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Mercedes Benz Black vs. Obsidian Black: Which Is Better?


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If you are going to buy a Mercedes Benz, you have obviously chosen top of the class. You need to get the best black color too, and between Mercedes Benz Black vs. Obsidian Black, this article will help you choose the right color.

When you purchase a car, one of the first things you look for in terms of appearance is color.

There are so many options to scout through in the same car models that it can be confusing. Let us say you are trying to find an average black car for Mercedes.

It may seem simple, but only sometimes.

In today’s article, we will be talking about Mercedes Benz Black and Obsidian Black – the top black colors of the manufacturer. So read on to find out more!

Mercedes Benz Black vs. Obsidian Black

Mercedes Black and Obsidian Black Metallic – The Differences

Mercedes-Benz Black and Obsidian Black are both colors used in Mercedes-Benz cars.

However, there are some subtle differences between the two.

These colors may seem like regular black colors, but specific differences can be seen in shades, price, and maintenance.

Here are a few things you need to remember if you are going for either one of the colors.


The standard iconic black, which has been available since the time of Henry Ford, is, of course, available in Mercedes-Benz.

Obsidian black is a premium and metallic black. While standard black looks awesome, obsidian black is elegance personified.

This color adds a lustrous, metallic hue to the primary black color. It costs a bit more, and you will find this color to be rare at dealerships.

Price and Resale Value

Both black and obsidian black has good resale value.

However, Obsidian Black may have a slight advantage because of its premium look.


Black is a naturally low-maintenance color, be it solid black or obsidian.

But when you compare the two, Obsidian Black is slightly more difficult to keep clean. It is a darker shade and shows dirt more clearly.

If you are trying to get away from the black hue, there are a lot of other colors that Mercedes offers.

These colors make for great car models, which have become very popular over the years.

Here are a few more colors you might want to try.

Graphite Grey

Graphite gray is one of the most popular colors in the Mercedes Benz.

It is actually a matter gray but is very similar to Obsidian black in terms of looks. The two colors have been hot favorites since 2019.

Graphite Gray is a low-maintenance color that does not show dirt and dust easily. It is an excellent choice for car owners who don’t want to go with either pure black or white.

Iridium Silver Metallic

Iridium Silver Metallic is also one of the most sought-after options.

It is an understated color that looks good in any situation. The metallic color is a unique choice and brings out the car owner’s individuality.

Polar White

Polar White is a bright white color, best for those who want a pristine look.

It can be a good choice for those who want their car to stand out among normal grays and blacks.

However, keep in mind that this color takes a bit of maintenance – it collects dirt like a magnet and so requires more effort from the owner.

Designo Diamond White Bright

This is another brilliant white color that can also be a good substitute for Polar white.

The color has a reflective quality which gives it a unique look from a distance. It looks much like a diamond in bright light.

Many consider it to be a bold color that is not suited for everyone’s personality.

Selenite Grey Metallic

This color is also metallic but has a darker shade of grey as compared to iridium.

It is perfect for those who want a trendy-looking car.

It is an understated color that is great for business executives and those who have a laid-back style. Its dark grey hues look beautiful from afar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color is obsidian black in Mercedez Benz?

Obsidian black is a glossy black color that is available with a metallic hue. It is one of the most premium colors available in Mercedes Benz cars.

What is the difference between obsidian and black?

Regular black is a non-metallic deep black color that does not have a shine. The obsidian black color shines from a distance and looks very unique.
It is a high-maintenance color and one of the premium color options available in Mercedes Benz.

Is obsidian black or navy?

Obsidian black in a Mercedes Benz is just a metallic variant of regular black. The obsidian crystals found in nature could be both black and navy.

What is the code for Mercedes obsidian black?

The code for Obsidian Black is 197. Each Mercedez Benz paint color has a unique code. You should only buy touch-up paint that matches this code in case you are planning to do a car makeover or got a dent from somewhere.

What is the best color of obsidian?

Jet black is the best color for obsidian crystals. In cars, of course, obsidian black is the best.
The metallic hues of obsidian black look very elegant and shine brightly from afar. It is difficult to find a more stunning color in cars when compared to this one.

Final Words

Ultimately, the choice between Mercedes-Benz Black and Obsidian Black comes down to personal preference.

If you prefer a classic, timeless look, then Mercedes-Benz Black may be the right choice.

If you want a more unique and exclusive look, then Obsidian Black may be the better option.

Both colors look absolutely awesome. But you might find it harder to get Obsidian black because it is a more exclusive color and rarely available at dealerships.

It also costs slightly more.

Thank you for reading! We hope you find the right color for your car soon.

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