whole another level.

Statistics show that 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that provides a tailored experience and 70% of consumers say that how well a company understands their individual needs impacts their loyalty.

80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that provides a tailored experience statistics

Additionally, 42% of customers are frustrated by impersonalized content and 72% of customers will only engage with personalized messaging.

72% of customers will only engage with personalized messaging statistics

With that, personalization is no longer a luxury, but a standard that your customers are expecting when they share their contact information with you.

And AI content marketing can help you improve your content personalization and targeting.

First of all, AI content marketing tools can help you analyze your audience data and identify patterns and trends that you can use to tailor your content to their needs and desires.

Secondly, AI can assist you in generating more content, such as email lead nurturing sequences, enabling you to create content for smaller, more targeted segments. This leads to highly personalized content tailored for key groups within your target audience.

AI content marketing benefits to create more personalized content

And thirdly, AI can help you personalize your content at scale by providing it with relevant information to create personalized content.

For example, you can use ChatGPT in your Google Sheets where you create a list of blogger outreach prospects with relevant information and let ChatGPT to create personalized emails to each prospect based on your preferences.

ai content marketing benefits example of personalized outreach at scale

Benefit #4: Improved ROI and Scalability

The next AI content marketing benefit is that it helps you to maximize your return on investment (ROI) and scale your marketing efforts more easily even with a smaller marketing team or even if you are alone.

AI content marketing tools allow you to produce, optimize, and repurpose your content much faster than if you would have to do it alone.

For example, you can easily repurpose your blog articles into many different social media posts, videos, forum posts, and other formats much faster than you would do it manually.

All this will allow you to scale your content production, resulting in bigger brand awareness for your company and higher ROI from your marketing personnel, content assets, and marketing efforts.

Benefit #5: Better Data-Driven Decision Making

And the final AI content marketing benefit I want to mention is that it allows you to make better data-driven decisions for your business, content marketing, SEO, PPC, and other digital marketing aspects.

In general, one of the biggest impacts of AI digital marketing is that it allows you to analyze vast amounts of online data from various sources, like website analytics, social media metrics, and customer interactions, to give you a comprehensive understanding of your audience and their behavior.

Based on this you can make a much better decision.

For example, Google Analytics 4 is already using AI in that, and it can provide you with relevant insights and recommendations.

Google Analytics 4 AI recommendation example of AI content marketing benefits

And of course, there are more advanced AI digital marketing tools that are powered by AI to analyze your data and provide impactful insights into your data.

And by using some of these tools, you’re more likely to create content that resonates with your audience as well as continually improve your content marketing strategy to achieve better marketing results.

Use Cases of AI in Content Marketing

AI in Content Marketing has countless use cases of how it can streamline your content marketing processes, improve your workflows, content generation, curation, repurposing, and distribution, and how it can improve the overall results of your content marketing efforts.

Here are some of my favorite use cases and content marketing best practices using AI technology:

Easily Repurpose Your Content into Different Formats

As I have already mentioned AI is excellent at repurposing your content into different types of content.

For example, I am repurposing my blog posts into social media posts, YouTube videos, YouTube shorts, and newsletter emails.

AI content marketing benefits repurpose content

And AI made this super easy and fast as it allows me to quickly pick up important segments within my article and let it be rewritten to fit it to different formats.

For example in my article on contextual backlinks, I have a section where I explain the benefits of contextual backlinks which I could repurpose into different formats such as:

example of repurposing content with ai content marketing
  • Email newsletter: I can easily create 1-2 email newsletters where I explain the overall benefits of contextual backlinks and 1 email to deep dive into the benefits.
  • Social Media Posts: I can easily create 1-5 social media posts to explain the overall benefits of contextual backlinks and then deep dive into each benefit.
  • YouTube Shorts: I can easily create 1 shorter version of this explaining the overall benefit of contextual backlinks.
  • YouTube Video: I can then take the entire article, little bit rewrite it, shorten it, and create a video out of that.

With that repurposing content is one of the most important content marketing strategies you can implement to maximize your marketing efforts with minimum extra effort to get more out of your already existing content and AI technology makes it now even easier!

Produce More Content Across Different Platforms

Another great use case of using AI in content marketing is to produce more content across different platforms to increase your brand awareness and drive more leads/sales for your business.

AI content generation is on the rise and while content marketers and content creators should not depend on it or even let it create the entire content for them, it can speed up the process of content creation for any marketing channel.

AI technology is an excellent assistant when it comes to content generation and thanks to that, current marketing teams can produce more content, and expand their marketing effort to reach more of their audiences across different platforms.

For example, I can use the Copy AI carousel post to help me produce new content based on my ideas, thoughts, or even interesting information I have found online that I want to share with my subscribers.

building carousel in copy ai using ai content marketing to produce more content

For me, using AI technology like Copy AI helps me to generate B2B leads from social media for my consulting services as well as produce well optimize content for each platform.

Improve Your ChatBots

ChatBots are one of the big B2C and B2B digital marketing trends and by using AI technology, they can finally become helpful and provide relevant help to users and businesses.

Up until now training ChatBots is one of the most tedious and in my opinion annoying tasks that often yield very little results due to their very limited capabilities.

However, chatbots can help businesses save up to 30% on their customer support costs by reducing the need for human agents and increasing the efficiency of service delivery.

But by using AI technologies like NLP and Machine Learning, training and building bots becomes much easier and more intuitive and it allows the chatbots to become more conversational and useful.

For example, Microsoft Power Virtual Agent is a ChatBot powered by Microsoft ChatGPT technology that enables quick training of the chatbot and it allows it to provide relevant content and information right from the website, and even collect prospect important information.

The demand for chatbot services is growing rapidly, as 67% of worldwide consumers interacted with a chatbot to get customer support over the past 12 months.

Soon, chatbots will become what we had envisioned 5-10 years ago, and I’m finally starting to feel excited about interacting with them on websites.

Because until now, they had only made me upset, frustrated, a breaking my keyboard.

Improve Your Email Personalization

Now before you start assuming email marketing is dead or will be dead because of AI or other technologies, then you are dead wrong.

Email marketing will become even more effective than currently is. According to my latest research, the ROI is still around $44 per every dollar spent on this technology.


And email marketing infused with AI will become an even more profitable, powerful, and effective content marketing strategy.

AI email marketing will allow us to push the boundaries of personalization at scale to a new level just by being able to create more email content in general.

Personalization at scale is crucial for email marketing success, as subscriber segmentation is one of the most effective email marketing campaign tactics, followed by message personalization and email automation campaigns.

Therefore you will be able to create emails for smaller, more targeted segments resulting in better personalization.

ai content marketing email personalization allows you to create content for smaller more targeted segments

Additionally, you will be able to create more A/B tests, better optimize your messaging and email copy, and test more ways to improve your email marketing results.

The results of email personalization are evident, as 77% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months and email personalization is one of the top B2C and B2B content marketing trends.

In summary, email personalization is one of the most effective email marketing tactics but with AI in email marketing, we will be able to create a more personalized email experience and improve testing which ultimately can lead to more ROI and revenue.

Produce Better Quality SEO Content

AI in SEO will be another excellent use case for how we can improve your content marketing strategy by producing faster and better quality SEO content.

A survey by Gartner found that 30% of AI adopters cited a 6-10% increase in revenue after implementing the technology.

So whether you are an affiliate marketer, blogging for business, creating SEO-friendly products, services, or category pages, or creating any other SEO content on your website, AI technology will improve the way how we create SEO-friendly webpages.

Moreover, AI is becoming more mainstream and accessible for SEO purposes. As of 2019, 37% of organizations have already used AI in some form to optimize business operations, according to another survey by Gartner.

For example, right from the beginning, AI in blogging is very helpful when you are doing keyword research, because it can give you relevant seed keywords or topic clusters to any industry on which you can quickly start your keyword research.

example of AI helping with keyword research for ai content marketing

Then it will be able to further help you with content gap analysis by analyzing your content and compared with your competitors.

AI technology can also improve your content optimization by including relevant SEO keywords, providing relevant suggestions, rewrite sentences to improve semantic SEO, and internal linking structure.

And even help you with updating your old content by looking at current ranking keywords and how you can include these keywords to improve that content to rank better.

And there are so many more ways how you will be able to use AI SEO and AI blogging to drive better results for your website or your clients from B2C or B2B blogging and product, service, and category pages.

And what I have mentioned here is not even scratching the surface.

Improve the Grammar and Clarity of Your Content

And the last, and probably the most obvious use case of using AI in content marketing is to improve grammar, avoid plagiarism, improve clarity, and even provide relevant references.

AI-powered writing assistants are your best friend when it comes to catching and fixing grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation issues. With their help, your content comes across as professional and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

One of the coolest things AI tools can do is analyze your content’s readability and suggest ways to improve sentence structure and word choice.

The result? Your content is clearer, more accessible, and engaging to a wider audience.

Now, originality is the name of the game, and AI-driven plagiarism checkers help you ensure that your content is unique and free from duplication.

AI can also be your research assistant, recommending relevant sources and references to back up your content. This adds credibility and authority to your writing, making your audience trust your insights more.

But why does grammar matter so much?

Research shows that people who use language accurately are more likely to be considered credible and trustworthy, while those who don’t are judged as sloppy or uneducated.

That means that grammar can make or break your reputation and influence as a content marketer

So there you have it, the many ways AI can step up your content game. By leveraging AI-powered tools, you can create more polished and engaging content that resonates with your audience and drives better results for your marketing efforts.

Challenges of Using AI for Content Marketing

AI has revolutionized the way how many industries, businesses, and departments do business processes and content marketing is not any different.

In fact, I would argue that content marketing is one of the most affected industries by AI!

A CMSWire report found that content marketing is one of the top areas where marketers are using AI, especially for creating data-driven content, predicting winning creative, choosing keywords and topic clusters, and optimizing website content.

However, because it’s a relatively new technology and the general public had access to AI only for a short while, it also represents some challenges in content marketing.

Here are some AI content marketing challenges:

Quality of Information

One of the biggest AI challenges in content marketing is to ensure you are providing high-quality information within the content that are true.

AI systems are trained on massive amounts of data sets and sometimes they can produce content with factual inaccuracies, outdated information, or even totally make stuff up.

For example, as said by HubSpot, An AI content creation tool might invent fictional details or events that are not based on reality, such as names, dates, or locations.

Therefore subject matter experts must always overlook content production when using AI technology for content marketing to avoid such issues.

Balancing the Use of AI for SEO Content

Content marketing plays a critical role in SEO, helping to drive traffic and improve visibility.

And using AI SEO tools such as Jasper, SurferSEO, or Copy AI is an excellent way to improve the SEO part of the content.

But it can also very negatively affect your SEO strategy, especially your blog SEO if not used correctly.

When using AI marketing tools to produce content, you must ensure a couple of things:

  • Avoid plagiarism: Plagiarism can harm your brand’s reputation, damage your SEO rankings, and even result in legal consequences. To prevent this, make sure the AI-generated content is original and not merely a copy of existing sources. Utilize plagiarism detection tools to verify the uniqueness of your content and consider tweaking or rephrasing any sections that raise concerns.
  • Avoid AI content detection: Some readers may be skeptical of AI-generated content, believing it lacks the human touch or authenticity and search engines can penalize you. To avoid your content being flagged as AI-generated, make sure it maintains a natural and human-like tone.

Therefore, you should aim to find a balance between employing AI-generated content that appeals to search engines and users to create engaging content that retains your B2C or B2B target audience.

This means you should blend AI-generated content with your marketing creativity, ensuring that the final product is both SEO-friendly, engaging, truthful and informational.

Overall Quality of Content

AI content often seems flat, weird, and not natural at all. It lacks the way how people talk and write. It lacks the human touch that makes the content relatable, engaging, and emotionally resonant.

A Forbes article by Rob Toews explains the limitations of AI in using common sense, reasoning, creativity, and empathy, which are essential for human-like communication.

Therefore, to avoid this challenge, content marketers should use AI more like an assistant when writing content to get information and ideas about what to write about.

You should add your perspective, incorporate storytelling elements, and ensure that it caters to the target audience’s interests and needs.

By combining human creativity and AI-powered efficiency, content marketers can create more authentic, high-quality content that resonates with readers.

Ensuring Unbiased AI Information

AI-generated content can contain biases.

According to a NIST report, bias in AI systems can stem from not only the data and algorithms but also the broader societal factors that influence how technology is developed.

As a Harvard Business Review article points out, bias in AI can affect the access and outcomes of individuals and groups in various domains such as healthcare, education, and criminal justice.

Therefore to avoid such issues, you must carefully review the generated information provided by AI to ensure that the information provided is fair, balanced, impartial, and without any biases.

Additionally, investing in AI marketing tools that use diverse and inclusive data sets can help minimize the risk of biased information.

Best 5 AI Content Marketing Tools

There are tons of AI content marketing tools that you can use and It’s impossible to mention them all here.

So in this list, I provide a variety of AI content marketing tools for different content marketing processes that I fancy:


Jasper AI content marketing tools

Jasper is an AI-powered content writing tool designed to help you create a high-quality, engaging copy in a matter of minutes.

With Jasper’s advanced natural language processing capabilities, you can generate well-written content for blogs, ads, social media, and more, saving you time and effort while maintaining a consistent and persuasive brand voice.


Anyword AI content Marketing Tools

Anyword is an AI-driven language optimization platform that helps you create high-converting marketing copy.

By analyzing your target audience and previous campaigns, Anyword generates tailored content suggestions that can improve engagement and conversion rates. It’s perfect for optimizing headlines, ad copy, and email subject lines, ensuring your message gets noticed.


invideo AI content marketing tools

InVideo is an AI-assisted video creation platform that allows you to produce professional-quality videos quickly and easily.

With a vast library of templates, stock footage, and music, InVideo simplifies the video creation process and helps you craft visually stunning and engaging content for your marketing campaigns without needing any advanced editing skills.

Copy AI

Copy AI ai content marketing tools

Copy AI is an AI-powered copywriting tool that helps you generate creative and persuasive content for various marketing channels.

Copy AI streamlines the content creation process with its simple interface and diverse range of use cases, including blog post ideas, social media captions, and email copy. Its AI-generated content suggestions can save time and inspire you to craft more engaging marketing materials.

Also, check out the best Copy AI alternatives.


AdCreative AI content marketing tools

AdCreative is an AI-powered ad copy generator that helps you create compelling and effective ads for various platforms.

AdCreative takes the guesswork out of crafting ad copy by using AI to analyze your target audience, campaign goals, and ad platform requirements. It generates multiple ad variations, allowing you to test and optimize your campaigns for maximum impact and ROI.


AI Content Marketing is already changing the way how marketers produce content and even how users consume the content.

Soon or later this will bring new ways how marketers can reach their target audience and how their market.

And since the HubSpot inbound methodology, content marketing became one of the best ways to drive revenue for a business.

However, I am afraid this will change very soon because of AI technologies and the many different ways how they can be used by marketers and users.

For example, Google’s CEO already said that search in the next 10 years will dramatically change.

And many more AI digital marketing trends are coming that will change the way how we do marketing, some that will make things easier, some that will make things harder, and some that will bring new ways of doing marketing, just like internet did.

FAQs about AI Content Marketing

Here we are going to answer your most burning questions about AI Content Marketing.


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